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 posted in Rite of Passage: The Perfect Show Collector's Edition on Jun 15, 12 9:10 PM
I always do the Demo of games now days, as I've found that sometimes they won't open properly when I buy, so do the Demo first just to be on the safe side!!!

And....I really enjoyed the demo of this cute game, and will probably get it if I can wrangle up another credit

Lovely graphics, nice storyline, not too many HOS and the puzzles I played in my hour were quite different to the norm and challenging - the hints/instructions provided on each puzzle were just illustrations with a couple of hints, not written out, handing everything to you on a silver platter, which was a nice change and I liked that because it made me think and put my brain into third gear!!! I don't like games where they 'hand hold' the way yay!

Will definately get this game.....another great CE game of late is 'Dark Heritage-Guardians of Hope'
 posted in Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope Collector's Edition on Jun 15, 12 9:03 PM
I don't usually buy CE's, but I demo'd this one, and HAD to buy it! What a great game! Is quite a long game, I found too, even without the Bonus Play, so that's even better

Nice clean graphics, not too many HOS and good puzzles.

Definately worth getting Fishy friends!
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward Collector's Edition on Jun 15, 12 9:00 PM
Hmmmm not sure on this one.

I just finished playing the Demo and the game play itself is fun and I like the whole H. P. Lovecraft influence! Mind, I found the graphics quite grainy and it wasn't full screen, which is a bit annoying. I did like the cut scenes though, with the 'old school' film reels.

However, I don't think I'll buy this one.....
 posted in Campgrounds on May 8, 12 12:01 AM
I am also having the exact same issue as FairyonPegassus - game tries to open, but comes up with that little black box and then nothing happens but the flashing screen and I have to shut down my laptop. So frustrating as just bought it in the weekend sale and it's meant to be as fun as Royal Envoy!! Gah! Have unistalled, reinstalled, etc....think I will have to write to Tech Support and get a credit
Am only 3rd the way through so far, but am really enjoying it! Exquisite graphics, some good puzzles that make me really think, and nice story.

Happy gaming dear Fishies!
 posted in Royal Envoy on Apr 16, 12 12:40 AM
Excellent! Got gold thanks for the help!
 posted in Royal Envoy on Apr 13, 12 3:22 PM
YES! Got the gold! thanks for the tip!
 posted in Fear for Sale: Sunnyvale Story on Apr 5, 12 1:23 PM
Liked this game better than it's predecessor (Mystery of McInroy Manor).....great graphics, intriguing and puzzles....the ending was quite abrupt, but that makes me wonder if there will be a Part 2?!?

We shall see, I guess!
 posted in Dark Parables: Rise of the Snow Queen on Apr 5, 12 1:19 PM
Beautiful game, lovely graphics, interesting story, this series and look forward to the next one!
 posted in Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince Collector's Edition on Apr 5, 12 1:17 PM
I have the same problem...looked all over, so frustrating!
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 on Apr 5, 12 1:15 PM

HORRAY! I nailed it!!! Knew I could do it eventually!

Onto Expert mode

Thanks for the tip...
 posted in Surface: Mystery of Another World on Apr 4, 12 2:22 AM
I found that hidden object/using random items in your inventory a bit frustrating too! I kept on forgetting to use my inventory to complete the hidden object part! Just something a bit different, I guess!
 posted in Surface: Mystery of Another World on Apr 4, 12 2:18 AM
Um, I am pretty sure you have to cut a piece off that flag the soldier is holding beside the balloon you arrived in. That should patch it up.
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 on Apr 4, 12 2:14 AM
I followed this helpful hint, but by the time I got to building the Dovecote, I was down to 2 stars and have no idea how to beat this level. It's seems so hard and I never have enough cash to get enough wood or food to build bigger houses for more $$$!

I have gold on every level but this one and would really love to crack it so I move onto Expert!

Thanks so much! That helped heaps

I am having exactly this same problem. I am certain I clicked the photo in the cell on RHS of hall in maximum security ward during the morphing game. I have the other 3 handles, red, yellow & green, and have placed them on the handles of music boxes, but now when I go to get the blue one at the fountain I only get the 'up' arrow too and no magnifying glass. I went back to the asylum to see if I could go back to the cell and click the photo, but it won't let me, like every task has been completed there.

Grrrrrr!!! Am so close to the end of the game, but I can't finish it

HELP dear Fishy friends, what do I do???

PS - am really enjoying this game, otherwise, it's a toughie!
 posted in Bluebeard's Castle on Nov 26, 11 2:52 PM
Liked this game very much, but found it took ages to go from scene to scene and it was a bit 'jumpy & jittery' at times. Nice concept and graphics, though
Love this series, well anything to do with Mystery Case FIles (!). I am doing the trial as suggested prior to buying, but HELP I am already stuck!? I have only a bottleopener, a box of matches and a rag in my inventory and I know I've missed something little somewhere to proceed - am stuck :-(.

Agree with the fact that I won't buy this game until there is a blog walkthrough!
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children on Mar 23, 11 10:28 PM
Help dear Fishy friends,
I'm stuck. I have a master builder, master doctor and a master scientist and a master farmer.....but how do you get ONE person to become a whizz at 3 things to become an esteemed elder so I can solve puzzle 6? I will need the totem made to get a gong piece, I think.

Help how do I do this? I've tried making a master do other things, like the builder farm and drag them around the special plants, but nothing works.

Thanks hope someone can help!
 posted in Virtual Villagers: A New Home on Mar 18, 11 12:36 AM
great game lots of fun. Solved all the puzzles, the last ones involving the Golden Child got solved with in 5 minutes! i was impressed with little Golden Child! Great fun, can't wait to get into the next one!
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