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I like the look of this game but I am sick of hidden object games. Is it worth getting as the concept looks good?
 posted in Agatha Christie: Peril at End House on Apr 21, 13 6:53 AM
I wouldn't bother , this game was terrible. Nothing like any of the other Agatha Christie games. I loved the other ones but this was really bad. Didn't like it at all.
 posted in Aveyond on Apr 21, 13 6:48 AM
There is due to be another Aveyond game soon. It is under development now. I won't advertise another game site on BFG but if you type aveyond in your search bar, the other games sites will appear.

I'm still waiting for the date of release!!
 posted in Echo: Secret of the Lost Cavern on Apr 21, 13 6:43 AM
Answer: VERY.[u]
I am persevering with it but have had to look at a walk through for some of it. It is not a clear story line and there are very few clues as to what you need to do next. I am a very experienced large file player but this one has had me stumped many, many times. The graphics are excellent though!
Must keep trying...
 posted in Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill Remastered on Apr 6, 13 6:27 AM
I've started this game 3 times and have never finished it yet. 1. It's not very exciting 2. Some of the challenges don't make sense and 3. It's not very exciting.

Just about to try again for the forth time, let's see if I manage it this time.

It's not exactly the best of the ND games and I have played all of them!

 posted in Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses on Apr 3, 13 4:59 AM
Totally agree. Boring game, didn't even play it for longer than 1/2 hour. Not the usual style or standard of game in the Nancy Drew series. Do not buy this game if you are a ND fan, not the same. Waste of money!
 posted in Syberia - Part 3 on Oct 6, 12 8:02 AM
I got reaaallllyy excited when I saw this. I had played the other 2 and loved them. They are still my favourite games.
I was gutted when I read about it, only to find out it was Syberia 1; I very nearly bought it, luckily I checked first.

Please, please, please can anyone tell me if there is going to be another one??

 posted in Fated Haven: Chapter One on Nov 19, 11 6:34 AM
So other than the arena and the hidden key, are there no more side quests?
I can't find anything else that needs to be done.
 posted in Aveyond on Oct 1, 11 7:59 AM
There's loads. 3 Stars of Destiny, Vastar, Dreamscape, Millenium (and Millenium II, III and IV) just to name a few.
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