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I had a problem where the journal would keep going back to the "finding the teacher" page and not allowing me to see any this was especially frustrating if i needed to refresh my memory about something.
It seemed like if I discovered something new it would un-bug for a while.
 posted in The Jolly Gang's Spooky Adventure on Nov 13, 11 11:00 PM
wow thanks for the heads up
I hope they did refund you.
 posted in Vagrant Hearts on Sep 18, 11 12:48 PM
Bug: I went into the starting village armory/weapon shop and tried to see what the stats on the silk head piece i was wearing (to see if I wanted to buy something else) instead it bought another (admittedly I didn't know what to press to look at the stats but I still think it's silly then when examining an item my character is wearing it can purchase it with no confirmation or anything) but the real issue was after that when I tried to press "exit" the shop, it purchased another one!
I ended up having to press escape just to get out of there without buying any more.

Then I tried to work out how to equip one of the extra items and couldn't see how to do it.

At that point I gave up - will look again when bugs are sorted out..

Also I couldn't see anyway to change options like volume controls, at least within the game, daughter is misspelled at one point.

As well as the bug to me this game needs more instructions/tutorial - I had no idea what keys to press or which mouse button where beyond I could make her walk and escape brought up the inv bit (and the last was a guess based on playing some of these types of game before)

I think it could be a good little game but until all the bugs and other problems are fixed I don't think it's worth the headache.
 posted in Mysterious Travel - The Magic Diary on Jun 19, 11 6:01 PM
ah thanks lovetomisslisa

Er I have no clue about the screen thing then, maybe it depends on the screen size or resolution? It's not dreadful but it's enough to give me a headache.
 posted in Mysterious Travel - The Magic Diary on Jun 19, 11 6:20 AM
LovetoMissLisa wrote:
Good game. I like it! Hog,Frog,Ihog,adventure . For true lover's of these types of games
‘ ‘

I don't hang out in the forums much, I know what Hog is, but what is frog, lhog and piglet?

Also I don't think it's quite so simple, some of us Hog lovers don't like this game, some do. (this is assuming those are all variations of Hog games)
 posted in Mysterious Travel - The Magic Diary on Jun 19, 11 6:18 AM
LovetoMissLisa wrote: It has widescreen

I don't think it does, I think it's just stretched?
There is no "widescreen" option and the graphics go a bit odd when in fullscreen (kinda fuzzy) and when not in fullscreen the window is square.
 posted in Mysterious Travel - The Magic Diary on Jun 19, 11 2:22 AM
I tried this on full screen where it seemed blurry and non-full screen where it was too small (to be fair I have a wide-screen monitor) and either way it made me feel headachey.

I wasn't sure about the gameplay which seemed a bit too basic and quick, or the weirdly pretty look + supposedly creepy storyline (which dosen't feel creepy) and reading these reviews has kind of confirmed my feeling.

Even for a DD I think I'm not going to be getting it.
 posted in Megastore Madness on Apr 11, 11 7:43 AM
I played the demo through about 7 days/levels but then decided not to get it.

I really liked the graphics style which I found charming and also the music.

I find the small girls kind of annoying because it seems silly to me that they wander in to the shop alone and drop toys randomly XD If it had been an occasional thing, rather than part of the routine, it would have worked better for me. Perhaps once or maybe twice a day a small child drops something.

Also I didn't feel anything really about the main character, because there was very little storyline (at least as far as I got) to get a feel for who she was and identify with her, and as soon as the game started she just became an oddly professional looking woman in the corner that congratulated me or told me what to do.

The queuing system (as in queuing up tasks rather than the checkout) was either partially broken when it came to the salesgirl, or just wasn't any good: she would go speak one customer I would queue her for the next and she just ignored it, which made things trickier and at first kept throwing me out until I realized what was happening.

But really the main issue was that i felt I had very little input or creativity or anything really except repeatedly clicking the same things.
I couldn't choose upgrades or decorations myself. This was even more annoying when I felt the decisions the game made were wrong: for example I was given another stock boy when I needed another saleswoman.

When I compare it to other TMs I have played it just feels very lacking and slightly monotonous.
Having said that I did almost buy it because it was sort of entertaining to play for 30 or 40 mins and it's cheap. But in the end the negatives just swayed me the other way, I just couldn't imagine myself wanting to play it all the way through.
 posted in Lucky Clover on Mar 17, 11 6:17 AM

bad bits (for me personally) - I find the leprechaun deeply annoying, the scenes could look better, the music is very variable and some not so good, way too much going on visually - I prefer my games to feel relaxing/atmospheric rather than chaotic/garish.

There were also some silly niggly things, like setting up my options only to have to do it again later.

However the leprechaun's talking can be turned down, as can the music, so if you don't like either of those you can just turn them off.

Good stuff - The game offers levels of difficulty (which I like in a game, as I can pick how challenged I want to be based around my mood)
I set it to hard and was actually having real difficulty finding the objects which is great if I want a challenge.

I don't know how the difficulties work, but I assume harder means it's harder to find rather than a time thing, but I don't know for sure.

There is no way I would pay full price for it, but for $3 I'm getting it. I would definitely say try it out first because elements will irritate some people..

Oh and it briefly confused me as it said it wanted 17 items but the scene only had 9 or something, but then it clicked with me that it wanted them from other scenes too.
I think having the numbers presented that way is slightly confusing because it implied the total was for that scene rather than level (at least to me - but perhaps it is just my woolly morning head )

 posted in Jump Jump Jelly Reactor on Mar 9, 11 4:51 AM
Love this game, played the trial for 45 mins and it flew by XD

It starts of easy but gets harder, and it adds a lot of features to match 3 making it more challenging and fun.

There are rocks that have different abilities and can only be killed in different specific ways which can be tricky, as it goes on you need to watch carefully when it shows you how to kill them otherwise you won't be able to damage them.

The only slight issue I would say is that I noticed no instructions to explain elements that initially puzzled me, but you get the idea as you play.

Definitely a from me, and a definite buy, glad I tried the trial.
 posted in Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper on Mar 6, 11 4:30 AM
Well I gritted my teeth and got as far as the supermarket on day 2 then decided enough
(kept hoping it would get better)

For me the big issues were:

Huge amounts of text just dumped into the game at different points rather than paced more naturally through the game (I assume because it was based on a book?)

Repetitive mini "games" that aren't really games as such - almost all the ones I did were just using your mouse to wipe something all over for one reason or another. This was made worse because I didn't want to do any of the tasks, they were boring and unattractive in a game: brushing lint of a jacket, stripping wall-paper, waxing a car etc.

Objects difficult to see in a bad way (too small, indistinguishable from other objects/backgrounds)

Unpleasant characters/motivations - I really disliked her father, he seemed rude and obnoxious and just cared about money, he says "never lend money to family" and then tells the daughter she can do up an old house he has inherited for a quick profit they can split.

Dull storyline. In the time I played the only person I could really find myself caring about was the little old lady. Though admittedly I didn't play beyond the supermarket in day 2.

Illogical reasons/lack of reasons for finding items: e.g. she goes to a lawyer's office, says she needs to find a bell but then continues rummaging around the lawyer's stuff finding random things.

I also read the comments about a lack of ending which, to me, for a story driven/based game is pretty unforgivable.
 posted in I SPY™ Fun House on Mar 1, 11 2:35 AM
Okay I have no issue with no hints or anything else and I really like the rhymes rather than a straight list - but is there seriously no options menu or way to turn off/down the voice and/or music?

Much as I think the game is cute and it's different to have the rhyme if I have to listen to the girl telling me every rhyme, everything I click on and everything else I'll go nuts lol.

I do appreciate it was designed for kids and the speech thing is probably very helpful, but for me personally I want to turn it off and can find no way to do that at all.

I know I could turn my speakers off but if I'm not playing the game sounds I like to play some music on the media player and that wouldn't work with no speakers on.
 posted in Syberia on Feb 9, 11 12:25 AM
I played this game a few years ago and fell utterly in love with it, it is an enchanting world and a wonderful story, especially if you love steampunk.

It is a point and click adventure game and whilst I have played point and click adventures with more challenging puzzles, the story and world of Syberia makes it one of my favorite games of any type, ever.

Be aware that the story does not conclude at the end of Syberia, but rather at the end of Syberia 2 (which continues the story). It really is a story, rather than just a game plot and the two games make up the two halves of the story.

It is a world I love to revisit and I only wish there had been more than the two games.
 posted in Beauty Factory on Feb 4, 11 12:13 AM
Beebumble - I often buy DDs (especially HOG ones) and they are completely mixed, but often good and occasionally very good, I would always recommend trying out one you're interested in.
I gave up even trying on this, I think there was something wrong with it.
 posted in Beauty Factory on Feb 3, 11 7:15 AM
Normally I grasp games pretty quickly but having tried the trial for 15 mins I came here because I'm completely confused, I followed the tutorial then seem to be doing what it says but nothing seems to work right.

If I actually do order as many as demand is then i just end up with too much stock, when tastes change and i go and check the RnD to check how much a scent is liked it then seems to bear no resemblance to how much the test percentage thing then likes it (one time a low thing seemed to give the highest increase?), another time I kept rechecking and it just continually went down? How does that make sense.

I think perhaps I missing something. I adjust the orders, and perfume if needed, I follow the different news (one of them said my market share or something went up by 50% temporarily but nothing actually seemed to reflect that, demand didn't go up, sales didn't go up) but it just seems not to make much difference. Paying for some advertising did increase sales, though it had to be redone each week. I press next week after adjusting things and the amount of stuff in stock dosen't seem to change.

Ugh, some people have enjoyed this so I think I am just missing something but can someone explain to me what I'm missing? Because at the moment it feels completely random and therefore impossible.
 posted in AGON - The London Scene on Jan 13, 11 9:03 PM
Um I had no idea this wasn't a complete game
I bought it earlier and only realized something was up when someone made an off-hand reference to the game not being complete - that is really not okay and I'm going to be contacting customer services about this.
Please don't assume what people do or don't know, or that more than a tiny percentage actually read the forums.
This also isn't the first time BF has done this and it would be fine if they stated it clearly on the game page that this isn't a complete game but they don't and that's not fair.
 posted in Fashion Fortune on Oct 12, 10 4:33 PM
I only played the demo, and that only lasted to early in shop 2, but I kept my upgrades all the way through the first shop. I lost them once I got the new shop though.

Do you mean they are disappearing within your time at one shop? Or when you go to a new shop.

If it's the first I think it's probably a bug, but the second I think is meant to happen.
 posted in Fashion Fortune on Oct 12, 10 4:27 PM
To start with I ought to state I am much more of a HOG fan than TM. But there are some TM games I really love, this unfortunately wasn't one of them.

I'm usually willing to be much more forgiving with a DD. And it wasn't like there was anything really awful, it was just really blah, like other reviewers have said, I wasn't having fun.

The graphics were nice but the main character's voice and the dialog was really annoying.

Also the story didn't make any sense, at the start she lists that over the last year she's done some fairly basic jobs (e.g. pizza delivery) and then says because of that she's wealthy and buys a shop o.O
Then there is a "bad guy", a rude French designer. He's apparently rude *because* he's French, and inexplicably even though he is a top fashion designer he walks into this obscure new clothes store, gets all bad tempered and then starts lying about her stuff. It wasn't even funny (I don't think it's meant to be either but it might have made it a better game).

I only got through to the second shop within my hour, but it seemed like instead of building up a business she would make a shop, close it down, open a new one. Which made me feel like I wasn't exactly achieving anything.

What the customers wanted was very predictable because each quite distinct type of customer orders the same thing each time. I quite liked the shoplifter and IRS man mechanics as it added something different.

The puzzles when they cropped up were too easy, except sometimes the accessories puzzle - for example when doing "spring" it seemed like some of the items had been chosen at random, which was frustrating.

I was hopeful this would be something like "JoJo's fashion show" or "Satisfashion", but it wasn't at all. In fact really having fashion in the title seems a bit misleading to me, it dosen't seem like she's either setting trends, or we get to choose or anything. It's just a small clothes shop with a very small range and people order variations of this small range. To be fair though, I've only got to the start of shop 2, it may change when you get further through the game.

In the first shop I could have 3 different clothes racks (2 different tops and jeans) and an accessory rack. Despite the graphic showing a range of the clothes on each of the racks actually it was only ever one item that was requested or you picked up.

So all in all disappointing and I'm not going to bother, even with it being a DD.
 posted in Rescue at Rajini Island on Oct 10, 10 12:08 PM
Generally when it's a DD I buy a Hidden Object game unless it's really dire, but I really don't know about this one.

First problem is most levels are taking me less than 60 seconds, once less than 30 :-/ (the "food" or pages ones are the worst) none longer than 3 mins.
I had stuck it on the timed/experienced mode because I'm an old hand at these and yet I'm still doing it this quick?

In this game a level means one scene or puzzle (that's not a criticism)

The "puzzles" just aren't, the solutions are given without any hunting or anything, in my free hour only one posed even the slightest challenge at all (and that because they didn't give you the solution). It was frustrating as well with a couple because it wouldn't have taken much adjustment to make them a challenge.

There was also one or two objects where the name given on the list just didn't match the object I had to find

The designers have been really lazy, I don't actually mind a game using the same scene a couple of times as long as what you're looking for is mostly different and it's something of a challenge - but this was just dumb. About every 4 levels it's find the food (I'm pretty sure the same food each time, or tinted variations) or find the diary pages, I'm not sure if the background scenes were always changing or some were the same - I was too busy groaning about doing the same thing yet AGAIN.

The "story" (a picture with a handful of words about every 5 levels?) feels thrown in to give it a setting, I think because the puzzles/things you have to find just don't connect with it.

I get the feeling that I wouldn't be playing the game much longer than the free hour to complete it, but what bothers me more is that when I imagine replaying some time in the future I can see it's going to be at least as quick and annoying so I probably wouldn't want to bother replaying.

It's times like this when I love the hour demo, you get a real feel for the game in that time.
 posted in The Stone of Destiny on Sep 12, 10 5:26 PM
bfgTigris wrote:It should be working now! The price of the Daily Deal should automatically be $2.99.

Yay Thank you!

I prefer the new system, much less hassle, no copying codes, goes straight to the page and applies discount

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