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papillonma wrote:Which is the best one?

Huntsville and Prime Suspects can be done in any order at any time. They are starring the same Master Detective but are not connected stories.

For best enjoyment, Ravenhearst and Madame Fate should be done in that order: Ravenhearst first then Mme. Fate. Their stories are connected and in sequence. The games are a step up in terms of the addition of complex and fun puzzles that must be solved to allow progress to the next stages.

Help can be gotten through the forum.
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brightonbeach wrote:I need to find TWO flies and ONE comb! and in the BUMPER CARS, what the HECK is a FRENCH CURVE ??


Check out this site for pictures of placement of flies and combs -

You can see pictures of French Curves at

Oops! Since I was edited, no sites show. Try Googling for Mme. Fate walkthroughs and "french curves",
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travlingal wrote:I just tried it a few times, checked it for spelling and corrections and no luck at all. I just get the usual screen for the same games that are going on. I really appreciate your attempt! If possible, could you get a copy of it and either send it over to this forum or email it to me? I will happily light a candle to your first child or grandchild as the case may be and say an ave maria and an our father. Guess you figure I'm a Catholic and you'd be right! Thanks a lot.
Kara B


You must first recreate the picture by placing the puzzle pieces in their correct location. I found it easiest to place the pieces that belonged to the large round piece, followed by the black center next and then the edges.

Turn the wheel that is located at the bottom left side of the screen until the yellow bar goes all the way up to the sun.

A secret compartment will open up underneath the wheel and it will contain a "match" inside of it.

Take the match and it will automatically light up, click it onto the sun and then you will see the bar leading to the "ankh" symbol light up. Only half of the ankh symbol will light up.

Place your mouse cursor over the ankh symbol and hold it so you can rotate the ankh to its upright position.

Once you've rotated the ankh symbol correctly, the compartment that is on the bottom right corner will open to reveal the second half of the ankh, click on it to grab it.

Place the half of the ankh symbol onto the other half that is in the top middle of the scene until it clicks into place.

Make sure you place the other half of the ankh correctly, it has to be fully on there for it to work. You will know it's correct when the "crescent moon" symbol that is on the top right side lights up.

Once the crescent moon (top right side) is lit, grab it and right click on it to rotate its position. Click it until it matches the position of the other crescent moon symbol that is located at the bottom right of the screen.

Once the crescent moon symbol is in its correct position, place it on the empty crescent moon shape that is located on the bottom right corner. That will unlock the next phase of the puzzle.

Your goal here is to rotate the pieces inside the circle so that the shapes match the number of gems in each quarter. For example the top right quarter of the puzzle has 2 gems on it, so you want to place t
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cooldogjames wrote:I have set the time at 9:30.I have opened the bottle and the liquid has poured into the container.But when i blow up the baloon three times the baloon goes back down to the starting size.I have made the clown laugh over and over again without him falling.What else am i supposed to do?

There is a bunsen burner next to the clock on the bottom left. Turn the switch on the hose to the left to put on the gas. Then click on the windup car to have its sparks ignite the gas. The balloon will float free after you pump it up and scare the wooden figure. When he drops, turn on the valve revealed to burn away the lock.
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hellkampc wrote:I've gone throught the game and found all the mystery items to unlock each location, however I've not seen the outhouse section. Has anyone gotten inside it and if so how do you access it?

Play a second time as the same character. It only shows up w/a few carny investigations. It will be a carny search location just like the Kitty Carnival and Tunnel of Love.
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alexjoe wrote:absolutely stuck trying to find exclamation no clues left and hopeless at the cannonball game to try and earn another clue can anyone help please

[Link removed]
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BFG set up a website for Azada, no new info on 2 except that it will come out in '08.
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The minigame is a version of minesweeper or Betrapped. You can practice.
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peatbog wrote:i having trouble playing this game have no stragedy guide as it didnt dwnload with game can anyone help. thankyou

[Link removed]

You bcan purchase the strategy guide as a separate Game (1 game club credit) from BFG at this site:
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Downloading from BFG now. Hope it's good!

Played about 30 minutes. Anther game with tiny objects (they are clear for the most part); but, oh, my eyes. Rather wordy for some but the story is interesting. HOs, regular and multiples, cryptogram minigame and an overall mystery to solve. Looks pretty good.
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Some symbols will light up on the wall you must duplicate them in order to advance.

This is like a Simon Says game, duplicate the sequence so you can move on to the next part.

Once you've entered a sequence correctly all 4 pieces will light up temporarily, and the next sequence will begin.

The last sequence requires you to remember 7 positions.

I numbered the symbols from 1 to 4 in my head. Then, I wrote them down as they appeared and duplicated the pattern in order to complete the last 2 sequences.

If you make a mistake you will have to start the last sequence over with a new one.

Complete 5 correct sequences and you move on to the last phase.
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annebil wrote:
Can anyone help me with Remedy. I am suposed to find an oil can, but i cant find it. I have the walk through, but it does not say where to find it

This is from it:

Gustav Grip’s cellar.
***** Go down a few steps.
***** Go forward a couple of times and turn right. You’re facing a door.
***** Open this door and you’re in total darkness.
***** Drag the lighter from your inventory to see what’s inside.
***** Look at an oil can … and take it.
***** Extinguish the lighter and exit the pitch black room.
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LisaB19 wrote:You ladies would be so proud of me!!! I'm actually working my way through this game, finally, and can even do the robot!!!!!!


Congratulations! (********FIREWORKS*****)

Funny thing is that much as I hated the robot until I finally was able to "get" it, that is the minigame I go in to play. Kind of "Nyah,nyah! I beat you."
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mahila wrote:Hi, I've just started to play this kind of games (hidden objects). It seems to be very concerning and good playing. But I'm stuck at The Amazing Larry - Magician. I cannot find heart in one of the "epizodes". Someone here wrote that he could not find it too, but the next post was that he found it and the problem was "no full resoloution". I play at full resolution but I can't find that heart (and shadows too). Could anyone help me? Please ;)

What carnival attraction are you searching for hidden objects? Not the character but the roller coaster, entrance, clown's trailer, etc.
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girlwiz wrote:i am playing Quest for Nefertiti and got to World 8 Saws game.i have the key and the saws are stoped .what comes next.anyone please help.


Place the key in the keyhole of the statue that is in the middle.

Place the bow and arrow on the large statue of Anubis that is on the right hand side.

Place the flashlight on the large statue of Anubis that is on the left side.
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susielee wrote:Edna, I have the walk through and I've done everything I'm supposed to do.......have the cash register all put together, but I can't seem to find the 'scratch' window. I've clicked that paper all over ever window including the jewelry case. The numbers won't click into the register until the number shows up on the window. So I'm stuck.....because I can't make the paper click on the window! I even started the game over in a different to the same place and the same thing is happening. Woe is me!

When you click on the register to put all the pieces in place, look at the left bottom corner window pane. Click on the paper in inventory and then click on the misted over, scratchy pane. You must do it in the detail screen for the register.
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Garage sale key is just above the toaster oven in the lower middle. I is a golden Key on a board thing (?) at the top left corner of the oven.

I love this game but wish that they let you do speed replays of the unlocked scenes. You just get to go through once for each successful game completion. That's why I had to replay to get to this scene.
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karenplop wrote:I have been listening to all of you praise this game and I finally bought it. One problem. I can't find 2 keys. One is in the Fire House, where??? The other place is the Garage Sale. I can't find that one either. Help!!!!!

Firehouse key is a car key w/a black plastic handle on the firetruck just behind the main cab on a level w/the 2 black hose extensions (?) Need to play to garage sale.
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LisaB19 wrote:Edna, did you play any of the Sierra games years ago like King's Quest, Space Quest, etc. Are your games like those?? I used to LOVE those gamees!!


The stories may be different but, I think Edna would agree "The primary way in which characters solve puzzles and advance through the game is by using items found earlier in the game and stored in their inventory. Even the most apparently useless item (a dead fish, a rotten tomato, or an old board) can have an unexpected and creative purpose in the right situation. King Graham's famous dictum, "Take anything that isn't nailed down," is generally a good rule of thumb, as is the fan addendum "And if it is nailed down, look for loose nails, or solve the nail-removing puzzle."

I just read up on King's Quest at Wikipedia. It does sound like fun.
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It may be iWin initially, but hopefully BFG will get it fast. Gogii the developer has a number of games on BFG.

I think all game show hosts are kinda creepy.

The screenshots look similar to Escape the museum. Maybe they'll be better though.
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