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 posted in Big City Adventure: London Classic on Jun 11, 14 9:06 AM
I love the scarab puzzles! Please don't give up trying. I managed the first one, as was easy, once you figured out what to do. Picture those scarabs as arrows (their heads being the head of the arrow). Put the puzzle on hold - that way you can still see where arrows, dots and scarabs are. Roughly draw a 6sq.x 6 square grid and mark the dots in the outer perimeter of squares. Then mark where scarabs are (showing them as arrows) You will see what dots each "arrow" is pointing to. If the dots are colored, meaning two dots have 2 arrows pointing to it and it turns green. The empty squares within the outer perimeter of dots are then filled with arrows pointing to the outer dots until they lite up. Note how many arrowheads are pointing to each dot - if you need 2 and only have one, then look where to place a arrow to lite it up. It might be in an empty square a distance away. I do this in pencil so can erase and retry. I do this sketching for each puzzle and have been successful in solving them. Write another question to me if necessary - more than willing to help. I have more trouble with those luggage cart ones!
 posted in Vacation Quest: Australia on Jun 6, 14 8:41 AM
one is at the top of the shelves at back of room, one is on curtain drape at upper right, and third is on leg of chair with lion crest
 posted in Vacation Quest: Australia on Jun 6, 14 8:37 AM
There is a straight length of rope along the eave of the store roof
 posted in Vacation Quest: The Hawaiian Islands on Jun 1, 14 9:22 AM
And that bowling pin is all white and in lower right between chair legs
 posted in Vacation Quest: The Hawaiian Islands on Jun 1, 14 9:20 AM
Its like the game Simon, where lights blink in a sequence and you repeat that sequence. Same here - the first time two of the circles will blink and you clink on the same two, in the same order. Next time 3 circles will blink, you repeat that sequence, and third time 4 circles will blink and you click on the circles in the same sequence
 posted in Vacation Quest: The Hawaiian Islands on Jun 1, 14 9:17 AM
Invitation is in lower left of screen, and sitting on chair seat. It kinda blends in with all the whiteness of the chairs. Invitation is white with a light pink/green border. Envelope is on the right lower side
 posted in Vacation Quest: The Hawaiian Islands on Jun 1, 14 8:43 AM
I'v had that happen and I didn't uninstall. I went back to the map and then returned to game. You have to find all the 10 items again, but each time it has worked. Try this and see if it helps.
 posted in Vacation Quest: Australia on May 24, 14 3:26 PM
Love it! Have played several times over and never remember where items are hidden. Play the first time in relaxed mode and try to do without hints. Second time, use no hints. Third time I try the timed mode. When you gonna come up with more?? Some objects are hidden in the dark and for those of us of the older generation, sometimes that is hard or impossible. Could use a slight change there. Other objects are words, colors or hidden right in plain sight that they can be missed.
 posted in Vacation Quest: Australia on May 23, 14 2:58 PM
Crocodile - on green alligator to left of RIVER SAFARI sign - blue one on side of seat and above the "admit one" ticket - 3rd is on back of seat with hour glass on it.

Seaplane - left upper corner of window - below speaker and to right of blue pencil(it's kinda dark)- 3rd one in dark grey at top of picture above golf club

Spa - one is beneath the sink at the right, one is word above bed, and third is just below that picture.
 posted in Vacation Quest: Australia on May 23, 14 2:11 PM
Did you find the one to right of blue pencil on back of seat? It's kinda dark and just below what looks like a speaker!
 posted in Vacation Quest: Australia on May 23, 14 9:04 AM
I finally found 10 items - how, I don't know. Got to finding 9, then exited to starting page and then went to continue game and went back to spot the difference puzzle. Had to start all over to find 10 items. This time there was a skeleton head below traffic cone and right. It wasn't there the first time. Somehow I found tem items!
 posted in Vacation Quest: Australia on May 23, 14 8:40 AM
Purple fruit are grapes - located to right of picture. They are below the shark with the lipstick mark on it and above turle.
 posted in Vacation Quest: Australia on May 23, 14 4:35 AM
1 boomerang is on corner of window, another is on wall between map of Australia and the window, and 3rd is on upper edge of green surfboard
 posted in Vacation Quest: Australia on May 23, 14 1:05 AM
The handle to the bag lies on the bed. Kinda long u-shaped. And dark in color. Click and drag it to bag
 posted in Vacation Quest: Australia on May 23, 14 1:01 AM
HOG games are just that - hidden objects. Look for the objects listed at bottom of page. No hand holding should be needed and no step by step instructions. Simply look for the objects listed
 posted in Vacation Quest: Australia on May 23, 14 12:59 AM
Handle to bag is on the bed. Click on it and drag to bag!
 posted in Vacation Quest: Australia on May 22, 14 8:31 AM
I, too, had the problem of not finding the last difference between the two pictures. Tried "hint" and it "sparkled over to the right and completely off either picture. I beginning to think there is no last one to find! This is where I either skip or keep starting over, hoping to find that last one. Success!!! Found 10 items twice now! Don't know where that 10th came from but it's come twice !!
 posted in Vacation Quest: Australia on May 21, 14 7:30 AM
When I did that scene - all I had to do was drag the match over the lantern so cursor arrow was on the lantern - and then click. That did it when I played this scene
 posted in Vacation Quest: Australia on May 21, 14 5:36 AM
The pencil is the green one along the bottom of sign on top of news stand, just beneath ice cream cone. Take it and when your cursor arrow is on the sharpener, click and it should sharpen and "drop" pencil to ground by sharpener. Does this quick enough that you may not realize it's been sharpened. Then pick up that pencil and move to cup with all the other pencils.
 posted in Vacation Quest: The Hawaiian Islands on May 20, 14 6:48 AM
Made it through this game without using any hints! Am now working on the bonus rounds. I enjoy it! Will try going through game again and do it in the timed mode. Repeating game, I thought might be a bit easier and thought would remember where some objects were that had been hard to find the first time through. Believe me! You don't remember, and game is still fun! Wanted to make it through the first time without having to use any hints and I did! Next time is gonna be timed mode. Thanks for this game.
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