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Has anyone gotten all the achievements.... or at least the one below?....

I'm missing the one that tells you to "Check all items at least 30 times."

Does anyone know which items? Inventory items? Things in the scene? Do you literally have to check every single thing in the game 30 times?!?

Please help if you can !!!
I'm missing the one that says "Check all items at least 30 times."

Does anyone know which items? Inventory items? Things in the scene? Do you literally have to check every single thing in the game 30 times?!?

Please help if you can !!!
 posted in PuppetShow: The Face of Humanity Collector's Edition on Jan 22, 16 1:21 PM
Mirinah wrote:
blueeyedgirl1301 wrote:the bottom toolbar is squished into the middle of the screen.(

You can unlock the inventory toolbar by clicking its lock. It's on the top-right of the inventory toolbar.

That just makes the inventory bar go away. The problems are the remaining Hint and Menu buttons on the side. Please read the entire thing before offering up a solution that doesn't help
 posted in PuppetShow: The Face of Humanity Collector's Edition on Jan 21, 16 4:19 PM
I'm playing on a PC with Windows Vista. My computer and monitor are both relatively old, but not SUPER old... I've got an NVidia card that has never failed me and I've never (knock on wood!) had a problem loading or playing ANY game. The only issue I have is that my PC/ card/ monitor/ (whatever) doesn't support windowed mode, so I always have to play in full screen mode.

This is never a problem for me, and I actually prefer it anyway. However, I don't know if it's because I'm in full screen mode or what... but the bottom toolbar is squished into the middle of the screen. For most of the game play, it's fine, but it's a huge problem for the puzzles in this game because the "Hint/ Skip" button/ icon on the right and the "Menu" button/ icon on the left are covering both sides of the instruction screen at the bottom of every puzzle. Therefore, the words are obscured on both sides, so I can't completely read the puzzle instructions and am having to guess what to do in each puzzle. It's annoying and taking away the fun, because I have to play around with everything in each puzzle to figure out what button/ lever/ etc does what, and WHAT I'm supposed to be doing and HOW I'm supposed to do it!

The Strategy Guide is no help, because it just gives the solution... it doesn't state the instructions for each puzzle. I just started chapter 3 and I've already had to skip 2 puzzles (I think there have only been 4 so far), so I've missed out on 50% of the mini-games. I've never had this issue in any other game, even in the Puppet Show series. I'd understand if the screen was cut off, but it's not, it's just those darn icon buttons sitting smack in the middle of everything. Like, the entire screen is fine, just the inventory bar isn't wide enough to go to the edges of the screen... I wish I could attach a pic to show you... but hopefully you understand what I mean.

Will they do a patch or update or something? If not, this game is one-third unplayable for me (if you consider the game as one third mini-games, one third HOP's, and one third basic point-and-click gameplay). So if not, I'd really like a refund. I'm prepared to send pics in an email to whomever I need to send it to. Again... this has never been an issue for ANY other game. Heck, I play World of Warcraft on this PC with this video card without issue! If I can play THAT, I should be able to play a simple HOG.

Is anyone else having this issue and does anyone else have any suggestion?
DarkMoonFire wrote:*spoiler alert*

After you get the lighthouse key from the water pump (in front of the lighthouse), go back into the car and the achievement will pop up.

Hope that helped.

Thanks a bunch, DarkMoonFire!!!
Hespera wrote:OK, HIdden Object game. Every developer is different. And why would you want every developer to do everything the same? Basically you're saying you are unwilling to read instructions or do tutorials or look for things, but you want to get all the achievements. Well, it's not that freaking easy, folks. The morphing objects are prominently mentioned in the tutorials and they explain how to know if an HOS contains a morphing object.

Why ask the developers to accommodate your unwillingness and do the work for you? Or depend on people in the forums to answer all your questions. If you don't want to do hidden object games or find morphing objects or any of that stuff, then you should read the reviews and discover what all is included in the game and decide whether or not you like what is included. If you don't, why buy the game? Why try to strangle a developer's creativity? And why contact a developer who had nothing to do with the game in question????

Eipix did this game, not Elephant.

If you went to a clothing store and didn't like the clothing a particular designer created, would you demand the store no longer carry that designer? NO. If you went to a grocery store and you didn't like the way the store was arranged, would you demand they change the store layout? NO. You would simply walk out, not buy anything and go back to Walmart or where ever you usually shop and buy the next best thing and be done with it.

Please stop trying to make everything the same. What is the point of having different developers if all you want is the same thing all the time? You bought the game, invest a little time in it. Read the instructions and do the tutorials. Try and figure things out. Play on Easy Mode the first time thru. Gee whiz...

Different strokes for different folks! A lot of people that buy games through BF do so because they are similar. BF does a great job of offering games from a select group of developers (not ALL the similar, but a bunch are).. and they probably do this because we like our games in this style! Developers don't need to limit their creativity, but if we wanted something different, we'd go to other game sites.

Again, I'm not speaking for everyone, but I know this is how I feel and I'm sure I'm not the only one! Cheers!!!
heleanthia wrote:
ledheadmelli wrote:I have to say I LOVED this game!!!! It's been a while since I was this excited to see a new title, but I bought immediately due to it being Ravenhurst.

I appreciated a return to the more difficult "door puzzles" from the original game, although these weren't as difficult and made actual sense. Most inventory items were used soon after finding them, so you were never too bulked up with items you forgot the need for.

Maybe not as complicated a storyline as the last ones, but still intriguing and enjoyable from start to finish. And the bonus chapter was refreshing, to say the least!

Kudos to the devs for allowing a second chance to find the morphing objects that may have been missed - I'm one of those who feels a game is not complete unless I earn all the achievements and find all the collectibles.

The Ravenhurst series was one my granddaughter and I discovered and played together. She was only 10 or so when the first one came out, and we still laugh over her childish indignance at the evil of Charles and Co. Now she is grown, and a new mommy, but she still ran over here and spent the day wandering the halls of that crumbling mansion with me!

Thanks, BFG - for a beautiful game, and a lovely way to spend time with my "little girl" once again!

ummm...the mansion is brand new(the original Ravenhearst burnt to the ground) so not sure in what, "crumbling mansion", you were wandering....

ummmm.... whether or not you agree with her, she's entitled to her opinion and outlook. Whether or not I agree with her, she wrote a touching review about enjoying a game and sharing memories with her granddaughter. Why you felt the need to "shame" her for calling it a "crumbling mansion" is beyond me... it was a figure of speech that was probably referring to their memories of wandering around the crumbling mansion in the old games, and not meant to be taken so literally. But hey... way to crush someone else's beautiful enthusiasm and excitement about getting to spend a special day with their granddaughter... you nailed it! I'm sure she'll think twice about posting again after that! This is how bitter people are created in society... by bullies.
shoestringplayer wrote:I participated in the beta test for this game. While I found weaknesses in it, I own all of the previous MCF games and was eagerly awaiting the release of Key to Ravenhearst. My observations: Regarding the story line---I was quite surprised to find out that Charles had fathered Rose's daughters. When was this supposed to have happened---while she was married to her husband? I'm not attempting to just seemed like this was randomly thrown in and not part of the overall story line that the original developers had in mind. I guess it would tend to explain why Charles would kidnap Rose and the girls, though.

I'm more disappointed in some of the reviewers than I am of anything else! This thread, ESPECIALLY, is read mostly by two groups: game devs and people who haven't played it yet who want other people's OPINIONS... not spoilers about the storyline. Thanks a bunch, Shoestringplayer, for going into such detail about a major plot twists without even warning us that you were posting spoilers... specifically on THIS thread.
Persistent_Cat wrote:The walkthrough is built into the game. The SE version will have a standalone walkthrough.

Yes, there is a Strategy Guide built into the game, but walkthroughs are much more detailed and some people prefer them... especially in a game like this in which SO many people are having technical issues and don't know whether they're just doing something wrong or if there's a glitch in the game. Unfortunately, the SG isn't always very clear or detailed, and in a few rare cases is actually just wrong (people have said that certain ravens and morphing objects aren't in the same spots as they're shown in the SG).

Since a walkthrough is written by a consumer/ normal person like us who is playing the game for the first time, they're usually very detailed and explain things not found in a Strategy Guide, which is written by someone who helped MAKE the game and who probably had played it dozens of times. Therefore, they don't think to put certain things in the SG because they are so accustomed to and familiar with the game, they just don't realize some things are actually hard for us to figure out. lol
A lot of people (including me) are having trouble with this... must be a glitch. You can read some of the suggestions in this other thread on this forum:

I've been trying all kinds of things with no luck, so I gave up for now... it seems like most people who had this problem got the achievement after they get kicked out of the museum, by either WALKING back to the car or going to the car via the map. So I'm going to wait until I get kicked out of the museum and then go back to the car. Trying every scene to walk, port via the map, all kinds of combinations I'm trying, is taking forever and stopping me from enjoying the actual game.

I'll keep you updated if and when I get it... and HOW I do! Fingers crossed...
I'm 39 years old, and when I was a kid, my parents were awesome enough to scrimp and save to buy us an Apple IIC !!! If anyone else had an old computer like that, you're probably fans of the old Sierra Games, like King's Quest and Leisure Suit Larry (which are available on today's PC's now!). Those were amazing games and the precursors to games like Monkey Island, Sam and Max, and even HOG's!

Those games were funny, adventurous, and SO much fun to play because they actually made you think about what to do.... with hilarious outcomes if you chose the wrong item or action! If you've never played one of the Sierra games, I highly recommend it!!!

There's a reason they keep recreating those games for today's platforms... they kick ****!!!
kanniballi wrote:
GameLvr30 wrote:You need to complete both the main and bonus games before the Souvenir Room will be available.

Do you then have to complete the game again to get the souvenirs?

No, after you complete the Main and Bonus Games, the "Souvenir Room" under the Extras tab will be accessible. I haven't gotten to this yet, but in most games, the souvenir room will just show you all the different scenes from game... just the scenery, you're not actually replaying the game. Usually, it will show you a random scene from the game and you have to find the "souvenir" in that scene (the scene will usually have a clue or a silhouette of the item.. some games will just say or show at the bottom WHAT the item is and you just have to find it. Then all you have to do is click on it and a new scene will pop up... this keeps happening until you find all the souvenirs (which according to the SG is 30, I believe). If you're quick at spotting things, this will usually take you a total of 5 to 10 minutes.
Here is a list of all the morphing objects.... but I cannot take credit for it! It's posted under another thread on this forum by the awesome Gwenofala!!! Thank her, not me! lol

This is the morphing list :
1st hos boat : mushroom
2nd hos- museum toys : red wrapped candy
3rd hos- museum garden : syringe /pen on top of logs
4th hos- light house outside storage : rubber duck
5th hos -inside shipwreck : clock
6th hos- under couch in lobby : nailed up coin
7th hos-ante room book : lower stamp
8th hos- vanity bedroom : kiss on paper
9th hos- piano in secret room : map on wall
10 hos- underground pod storage : lime? ( turns into green gem)
11th hos-mermaid : stone ? (it's above the snail)
12th hos-underground last level fireplace : candle (turns into wolf)
Bonus Game
13th hos- front of asylum : ice cycle
14th hos- sewer : chess piece on hard hat
15th hos- storage room box : cats eyes (they change color)
16th hos- outside Dr.s office : cheese (turns into onion)
acanthmike3 wrote:

Well I have a good memory so this archievement takes me only 8-10 minutes.

That's really awesome that you can do them so quickly, but it's not in very good taste to post that as a response to someone asking for help.... unless you have something to add that's actually helpful....
gwenofala wrote:<a href=>[Removed by Moderator]</a>

Hope everyone can find this ...anyway it's my solution to the puzzle Believe me it was tough ! But for those of you who don't want to skip it I posted the solution on youtube Hope this helps everyone


Since you can't post links here, would you mind PMing me the link for your YouTube video of the slider puzzle, pretty please???
merrymaids wrote:Where is the regular version? I need two game credits to purchase this game. I only have one so far.


Since I don't know how well you know the site, I'm going to explain this step-by-step in case you're new... or for anyone else that IS new and doesn't know how to do this. So please don't be offended by my lengthy directions if you've been here awhile! lol

As long as you're a Big Fish Game Club member (meaning you automatically pay $6.99 per month for 1 free credit), you can use the following method if you only have 1 credit, but want to buy a game that requires 2 credits....first, go to this page (copy and paste this link):

This will bring you to your "Big Fish Game Club" page. You can also get to this page by clicking on the yellow crown at the top of any page next to your game credits (as long as you're signed / logged in).

At the top left of the page, next to Felix the Fish, it says "Want more credits?". You just choose how many credits you want and then click on the button below it that says "Buy Now". It's automatically set to buy one credit, but you can choose to buy more if you want (They're $6.99 each... which is the price of one SE game and half the cost of CE game, so it works out fairly cost-wise). You only need to buy one credit if you already have one.

And I mean an actual credit, not a free game from your punch card. When you look at the top of the page next to that yellow crown, if it says "1 game credit", then you have a "real" (for lack of a better word). If it says "0 game credits", then you probably have a credit from a punch card, so don't spend $6.99 on what you think will be a second credit, because it won't be. Free punch card games aren't considered "real" credits... meaning they can't be combined with other credits to buy CE games, they're only good for SE games!!!!

After clicking "Buy Now", it brings you to the payment screen... pay for the credit FIRST. Right after you buy it, that 1 next to "game credits" will turn into a 2.
NOW, you can go to this or any other CE game, add it to your cart, and when you get to the payment screen, both of those credits will be applied and you'll get the game for free (well, you'll have just paid $6.99 for the 2nd game credit, but you know what I mean!).

Hope this helps!!!

ganonsbane wrote:I noticed that the SG does even show the locations. I think I read something about there being Morphing Object & was looking for them. I found one in the HOP in the Boat at the Gate but could find one in the HOP inside the Cottage.

I sent a PM to someone who writes SGs for Elephant games & told her that I thought that all the Collectibles should be mention in the General Tips part of the SG. She said that if you player the Tutorial, it would tell you about them. I told her that most players didn't like to play the Tutorial & I had seen posts from players saying that they would buy a game because even after the turned the Tutorial Off it continued to pop up telling them what to do. She said that she would mention it to the Developers.

I think that in the General Tips section of the SG it should say what type of Collectibles are in every Location. If there are Morphing Objects, it should say whether they are at the Locations or in the HOPs.

Maybe we should bombard Customer Support with complaints about this issue. It enough people complain they might do something.

First, thank you to Gwenofala for going through the trouble of posting the morphing objects' location list!

But also, a big thanks to Ganonsbane for going through the trouble of contacting someone who writes the SG's for ElephantGames and giving us the inside scoop about it! Two thumbs WAY UP for letting someone who can actually DO something about it know how a lot of us feel and what we want!!! Hopefully, they'll make some changes.... and if they do, maybe other game developers will follow suit thanks to you!
tuskel wrote:I'm trying to look for a series of games, and previously, it was possible to see the alphabetical order of games. Where has it gone? (It's hard to use the search, because lots of different games with the same words start intruding in the results, there isn't "quote" search like in google here, is there?)

Also, sorry to post it here, but we don't have a general forum to ask general questions about the games, so.



Here is the link for the HOG games... scroll down past the "top 33 games" to get to the alphabetical list:

If you want a list for another type of game (time management / match3 / mahjong...), go to that link (copy & paste it) and you'll see a list of all the different types of games in a box at the top right of the page. Click on any of those genres and you'll get a similar page for that specific genre.

Hope this helps!!!
Bettyb36 wrote:Does anyone know when the walkthrough will be posted? Im having difficulty with some levels and its just more convenient to go to a walkthrough then scrolling here trying to find answers


Are there specific things that you can't find in the built-in Strategy Guide? Just asking because we might be able to help you out with some stuff until someone DOES make a walkthrough!
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