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 posted in Cake Mania 2 on Apr 16, 13 3:08 AM
I'd like to contribute to this thread by saying that for CakeMania2.exe to be visible, you need to enable the option "Show hidden files, folders, and drives". And as for the compatibility, "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" works perfectly too.

I think this is the only way Cake Mania 2 is able to work in Windows 7.
 posted in Cake Mania Main Street on Nov 12, 12 9:42 AM
You don't need to fully upgrade the shop; it's intentional. You can run the last few levels fine, even without all upgrades.

I'll agree though, I didn't like this. You can fully upgrade the shop in other Cake Mania games too.
 posted in Cake Mania 3 on Oct 13, 12 3:33 PM
Yes, somehow I'm getting this issue too. I don't remember getting it at all in the past.
 posted in Cake Mania 3 on Oct 6, 12 2:11 PM
For anyone who wants to know, this was a bug introduced in the 1.004 build. While it won't be fixed in the future, you can use a display stand as a substitute, and display cakes with wrong frosting.
 posted in Cake Mania 3 on Oct 6, 12 2:09 PM

Use this buying strategy and you'll be able to finish the game without any problems at all. Just remember to start with a fresh run.
 posted in Cake Mania Main Street on Sep 30, 12 2:39 AM
I can't believe it, but I finally found the solution to the problem.

All I had to do was play the game on another PC account with an English name; save games worked! It looks like they don't work when you play the game on an account with a non-English game.

Since the demo worked, I'll buy the full version soon. Can't wait to play all the Cake Mania games again!
 posted in Cake Mania Main Street on Sep 26, 12 5:49 AM
I'm not eligible for contacting support because I don't own the game in Big Fish. I plan to buy all Cake Mania games again on Big Fish.

I remember once fixing the problem, but I don't remember how, so I'm simply asking if someone has found a way.
 posted in Cake Mania Main Street on Sep 25, 12 2:54 PM
Is there any fix yet for the save game problem for Windows Vista or 7?
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Dec 13, 10 6:54 AM
Yes, the game doesn't allow that.
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Dec 12, 10 11:09 AM
ashca wrote:One more thing, I think the game may be defected, it will only let me buy one decoration for the cake which is the rainbow.

You have to click on the actual decorations to buy them.

This was clearly stated in the message when you first bought the decorator.
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Dec 12, 10 10:56 AM
I'm on Day 66, and the past 10 levels were way easier compared to some previous levels. Maybe bad upgrade strategy?
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Dec 12, 10 1:29 AM
I suggest that you contact support; they might have forgotten to upload the new version. Looks like they did, even 1.004 isn't up.
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Dec 9, 10 2:29 PM
Version 1.005 rebalances some levels like Day 93. It should be available for download on Big Fish Games soon.
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Dec 9, 10 5:55 AM
The build was sent to Big Fish Games, so it should be version 1.004.

But if somehow it isn't, you should contact support.
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Dec 7, 10 8:43 AM
I wonder if I'll ever reach that level. Probably not, because of the save issues.

If you finish the game, please tell me its ending.
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Dec 6, 10 9:33 AM
Now for a thing, I bought the game at [removed by moderator] because they put a misleading offer and I thought I could have it earlier. Their support isn't helpful at all, but since I didn't buy it from here I can't contact Big Fish Games, right?
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Dec 6, 10 9:15 AM
I want to say something to everyone in this thread.

The developer of the game is Sandlot Games and not Big Fish Games, so please complain to them and keep Big Fish Games out of trouble. The developer has got to know the issues so they can fix them.
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Dec 5, 10 11:58 AM
Since Cake Mania 3 quality on their products has dropped. All Cake Mania games since then need 4 patches to be in an acceptable condition, and they still have some bugs.

Also since Cake Mania 3 the quality assurance engineers were cut in half. It's obvious.
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Dec 5, 10 11:35 AM
I need some help. The save games for Cake Mania: To the Max! don't save at all. When I restarted the game, everything was one.

I have the brown border for the businessman too, but who else has the save game issue?
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