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 posted in Eternal Journey: New Atlantis on Sep 12, 12 1:16 PM
I loved this Journey - I would like to have more of this kind of story and outer space theme.
Please bring us more!
 posted in Glow Fish on Aug 9, 12 10:00 AM
I read from another gamer the following:
4. In next level , you will be asked to recognize the pattern , choose the right answer and toads will be rewarded , if you want to collect all the coins inside those puzzle bubbles , start revolving around them to release the coins .

I don't know what the last spatial puzzle is asking me to do, in other words - which dots don't belong. Any help getting me thru this last party of this level will be much appreciated. I don't see any pattern?????

 posted in Glow Fish on Jul 9, 12 10:30 AM
I have tried all the suggestions to get thru this level ----- does anyone have a walkthrough to get me out - I've been working on this level, tried all your suggestions and still can't complete this level.

If you have a walkthrough, please help me! Sooooo frustrating

 posted in 9: The Dark Side on May 13, 12 2:38 PM
I bought this - waste of money - disjointed, confusing, no direction and poor storyline
I had to download twice for it to accept my name. Then there are lags between moves to other areas and then it locks up and I have to reboot to start all over. I am disappointed as I like the story, but won't pay the price for CE till it gets fixes repaired. Too bad!
 posted in The Serpent of Isis ™ on Oct 5, 10 4:30 PM
I give up, here is my dilema..
Cabin 8-Carlo Siro
Can't find the lipstick kiss, there is no photograph! I only have a window and above that is a dart board and a boat on the left and I can't see any lipstick kiss and am going cross eyed trying to find it, PLEASE HELP!

Second, Cabin 3, YueLan Yun
Can't find the donut, PLEASE HELP!

I'm not playing this till I can find these things, I'm so frustrated!

Many thanx
 posted in Beetle Bug 3 on Sep 13, 10 7:18 AM
Can't get beyond the first part where they ask me to go back to the blue area - won't let me go back????
 posted in Beetle Bug 3 on Aug 10, 10 7:52 AM
I cannot get thru level 99 - Help
Many thanx
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