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Anybody else notice that all the artists have 2 vowels that are the same? Don't think it has anything to do with anything, just pointing it out.

You may be onto something with this. When you take all the double letters they form the word HOIST.

The other speculation I had is this sounds like they may be referring to the Dorian Grey type of story. Maybe one of Charles's paintings contains his soul. We just haven't found it yet to destroy it.
Lady Cav, i agree, should be an even number for the spokes or legs as it were. Maybe they built it with twelve but had to adjust the wheel size when they put it in the river? So maybe 11 was the final number? Or maybe the 11 and latin plays into the name of the wheel? Just guessing here.
Kimmy, a paddle boat or casino boat makes stops, so it is possible but then the "never stops running" would not apply. A waterwheel is usually placed in a stream or river to generate electricicity or to run a mill to grind flour. The power of the water ensures the wheel never stops. Unless it breaks, lol.
I think the "11 legs, runs backwards, never stops", is a water wheel. Does not necessarily have to be attached to a mill but most times they were. Has anyone researched a mill on the Atchafalaya river?
Okay, out on a limb here but, maybe this ties in to Madame Fate as well? Maybe this is where Charles meets her? Otherwise, why would he kill her?
 posted in Slingo Quest Egypt on Oct 28, 10 7:33 AM
Okay, I have played this under two profiles and still cannot get a full board on this one. No idea how many times I have played it to get all gold. Still missing this one. Any suggestions?
 posted in Reincarnations: Uncover the Past on Sep 29, 10 1:00 PM
domia, in order to get a quick answer, we need to know which game.
 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Sep 28, 10 12:02 PM
Bumping in the hope that Picman will answer.
 posted in Totem Tribe on Aug 3, 10 11:16 AM
Love how they revamped this game. Well worth the money. If you liked the first, you have to have this one.

I never did get through the first one, kept dying at the end. Guardian moon got me stuck on one puzzle all five times, lol.
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia: Illusions on May 2, 10 9:19 AM
I did the beta for fish on this one and have been waiting patiently for it to be released. Wonderful game. Very different and challenging. Give it a try.
 posted in The Treasures of Mystery Island on Apr 3, 10 9:51 AM
its in the barrel by the shipwreck.
 posted in Little Folk of Faery on Mar 30, 10 9:31 AM
Just a quick question for anyone that has played this. Is this game similar to Escape from Paradise? As in, you are given a task, you complete it to move on? I love Escape from Paradise 1 & 2 and would like to know if this fairy one is similar. Thanks in advance for any replies.
 posted in Syberia on Feb 24, 10 11:43 AM
Angel, please advise what part you are stuck at, maybe some fishies can help if we had more information. Also there is a good walkthrough on GB.
 posted in Gardenscapes on Nov 13, 09 6:16 PM
lol, well mine does not work at all. I click on the game, nothing, Customer service is going to give me a coupon to replace the game. Pity, sounds like a good one. Good luck to all, enjoy.
 posted in Lost Realms: The Curse of Babylon on Nov 7, 09 9:05 AM
I agree with everyone else. Poodle's reviews are what I look for too. Poodle, you are the best. Keep up the good reviews. We all love you.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower on Oct 22, 09 7:22 AM
Actually, I am glad that this has been released with BFG. This was a very good game that I bought a long time ago. Cannot play it on my laptop because its an older game. So, if you are wondering, this one had some really good puzzles and a good story line. Well worth the 6.99. I am going to buy this from fish, even though I already have it on disk.
 posted in Totem Tribe on Sep 2, 09 1:17 PM

You will find a complete walkthrough and video's posted by another fishy on you tube. If you type in totem tribe cradle of north, you will find your answers.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst ™ on Aug 26, 09 9:46 AM

I think they did this on purpose. The return to Ravenhearst game shows that Charles could travel through time, this discrepancy could have been a clue that we all missed the first time around.
 posted in Safecracker on Aug 24, 09 8:57 PM
If you like logic puzzles and any type of puzzle, this game is it. I loved it. Only had to use a walkthrough on one puzzle. I have also replayed the game several times. Takes a good long while to finish.
 posted in Escape From Paradise 2: A Kingdom's Quest on Jul 9, 09 12:19 PM
Hi Rothers,

Best way to catch em is to follow their flight path. Find out where they land and wait with the monkey at that location for them to come back. May take some patience, but it can be done.
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