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 posted in Summer Tri-Peaks Solitaire on Feb 1, 11 3:09 PM
mtoston wrote:this game is okay except that the only thing to click on after each round is a "play again" button. The only way out of the game for me was to ctrl-alt-del.

If you put your cursor at the top of the screen a menu bar drops down. Click on menu and it takes you to the main menu where you can exit.
 posted in Lost Chronicles: Salem on Dec 7, 10 2:48 PM
I only had one glitch during the trial time--at 45 minutes it crashed. But it did bring me back right where I was left (chopping broken wooden wheels). Last 15 mnutes played OK. I really like this game. Nice big HOG items and an interesting story. Hate to buy knowing that there may be issues down the line. I'll watch for a fix and comments regarding same.
 posted in King Arthur on Oct 2, 10 1:55 PM
Downloaded just fine. Loaded just fine. Everything fine until I got to the map to piece back together. When I was done I pushed the "OK" button--nothing. Finally did a CAD and got a black screen and a message stating "King Arthur has stopped working". Never seen an error message like that before. Did another CAD and exited through the task manager. Uninstalled...don't have time for problem games.
 posted in Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White on Sep 28, 10 11:09 AM
After reading all the problems everyone was having, I decided to wait for the fix--didn't matter. Downloaded fine but won't load. It looks like it is trying but instantly takes me back to the "play again?" screen. Life is too short--I uninstalled it.
 posted in Royal Trouble on Sep 18, 10 3:38 PM
SOLUTION FOR APPLICATION ERROR--at least it worked for me. Don't skip the introductory scene. The rest of the demo hour went smoothly.
 posted in Finding Hope on Sep 18, 10 1:44 PM
Boring & depressing. That says it all. Hated the hint system.
 posted in Dominic Crane 2: Dark Mystery Revealed on Sep 7, 10 7:01 PM
I love it too. I like having to think things out. Don't need my hand held all the time.
 posted in Dominic Crane 2: Dark Mystery Revealed on Sep 7, 10 6:58 PM
First scroll took me 40 minutes, but I didn't skip anything. So for me 40 x 8 = a little over 5 hours. I really like the game.
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