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 posted in Jet Set Go on Apr 22, 11 2:07 PM
This is game is definately not the best by any means, however it is a good fun addicting TM game and I would buy it to see what else it has to offer in the game! Did pretty well in the hour trial, but then it is usually easy at the beginning, that is if the game isn't near finished after an hour of game play.
I liked the fact that you had mini games to play like in Sally's Salon and variety is definately a key word for this game, as there is plenty!
I didn't like doing the games in between i.e. serving food, serve drinks EXCEPT for the dancing one where you have to click the arrows at the right time...that was definately fun! The other games were pretty boring and simple to do, and you have to do it several times which i didn't like.
I can't quite put my finger on what was missing from the main game when in the actual travel agency, but it did feel a bit repetitive at times, and I wish the game let you do combos for more points/stars/money, I think would have been a bonus, and also more variety in the upgrades rather than jst a helper and comfy chairs! However I have not completed the game so it may improve in that way.

Anyway, I am so pleased to see TM games being released, there's alot more **** games which are all pretty similar and not so much my cup of tea. TM games should be made just as much for all us TM fans/players! The graphics are fantastic in this game, they've used the perfect type for me, for these games.

JOjo's fashion show 1, 2 and 3 are my fave - plz bring out more like that BFG!
 posted in Fix-It-Up Eighties: Meet Kate's Parents on Feb 24, 11 2:34 PM
OMG! Loooved this game, I was so excited when I saw it had been released! I bought Kate's Adventure and World Tour, and I knew I would like this one also! I really hope they bring out more and more as they're some of my very favourite games.
The only negatives, are that I wish there was more goals to give longer levels and I played the game in only a few hours so it was a bit short - more levels would have been amazing!
One of the reasons, I like this game so much is because instead of being limited to do certain things like in some TM games, you can develop your own strategy to earn money the way u want to, i.e. sell a car, or keep it for rental to earn your money or perhaps you buy to scrap and use parts or quick sale or long term rent, the choice is up to you! This is a great perk as I like to put myself to the test by putting myself in the deep end instead of just being about speed! (I think it is easier to navigate your cursor with a mouse - and I have a laptop which from my experience is harder to be as fast using finger sensor).

I won't bang on anymore, but I absolutely love this game for the last time! Yes Yes Yes!
 posted in Wedding Salon on Feb 7, 11 1:56 PM
gefiltafish wrote:One thing puzzled me- If there was a red female symbol but I put a male in the area it made a funny sound before changing, like I shouldn't have moved them there... but that is where the customer needed to be. Don't get what was supposed to be done?

It's because I think you get more tips or points for not interrupting the female/male combos! You're supposed to put males where the male symbols are, and do same for females to get a combo score. I am not sure if you get more money or any bonus for doing this, I would have thought so? Otherwise it would be a waste of time lol .
 posted in Wedding Salon on Feb 7, 11 1:53 PM
I loooved this game! Finally...there is another decent TM game that I really enjoyed! TM games are my favourite, and this is definately no different! I loved most of it (my boyfriend complained constantly about the music box melody), and I would only make a couple of negatives, which isn't bad in my book. I agreed with someone else about the customer walking in and walking out if there was no seating instead of the game timing it better for you to make room for them. But this would probably add to the fun of the game to most people, and I suppose it does really, so not that negative. Also another con is the game seemed to be really short! I know there were 6 or 7 countries to complete but there didn't seem to many levels for each one, I felt myself wanting to play another harder one so it lasted longer, just to get my money's worth. I hope they bring out a Wedding Salon 2, because I would gladly buy it as I have bought this one! Thank you BFG, please keep bringing more TM games ! There always seems to be HOG games which can be a bit similar sometimes, hence why I dont buy them !

If you're a TM fan, you would love this!
 posted in Dancing Craze on Dec 22, 10 5:59 PM
I absolutely loved this game! Was a lovely change for TM games that usually involve the usual cooking, fashion etc. (NOT COMPLAINING!), but just nice to have something new and original put in there!
Ignore the comments for people who think they're "too intelligent" for this game, or think they're better than everyone else on them, it gets on my nerves! Everyone else is so stupid, we obviously struggle with such games! :-) It isn't impossible nor extremely easy, it's good fun and challenging as the levels go on.
I am Expert on all the levels but didn't achieve them by the first attempts! It is so funny to see all the different dancers, they really made the game more pleasant and amusing!
Hopefully there will be more people like me who prefer TM games as most games tend to be HOG games which are not bad but they're all pretty much similar and get a bit tedious once you've played a few. TM games are by far my favourite, and I wish BFG would take more time to make some great ones as well as the ones we've seen so far!
 posted in Supermarket Mania ® 2 on Dec 16, 10 2:32 PM
Really didn't enjoy this game one aota; I am very good at TM games as they are my favourite, and it's rare these days that I find one on new release that I like! I find it to be annoying, and for me quite hard doing the same things over and over (which is expected in TM games - I know) but for some reason it just did not float my boat. I am surprised so many people liked it - but for me I prefer the Dash games, Frenzy, Delicious, and love the Kingdom for my Princess, Jojo's fashion show (1,2&3), Be A King, and some more I can't think of right now.
This game was very very repetitive and you can't really deploy your own style of play because you are just limited to keeping stock stocked and doing random things that just interfere with gameplay! I hated not being able to carry things to make other things when your trolley was full as this delayed lots of valuable time whilst having impatient customers getting steamed up!
Really a thumbs down, and I would never buy it - I left it half way through the trial. Sorry to all those who enjoyed it, but not for me ever, hated the first one, and hated this one.
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