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 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Dec 12, 17 4:55 PM
Still no update?
 posted in Echoes of Aetheria on Jun 19, 17 2:27 PM
seatemple wrote:I just kept moving her head left right up down and finally it was over...

How long did it take?
 posted in Echoes of Aetheria on Jun 18, 17 8:43 AM
Has anyone figured out what Soha is supposed to do during her magic act? I've tried every move I can think of, but nothing seems to happen. TIA.
 posted in The Mahjong Huntress on Aug 22, 15 12:15 PM
Game locks up during play and requires a forced shutdown. The pendant disappears often, especially if you turn off the (incredibly annoying) magnifier. I have uninstalled/reinstalled, created new profiles and begun new games, and nothing helps. I really like this game, but I'll have to ask for a refund if there isn't a bugfix soon.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Dec 1, 14 8:54 AM
I now have an extra Egyptian Pin to trade for a rope pull. Friend code is f6ZDSE or PM me.

ETA: the Egyptian Pin is gone, but I still have the extra Celtic Latch if anyone still needs one.

EETTAA: The Latch is gone.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 29, 14 9:43 AM
I have a Celtic Latch to trade for a Rope Pull.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 24, 14 12:55 PM
Clashfan78 wrote:
NokomisVT wrote:OK, I've gotten to the golem bonds, I've looked at the offer screen, and there are no mazes shown. The offer does not show a golem, but a ring. What am I not seeing here?

You have to assemble the ring of oblivion in order to open the mazes. They are at the top of the screen but until you unlock them they are covered by a big red banner thing. With less than 30 minutes left you are not going to be able to do even the first maze I don't think.

Might want to hang on to all that stuff and wait till the offer rolls around again, or assemble the ring for the points and gold.

Bother. I created the ring and no banner or mazes. What a waste of effort.

Thanks for the help though.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 24, 14 12:21 PM
OK, I've gotten to the golem bonds, I've looked at the offer screen, and there are no mazes shown. The offer does not show a golem, but a ring. What am I not seeing here?
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Apr 30, 14 12:16 PM
In just the last couple of days I've lost competition rewards twice, and over two hundred energy points due either to the "Swirly of Death" bug in competitions or the server(s) disconnecting/locking up.I have a hard time believing that this is considered a production game, as it is riddled with problems that should have been identified and resolved in beta testing. The unresponsiveness of Customer Service and Tech Support that many folks have commented on is just adding insult to injury.

I like this game. I would be willing to spend money on this game If it actually WORKED. As things stand, however, not another penny do I spend until these problems are resolved.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 17, 14 11:26 AM
Player name Kirke, friend code 77906.
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book One on Sep 21, 12 11:12 AM
I spent a game credit on this and now I'm strongly regretting it. I find the gameplay on the slow side, and I agree with those who dislike the inability to save progress and demolish buildings, but what turned me off completely was the racism. Honestly, an indigenous people who can't figure out how to patch up a grass hut until the white folks show up, and then leave fawning little love-notes all over the place about how grateful they are, and the antagonist is a naked black man dragging a club. By the end I half expected one of the tasks to be replacing the cavemen totem poles with burning crosses.

A certain amount of stereotyping is probably unavoidable in a game setting just because of the format and the need to keep the background simple, and of course the game development community is no more immune to casual racism than any other group of people, but IMO this is so blatant and so crude I have a hard time believing it to be unintentional. While it's generally a good idea to "never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity", I hope Big Fish pulls this one before it wins Stormfront's 2012 Game of the Year award.
 posted in Time Dreamer: Temporal Betrayal on Feb 10, 12 8:05 PM
Followed the instructions on the help page and downloaded the Flash debugger, deleted the game, restarted my machine & redownloaded the game. Still insists I need to install Flash. I give up.
 posted in Time Dreamer: Temporal Betrayal on Feb 7, 12 12:07 PM
When installing the demo, I got a Dr. Felix popup saying that I need Adobe Flash installed. As I already have Adobe 11 installed I cancelled the popup, and the install will not complete. This has happened with several other games recently.
 posted in Frankenstein: The Dismembered Bride on Sep 3, 11 11:00 AM
I wish the Fish would put the developer's name on the page for each game. There are some companies that consistently produce enjoyable games, even if not every one is stellar, and there are some with a track record completely the opposite. Hd0 is IMO the worst of the latter. I have tried several and as far as I can see they are all fundamentally the same game with different artwork. The tasks are repetitive and dull, story lines usually weak and incoherent, and the hint system is awful. YMMV, of course. At this point if I start a game and see Hd0 on startup, I just delete it immediately.

Letting us know up front who created the game before we decide to download it would save customers who don't care for a particular developer's products the time and aggravation of downloading a game they know they won't enjoy, and possibly reduce server load somewhat.

How about it, Big Fish? An informed customer is a happy customer!

 posted in Spirits of Mystery: Amber Maiden Collector's Edition on Apr 21, 11 2:38 PM
Seems like a good game based on the demo. Nice graphics, etc. Looking forward to the SE.

I really do wish, though, that BF would mark limited demos like this as demos, and not use the same "Play free for one hour" as games where you actually have an hour. I would have finished this one in just over 30 minutes if I hadn't had to get up and feed the cats!

Truth in advertising FTW!
 posted in Bloodline of the Fallen: Anna's Sacrifice on Nov 1, 10 2:37 PM

"...we're all waiting..." I take it there's a mouse in your pocket?

It's a game. It's a game with a fantastical setting, no different from ones with pseudo-medieval or far-future content. No ooga-boogas are going to jump out of somebody's monitor and turn their dog into Cujo because they played a HOG with vampires. Or zombies. Or fluffy bunnies, for that matter.

The only warning "Bloodline" needs is "Warning! Contains incoherent plot and boring protagonist."
 posted in Veronica and the Book of Dreams on Aug 23, 10 11:31 AM
Manages to be both deadly dull and intensely aggravating simultaneously. The coordinates are off by miles. Not worth spending the time it takes to download, never mind actual $$$.
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