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 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 18, 16 9:37 AM
Unfortunately, my Mom's cancer has returned & she has a short time left with us. I will again be absent for an extended period of time & only popping in occasionally when I need some time to escape into a fun & happier world. Please know that I often think about my neighbors, even though I won't be around for a while.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Aug 31, 16 4:14 PM
I typically wait about 1-1.5 weeks for lower level players who I figure tried it & decided it wasn't for them. I typically do a clean up once per week & I keep track of sleepers. If they are on the list the second week when I check, then I delete them. For higher-level players I do tend to wait a while longer. There are some who have posted on the upcoming absences saying they will be taking a long break & are hoping to return. I keep them.

When I came back after being away due to RL, over half of my neighbors were asleep. I did a massive clean out & am now rebuilding.

I might have been the one that Vulcaness got back after removing the sleeping me. I'm back & am also a pretty good neighbor (gifting almost daily unless I'm away from the computer for the day). If you're looking for neighbors, here's my code: HdEi39. I also re-posted my code in the "Post your neighbor code" area & I've gotten a few good neighbors from doing that, as I rebuild.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Aug 30, 16 1:49 PM
I also wish there was a button to receive all gifts at once. I wouldn't use it all the time, but after my recent prolonged absence I think I had over 300 gifts. It was a LOT of clicking.

Here's my other wish - I wish once an expedition dragon was fed you could see everyone who participated.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Aug 30, 16 1:40 PM
I've been playing for quite a while, but had some Real Life issues which caused me to sleep for a while. I'm back & am trying to rebuild my neighborhood.

I gift almost daily free stuff and backpack items I can afford to give up - only miss the occasional day when I'm not near a computer (wish I could use my phone) - and contribute to expeds (use the mailbox in the game to let me know you've got one running) as generously as I can.

Here's my code:
 posted in Rooms of Memory on May 4, 16 12:05 PM
I'm looking for the Sea Salt to complete the Time Transformations. I have many other items I could trade, but have now helped 83 River Nymphs (from when I started counting) and still no sea salt.

PM me if you want to try to trade something.

Thanks to Margkost for providing the sea salt. I've still had no luck with those nymphs.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on May 4, 16 11:58 AM
I agree with oiuoiuoiu. That candy land place is definitely my least favorite. That one is too colorful & it hurts my eyes after only a couple of rounds & one of the items is to find a 'candy'. REALLY? The whole room is filled with candy & you want me to find just one?

Several of the hospital rooms are totally gross with blood stains & stuff.

I don't have all the rooms in Japan open yet, nor all of the magic gate rooms. I'm not sure which regular room is my least favorite. For a while it was the Alchemist's room, but now I don't mind it because I've done it enough.

I do find the Japan scenes a little more boring - they seem to have lighter, more muted colors.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on May 3, 16 2:54 AM
Yay! I was glad to see you back.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Apr 29, 16 10:21 PM
I thought I'd weigh in again, even though I don't think it will matter. I still regularly check this thread just in case they might have changed their minds & decided to at least provide one more update to bring the game to a satisfactory conclusion. I thought it would be worth mentioning, since I have not played probably for more than a year, but again, I keep coming back over & over just in case.

I'd love to see at least one final update & I will again say that I'd be willing to spend money (like the normal 6.99 or even collector's edition price) to get the final items tied up (dragon egg, bookcase, basilisk, etc.).

 posted in Rooms of Memory on Apr 28, 16 1:25 PM
Desperate for fortune cookies - please post if you see any patterns for getting them. No terra cards used, but still didn't get sufficient fortune cookies to get the charges needed to assemble the first artifact.

 posted in Rooms of Memory on Apr 28, 16 1:08 PM
Wow! All great ideas. I, too, would love Egypt, Alaska or Everest or some other snowy place, and the Jungles or Savannah of Africa. All of those sound intriguing. I'm also excited about Atlantis and China. What about a Polynesian island - it would be pretty fun to search in a volcano! Journey to the Center of the Earth anyone?

Of course, I wish mostly that I could visit all these places in reality, rather than just in ROM & I've been lucky to have seen quite a bit of the world, but it is a pretty big world with lots of really cool places.
I've been to almost all of the places in ROM in reality (at least so far). Obviously Bellows Manor is fictional - I'm not sure why, but I think of it as being in England.
 posted in Moai 3: Trade Mission on Apr 9, 16 10:57 AM
Once you reach a certain level, the workers get sick. You will have the opportunity to build a structure that they can 'enter' to be healed. It costs 100 mana to heal them.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Apr 7, 16 3:21 PM
Faery's back! Yay!!

Hmmm...I don't do much singing in the shower, but I do think a lot in the shower. Speaking of showers, I could totally see a really disgusting bathroom showing up in the Hospital ROM series. I wish I hadn't thought of that, though! There are a lot of HOGs that I avoid because of the horror aspects. ROM isn't bad except for the hospital series - but I just can't pass them up, even though they aren't my favorite.

Uptownnola - good to hear that you FINALLY have your house back. That was a long wait. I've been to various places in Italy, but never to Venice - still on my bucket list, since it seems like it would be a very unique place to visit.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Apr 5, 16 10:17 AM
Hi Friends!
I'm back in the neighborhood. Thanks to all of you who remained my neighbors despite my snoozing for a while.

My grandparents are doing well and I'm looking forward to re-connecting with my neighbors, doing a few expeds & comps! 'See' you all soon!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Mar 21, 16 8:41 PM
This is a difficult question. Hmmm...

I think Tom Hanks is probably my favorite actor. His earlier stuff is a little more comedy & he's hilarious! (Money Pit) His recent stuff is more drama & he's great at that, too. (Apollo 13, Captain Phillips are two of my favs of his)

Actress is more difficult for me. I remember talking to my husband about an actress recently & about how versatile she was (she had played various kinds of roles & was believable in them), but now I can't remember who she was. Tomorrow I'm going to start blaming it on the fact that I'm in my 40's
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Mar 21, 16 8:30 PM
I will miss you too! I'm so glad you responded to an invite from a complete newbie & took a chance on me.
I too have had to take a break for RL. I hope I'll find you in my neighborhood again at some point.
Wishing you the very best in your new adventure!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Mar 17, 16 6:07 PM
My favorite food is macaroni & cheese. Panera actually has good mac & cheese. The Paris restaurant in Epcot also has great mac & cheese.

Speaking of cheese, going to the cheese shop in ROM always makes me a little hungry
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Mar 3, 16 8:10 AM
Friends of Gamegirl8
Hi Neighbors!
I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately. I've been working from my grandparents house - helping them while working full time, as well. I've had almost no free time for gaming. I really miss ROM, but how can I not take advantage of the opportunity to give back just a very small amount of what they've given me in my life. They're 90 & 91 and are in basically good health. Grandpa has some dementia, so there's some challenges there, and grandma just gets tired out quickly.

I appreciate those who have stuck with me even though I fell asleep

I think I'll be able to establish a schedule soon where at least I can pop in to gift, but I still probably won't be doing a lot in the next month & might be mass-gifting random charges (basic ones like atom, etc.). I will understand if you dump me as a neighbor.

Look for me to be active again in April when I'm back to my normal schedule.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Mar 2, 16 6:09 PM
I want to be whatever bird would attack those pesky octopi in ROM : )
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Mar 2, 16 5:21 PM
I'm looking for a Celtic Latch.

Have extra rope, Chinese Code & Egyptian pins.

Friend Code: HdEi39
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 12, 16 12:32 PM
I'm an avid audiobook 'reader'. I very often have an audiobook going when playing RoM or doing almost anything else - ironing, dishes, driving, cooking, etc. I also read regular books, but I can get so much more reading done with audio versions.

Because I'm such an audiobook fan, I often like series because of the narrator as much as the content of the book itself. That said, I recommend:

Narrated by Barbara Rosenblat (really almost anything narrated by her):
Mrs. Pollifax - I'm with Jarrow on this one!
Amelia Peabody series - this series is really fantastic with the narration, since the main characters have a son & the narrator changes the voice of the son throughout the series from a little boy to a man.
Yada Yada Prayer Club - not all are available via audio, but it's a great series.

I also love many of the other books & series that have been mentioned.
I could go on & on like so many others. Here are a few other favorites:
Fire by Night by Lynn Austin (& other Austin Civil War era novels)
Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery & Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson
Bodie & Brock Thoene books about WWII and the establishment of Israel just after WWII (can't remember the series name)
Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers
The Last Jihad series by Joel C. Rosenberg

I've recently been reading Julie Klassen's work & have found most of it to be quite good.
I know I'll be adding some of the ones others' mentioned to my list & I hope you find some of mine to be good reads (or listens).
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