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 posted in Enlightenus on Jun 28, 09 4:58 PM
I haven't had this happen on this game, usually the time management games, after I've built up to the last levels. I think this may be because you may have too many programs or applications running. I usually go to task manager and close everything I don't need, in applications, I just make sure the game is the only open app. And under processes I try to close the things that are using memory, such as the items in my system tray and scheduling tasks, etc. I'm not sure what you can close on your computer. You can always reboot if you close something that you need. I am not a computer expert, just this works for me. I sometimes have to close the big fish game application, you can ALT TAB to get to other open applications. I close the BIG FISH GAMES application. I don't think they recommend this, but the game still plays and usually solves the problem. Technical Support can help you. They helped me when I could not get a game to play and it was my real time virus protection.
 posted in Enlightenus on Jun 28, 09 4:48 PM
I had the same issue, took me a while to figure out what to do. I could not change the settings since I could not click on the game it was too far to the right. I went to properties and changed the resolution from 600x800 to my highest settings which is 1680x1050. This centered the screen and I was able to reach the game screen. I went to options and clicked on fullscreen and was able to play. This is a weird game. I feel like I'm playing without instructions...

VickiS531 - If it happens again I'll try your fix, seems much simpler!
 posted in Shop-n-Spree on Jan 31, 09 1:58 PM
I could not get this game to load. It kept freezing. I wanted to try it, since I love the time management games. I rebooted twice, and then just let it load, it had the bar code where it was installing and it never finished, and then it went back to the BFG client, as 0 minutes left to play. Did anyone else have this issue? I wanted to try it!!!!! I have a Vista 32 bit w/2GB Ram, Direct X 10 and a matching graphics card. Can't understand why the game would not load and really why if it didn't load, it expired my 60 minute trial.
 posted in Cooking Dash on Oct 17, 08 4:01 PM
It even lags with my 2.4 GHz; 2 GB Ram machine. I use ALT Tab to get out of cooking dash, then close the BFG application. Then click on Cooking Dash to open it back up. It mostly stops when I am clicking on the buttons. This happens in Pet Shop Hop too. I use Task Manager and close out all the applications I don't need, that take up a lot of resources. It's the only way I can play these games.
 posted in Cooking Dash on Oct 15, 08 3:36 PM
Has anyone figured out how to get through level 47? I am stuck with mad mad people and can't seem to get them seated to eat before they stomp out of my restaurant! Most problem with the cell phone guys. Love this game!
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