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 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Nov 27, 16 9:19 AM
Any chance of a BFG response on this issue?

I've tried reinstalling the game - same issue as described above; game freezes trying to load first stage. Seems to be a Win 10 compatibility issue - will it never play on Win 10 or will we get an update?

(Checked all four games and is just the first two that are having issues - 3 and 4 are loading ok.)
 posted in Weather Lord: Legendary Hero! Collector's Edition on Aug 2, 16 3:16 AM
Alternatively take the Golden Pick-axe artifact - I ended up with over 100 extra pieces of gold that way - and still upgraded all buildings.
 posted in Weather Lord: Legendary Hero! Collector's Edition on Aug 2, 16 3:07 AM
lacard wrote:Couldn't beat bronze so I moved ahead. I went back after I finished the game and had acquired all of the artifacts. Breezed right through it. Used the 3 top artifacts. The extend the bonus one made a big difference.

Yeah, returning to this level after you have all the upgraded artifacts seems to be the key. I used the Golden Fleece - bonuses last 60% longer, Golden Pick-axe - 30% more gold and the Golden Axe - 30% more wood.

As others have said, don't head down stairs until you've got the statue built. Priority is definitely getting girls in houses.

I upgraded everything to 3 stars: sawmill first, food to 2, mine to 2, then food to 3 and mine at the tail end when I had loads of resources. I also didn't bother with the bush once I had the grain mill built. Oh and upgrade the trailer to 2 men almost instantly and to 3 as soon as you can.

Strategy is sawmill, bush, grain mill, girl, house built, then upgraded wind altar, then mine, then statue, then second girl into second house on top level while also heading down stairs.

Good luck!
 posted in Weather Lord: Legendary Hero! on Aug 1, 16 12:23 PM
I can't even get close to this one. It's a nightmare.
 posted in Weather Lord: Legendary Hero! on Aug 1, 16 12:21 PM
There's one last site for a boulder right at the bottom of the screen in the centre. I missed it the first time too!
 posted in Gardens Inc. 4: Blooming Stars Collector's Edition on Feb 4, 16 10:30 AM
nanekochan wrote:

Also in the Achievements I could not get the one entitled The Great Hunt (freeing every worker in one Garden Defense level to unlock). I actually freed all the workers in every Garden Defense episode but the achievement is still locked.


 posted in Gardens Inc. 3: A Bridal Pursuit Collector's Edition on Jan 10, 15 7:56 AM
36 in the tunnel
38 behind the boat
40 on the shore by the buoys
41 behind the stone structure on the top right
43 behind the bush beside you, between the piles of tools and the piles of wood
44 behind a pile of rocks up towards the top centre of the screen

Hope that helps!

Re:Treasure chests-Wales
[Post New]by pecabo1338 on January 3, 2:14 PM

I'm still missing one in the area that starts with level 17

There are threads on the forum listing chest locations for both Greece and Hamburg which should help you out.
 posted in Gardens Inc. 3: A Bridal Pursuit Collector's Edition on Dec 27, 14 2:09 AM
It's blue-screened on me twice already. Am getting pretty frustrated with BFG actually - so few time management games these days and then when we do get one, it doesn't play...

I am using Win7 with fully updated drivers and software on a top end gaming rig. I get a 7.7 Win Experience rating. The only games that ever crash this PC are BFG ones.


It did it again so support ticket with Dr Felix thingy submitted.
Ok this game is driving me crazy today!!

First it bluescreened several times, crashing my entire pc. So I uninstalled it and reinstalled the updated version, (which I think I was running anyway, mind you), and now it no longer bluescreens but it does crash every single level. Multiple times. It took me 7 attempts to play a single level.

Am running:

i5 3570K CPU @ 3.4Ghz
Asus GTX 680 with latest Geforce drivers
16Gb of Ram
Windows 7 Home Premium running as Admin.

This should not be happening!!!
Any chance of an update to the update?
All my other games, including MMORPGs which require vastly greater system reqs, are working just fine.

Ticket submitted to Tech Support
 posted in Gardens Inc. 2: The Road to Fame on Mar 27, 14 3:37 AM
I love you for posting this! Thank you!!!

 posted in Gardens Inc. 2: The Road to Fame on Mar 25, 14 2:53 PM
I had tech glitches with the first one but this one seemed to play fine. One of the game devs did another game that I love so that made me try again. (Aerie - for anyone interested - available here on BFG).

TM/Strategy games are what I buy and this one is a real challenge. There's a lot to do and to keep track of. The vandals gave me a headache tbh. But it's worth the money. Much harder work than things like Viking Saga.

I particularly like the company section where you build your own homestead, much like Barn Yarn. My only problem is, I've finished the game and still don't have enough cash for the last upgrade. Only way to make more money is to replay levels beating previous scores and then the difference (usually infinitesimal) is added to the overall balance.

Btw if anyone works out where all these 'hidden chests' are I'd be grateful - completely missed most of them going by the trophy room - even though I have all gold stars and rosettes where applicable...
 posted in Gardens Inc. 2: The Road to Fame on Mar 25, 14 2:47 PM
You need to mirror everything - the group on the left should match the group on the right and the top should match the bottom. Hope that helps.
 posted in Gardens Inc. 2: The Road to Fame on Mar 25, 14 2:46 PM
Plant different flowers at the pyramid to everywhere else. Only plant that particular type of flower there - thus making the pyramid planting unique?
 posted in Gardens Inc. 2: The Road to Fame on Mar 25, 14 2:44 PM
Some levels don't involve plants and thus don't have a bonus clue - so you won't get a rosette for completing the bonus. Can't remember which ones offhand but there's a bunch of em.
 posted in Viking Saga: New World on Mar 15, 14 5:37 AM
I suck at Tic-Tac-Toe apparently.

The timer is running throughout by the way so keep using the freeze bonus when you can. As pearls10 said, if you place your opening move in the centre then you should win. Make sure and let the Navajo win the second game!!! If it goes to stalemate, which it will if you play defensively, then the next game also starts with the Navajo turn and eventually the timer expires.

If you hit the 'surrender' button, you can skip the game altogether, but then you only get two stars.

So win the first one, lose the second, win the third - which you start - and you should be fine.
 posted in Viking Saga: New World on Mar 12, 14 4:20 PM
Yes it is like that - with the top levels blazing. Just clear one section at a time - if you put out all fires and chop down all trees - except the bridge/ladder - then there's nothing the burning bridge/ladder can infect so you're ok to move on. Just make sure you clear the bridge/ladder connecting to the level you've just cleared before you build anything - cos that can be infected and set alight.
 posted in Viking Saga: New World on Mar 11, 14 5:04 AM
You need to have enough resources to kill ALL the spiders and the nest - one immediately after the other or else they will, as you've discovered, respawn. Wait until you can kill the whole line before starting.
 posted in Viking Saga: New World on Mar 11, 14 5:02 AM
Sipason is an expert - am not even slightly surprised he found a better way. Good to know he has a walkthrough up now!!
 posted in Viking Saga: New World on Mar 6, 14 2:51 PM
If you read the strategy I posted on the thread entitled "Level 39", can you identify which flower you're missing?

There are 3 available in the immediate area - first room and corridor.
No 4 is inside the right hand room
No 5 is inside the left hand room
No 6 is beneath the far left spider's nest
No 7 is beyond the door leading out of the left hand room to the top
No 8 is beneath the far right spider's nest
No 9 is beyond the door leading out of the right hand room at the top
No 10 is beyond the spider's web in that same area

You must have cleared the spider's nest just beyond flower 7 to be able to see that 10th one though, I think.

Hope this helps.
 posted in Viking Saga: New World on Mar 6, 14 2:25 PM
I think this will be like level 24 - you need to actually build 5 Fortresses - which will give you 6 in total. Good luck!
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