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 posted in Youda Sushi Chef 2 on Jun 26, 14 5:07 PM
SO HAPPY a new one came out! Loved the first one, and this one is more complex and chaotic, but for me that just means that I can't beat the whole game in one day! Not enough time management games, so I'm very excited to see this. It's longer, and has more variety than the first game. Challenging, I like that! Don't like that I do not get to decorate my restaurants in the second one though.
 posted in Undead Tidings on Jan 1, 13 3:26 PM
I thought this was a cute and fun game during the trial, something different for a change, so I bought it. As soon as I did, I started having very frustrating technical issues, which I don't have a problem with on other games. Also, the game is very short from start to finish. Not worth it at all.
 posted in Undead Tidings on Dec 24, 12 10:36 PM
I played the one hour trial of this game, and had no problems with it. I decided to buy it, and now the game is freezing every time on level 20!! I don't have a problem with any other games!
 posted in Chicken Invaders 2: Christmas Edition on Dec 2, 12 1:07 PM
I love this game! It's the best out of all the Chicken Invaders games! Best game purchase ever, because I keep coming back to it, and playing it again!
 posted in Turbo Fiesta on Oct 23, 12 2:03 PM
I love all three of the Turbo games! Difficult at times, but not impossible! The only thing I don't like is that you can't go back and change the upgrades you chose when replaying a level.
 posted in Fishing Craze on May 7, 12 11:06 PM
I enjoyed the trial of this, but I'm not sure there's enough to it to be worth buying. Old games should always be on sale for $2.99.
 posted in Miriel The Magical Merchant on May 3, 12 11:58 PM
Love this game! Very glad I bought it! Not extremely difficult as you go, so it stays fun! I'm happy anytime a good time management game comes out!
 posted in Chicken Rush on Apr 15, 12 6:36 AM
Wondering if anyone has gotten past level 12 playing in timed mode! That's the highest level I've made it to.
 posted in Zombie Bowl-O-Rama on Mar 30, 12 6:18 PM
Best bowling game ever! I love the theme!
 posted in Chicken Rush on Mar 27, 12 9:39 PM
I am really hoping to see a Chicken Rush 2, soon! Please!!
 posted in Chicken Rush on Mar 27, 12 12:11 AM
I can't believe more people haven't commented on how great this game is! So fun!! Especially at the end, when you fight the chef!
 posted in Chicken Rush on Mar 27, 12 12:09 AM
I have the same problem! It's weird. Still LOVE this game!
 posted in Chicken Rush on Mar 23, 12 7:22 PM
I love this game! Difficult, but fun!
 posted in Mystic Inn™ on Mar 23, 12 6:00 PM
I think this is a cute game, not much to it, but if repeating moves quickly is your thing, you'll love it!
 posted in Spooky Mall on Mar 20, 12 5:50 PM
Fix the game already!!! Refunds or free games should be given to anyone who bought this game!
 posted in Spooky Mall on Mar 18, 12 11:01 PM
DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!! WAY too many glitches, and they don't seem to be fixing them!!!
 posted in Spooky Mall on Mar 18, 12 10:26 PM
The help pages were no help. I uninstalled this game, and reinstalled it, and it still gets stuck on level 17 with a person with a question at the bread stand!!!!! I want my money back! This is ridiculous!
 posted in Spooky Mall on Mar 18, 12 8:57 PM
GLITCHY GAME!!! I am so bummed that I bought it before reading the reviews! I love that it is a cool new time management game, and fun, but not too fun when the glitches keep you from being able to play! Hope they fix this!
 posted in Alice's Tea Cup Madness on Mar 7, 12 11:00 PM
Level 60, and 64 are the only ones I haven't gotten expert on yet, and this is my second time around, with a lot of time in between!
 posted in Alice's Tea Cup Madness on Mar 7, 12 10:50 PM
I love this game! Bought it when it came out, and just replayed the whole game again! The hidden object levels are pretty easy, but I'm okay with that< since it's a TM game! The catching food with the plate, I found to be fun!
The first time I played the whole game through, there was about four levels I had a hard time getting expert on, and I played those levels MANY times over until I did get expert!
This time playing the whole game, there are only two levels I didn't get expert on so far, and still had to play a few levels a few times over! I think it has a lot to do with the upgrades you choose, and in what order. So, for those of you that think it's too simple, I assume you only played the trial!
LOVE the graphics, and storyline too! Hope they make more games like this!! Not insanely hectic, or hard, but amusing, and a little challenging!
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