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 posted in Christmas Stories: A Little Prince Collector's Edition on Dec 11, 17 1:44 AM

I'm down to the last star sign. I cannot find Scorpio - any hints?
I understand I need to sign in to something to play the Bonus game. Would someone please explain where to find that "something".
I can't access the bonus game. (I don't think I've already played and forgotten!)
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 27, 17 2:53 PM
nikkimm wrote:My game is back up and running!!!! I simply changed the resolution of my computer to a lower setting, started the game, and then changed my resolution back to what it was prior. All is good and I am on the same level I was when the game quit working! It took about a week but glad I am able to play again!

Please accept thanks of an infinite number!! It's simply wonderful to have the game back where it was.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 22, 17 9:59 PM

It seems the return of the game is far from trouble-free.

What did you do to get it back? I'm hoping to avoid any losses of progress and items so I'm waiting for a proper fix.

Best of wishes that you get everything back.
 posted in Christmas Stories: The Gift of the Magi on Dec 23, 16 9:37 PM
The Magi have certainly not gifted me. I was so enjoying helping the tailor and am disappointed to have all progress lost. Even the message telling me I'd have to start again seemed lacking in Christmas spirit.
 posted in Jewel Match Royale Collector's Edition on Dec 10, 16 8:37 PM

Ashm00r, your link worked perfectly and the video was superb.

I was so obsessed with Level 117 that "thank you" seems inadequate. I'm enormously grateful.
 posted in Jewel Match Royale Collector's Edition on Dec 9, 16 11:28 PM
Countless hours spent on this level. Studied Walkthrough till eyes glazed over. Any help much appreciated.
 posted in Wanderland on Dec 30, 14 10:34 PM

I'm done, too.

There's something very disquieting about this game. I don't like feeling that I'm being exploited. I also find the failure of the developers to rein in some of the costs to players very disappointing.
 posted in Violett on Apr 26, 14 6:05 PM
Thanks, Nana6177. I thought I needed to render the gnome completely toothless, then found I had already removed sufficient teeth. A blessing, really, I doubt I had the stamina for more tinkering with the towers.

You are so right about the frustration, but I do love this game.
 posted in Violett on Apr 25, 14 10:58 PM
I'm stuck with part of that gnome's teeth. I cannot adjust the towers to get the cannon ball loaded so I can remove the remainder of the teeth. If someone knows how the towers should be arranged I'm hopeful my fingers my fingers will heal, in time.

I've had Error Code 5. I can't see any instructions relevant to that Code.
 posted in Shiver: Moonlit Grove Collector's Edition on May 24, 13 4:38 AM

Mitt has gone!

I needed a little attention to the bottom left hand side and whilst that silver isn't gleaming, it sufficed.
 posted in Shiver: Moonlit Grove Collector's Edition on May 24, 13 2:13 AM

I believe my kitchen mitt is "not of merchantable quality". I've tried countless times, using every possible movement, but the wretched thing will not disappear.

Any further hints?

I wanted to trial this game. It took an age to download and then reported "Trial Expired".
 posted in Pahelika: Revelations on Mar 10, 12 2:47 AM
I started over but couldn't summon the will to continue. I decided on one last try with my original profile.

The result was quite extraordinary; almost immediately I got the ball down from the top of the maze to its starting position and then through to the end. The wallop I then gave the machine was most satisfying.

So, no piercing and I can, hopefully, now finish the game.

 posted in Pahelika: Revelations on Mar 9, 12 11:45 AM
Thank you, hazelize.

I'm mulling over the choice - start over or piercing.
 posted in Pahelika: Revelations on Mar 9, 12 3:27 AM
I've also stranded the ball at the top. I've tried every move my fingers can muster to get it to move, without success.

I'm hoping there is a solution.

(On balance, I'd rather have my tongue pierced than start this particular game over.)

 posted in Syberia - Part 1 on Feb 28, 12 9:40 PM
Both Syberia and Syberia II are excellent games, but few gamers would choose to play, and pay, for them on a piecemeal basis.

It may, indeed, be, that it's the company that currently owns the Syberia games that's responsible for this blatant chicanery. However, I'm disappointed that BFG has allowed itself to be in apparent support.

I, for one, expected better.

G'day Jachern. How did you manage to get the game to work? I'm having no success.

Thanks in advance.
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