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 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Bitter Frost Collector's Edition on Jan 19, 15 2:58 PM
Never mind. I did it somehow. This is definitely a weakness of this game. They should let you skip it.
 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Bitter Frost Collector's Edition on Jan 18, 15 1:58 PM
Help. What is the trick to combining the two scissor halves into one whole one?
I have an iPad 2 and found out the App Store just released a new version that fixed the crash at the compass loading point. You can now leave the game and return to continue your game play with all progress saved. Game now works normally. March 21, 2014.
The disable wifi fix does work. Verify you have I indeed turned it off. I disabled it on my IPad 2 only to see the slider bounce back to on. Allow enough time for the change to take effect. I disabled wifi and still got kicked out at the load compass point. I waited a minute and tried to play again. The second time I got past the load point and proceeded to play where I had last saved the game.
Disabling wifi does fix the load problem. The times it doesn't work, I found my iPad was still set on wifi after I had thought had disabled it. I have played then entire game plus the bonus game several times with no disruption. So please recheck your wifi setting if you get kicked out of the game.
My take? Better than the first Fate game. Because in the first Fate game, you could not skip a puzzle. This meant for me I could never finish the game. I am still playing this game, but enjoying it and advancing.
 posted in Roads of Rome II on May 20, 13 5:32 AM
I normally don't like TM games but I love this game. It does require strategy to get a good score so it isn't about fast clicking. I get a kick out of the gathering of resources part - food, stone, gold. The finale at the end of each game where the entire team applaud you is very satisfying.
Love this game. One of the kids reminds me of the girl in the first redemption cemetery stuck in the burning house. Have no problems with game.
When I try to purchase this game my game credit is not being used on my cart. Help!
 posted in Adventure Chronicles: The Search for Lost Treasure on Feb 22, 12 5:08 AM
Running this on my iPhone. This is a challenging game and I look forward to enjoying it more the second time through. Items at the bottom of the screen are hard to click on.
 posted in House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets on Feb 10, 12 6:55 AM
I have the Se version and love playing this game. The MO are a bonus. I can play this game over and over again!
 posted in House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets on Jan 27, 12 10:56 AM
I am in the middle of playing the SE version and really enjoying this game. Sure do need a good memory with all of the places you can walk to. With the skip option this is a very playable game. Nothing worse than a game that won't let you advance so you can try the entire game.
I played the trial version and had plenty of time to mull this over. I bought the CE version. I like a lot of the little things in the game, like the Madame Fate bobble head on the dashboard, the well, and other references to previous Ravenhearst episodes. Look forward to enjoying the rich tapestry of this game.
Can you skip difficult puzzles? For me this is an important factor to consider in buying a game.
Well I did not enjoy the timed early MCFs with no option to disable the timer, like Madame Fate. No my idea of a relaxing game.
And I thought the MCF refrigerators were pretty disgusting. How can I pass up this game?
I tried the trial version and it seems to work ok on my laptop. I am appreciate all the comments and reviews since I rely on them to help me decide to purchase or not. Remember all the buzz over MCF:13th Skull last year? I could always wait for the SE version, which I did for 13th Skull. Think I will play it again to gain some perspective.

I loaded the trial version. Cursor seems kind of slow and jerky in spots. I am stuck with the standard pause message on my screen and no way to get rid of it. I can still play the game but it's like a bad pimple on my screen.

Bringing up game today to continue trial period. I just hope I have no compatibility issues running the game on my Dell Inspiron laptop. Cuz I can tell I will be forced to buy the game. Plan on using 2 credits that have been sitting around for a while. It's almost like Karma that MCF came along recently. BRB.

Update - the pause message problem disappeared when I opened to game to finish out my trial hour.
 posted in Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition on Nov 14, 11 7:29 AM
I am having a profile problem with this game. I have recently deleted and reinstalled this game numerous times. The game is stuck on the last profile. I cannot do any profile updates. I would like to create a new profile and start the game from the beginning. The profile function no longer works for me.

How can this game remember my last profile if I have uninstalled it using Game Manager and Windows Control Panel program uninstall?

I have played this game with 3 different profiles before but now experiencing this new problem.

I found the strategy guide for the iPhone version of this game. Click on the words 'Strategy Guide' in very small print right above the word Menu in the bottom left corner of the main screen.

You get walkthrough for two novellas and the bonus game.

I feel so great finding this out. It was like solving a game mystery!

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