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 posted in Bush Whacker 2 - Free to Play on Apr 23, 13 9:00 PM
Thanks to you both.
 posted in Bush Whacker 2 - Free to Play on Apr 21, 13 3:35 PM
I was just wondering if I am the only one playing this game?

I like the game but was hoping if anyone knew how to get the dollars without having to buy them as I'm unemployed and can't afford to spend money that way.
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Aug 9, 11 9:00 PM
I was just curious about if I was the only one that likes the Zombie music video. I think it's cute and so is the song.

 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Aug 9, 11 8:51 PM
autumn_leaf wrote:If you go to your sunflower area....enter in and when you flip down to see your bottom achievements.....Use your arrow's pretty cool what the other half of the zombie world looks like....check it out!!!

And if you see what I mean......pass it on!

So cool....anyone else know this...? Or am I the last to know?

It's okay I usually am!!!

You can also use your scroll wheel if you have one. That's how I discovered it.
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Aug 9, 11 8:46 PM
Hi Gillp Welcome to the Pond.

You have just keep playing the game. You until you're near the end of the first run though then it's only a couple of pretty flowers. Then you start getting plants once you have your silver sunflower trophy you just play though time and time again until you have them all.

I think you only get water plants on water levels and night plants on night levels.

I hope that this helps you Gillp.
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Jul 2, 11 1:55 PM
1) I would rate it a 10. Very addictive is right.

2) Favorite plant is the garlic. I just love what it does to the Zombies. Then Doom-Shroom and then Cherry Bombs and Jalapeno.

3) Jack in the Box Zombie because they kind of remind me of Autumn.

5) The night level without fog. Because I love the shrooms and the big black Doom-Shroom which completely destroys everything.

6) I would but I don't know anyone that plays computer games. But I did recommend that FlatSlewFoot get it.
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Jul 1, 11 7:33 PM
I've seen the bugger a couple of times. It's just a big hairy white Zombie.
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Jul 1, 11 7:09 PM
autumn_leaf wrote:I cannot get either one of these to go past two or three levels before I am thoroughly trounced ......vasebreaker.....I tend to get one stupid zombie that gets past me....

And the other I tend to run outta sun before plants!

Got any tips......(or grandchildren or children who can come over and beat these levels for me)

Cause I am trying to get the 10 and fifteen and 20 levels trophies and it's just no happening unless there is a zombie miracle......

Thank you so much for any help/advice!!!

I've gotten to level 6 on the Zombie endless but the vase breaker is harder.

All I can say is to use the things that us the least amount of sun and don't forget about those repelling plants because those things repel the bungie zombies and I have waisted I don't know how much sun on those things with those plants in place. And also get the magnet plants as quickly as you can. But partly it depends on what you get when you start. Sometimes you get a lot of sun and other times not so much.
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Jul 1, 11 7:04 PM
I don't know what you are talking about Autumn. As far as I know all the Zombies are already green. Silly Fishie you.
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Jun 12, 11 12:15 PM
I don't know if you actually helped but I did manage to win Wack a Zombie any how. Near the end I lost all of my lawn mowers which I think actually helped because when the final wave hit there wasn't that many zombies left to go and I was able to get them all quickly.
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Jun 11, 11 11:18 PM
autumn_leaf wrote:Sorry.....took me like 60 tries to finally do it.....just finished it and I am like....

YEAAAAAAAAY! I want to get all the trophies and finally got one step closer......


(And In case your wondering how I did it...SPOILER, highlight below....I got those tombstone eaters busy as I could......narrowed the field down to where I had just two lanes and had my cursor at the lane as they pass through......and then played like a hundred million times to FINALLY pass.......thought I never would, but I did......and use those frozen shroooms when the zombies are coming on strong to grab some time to eat tombstones and whack zombies.......and then hope for the random game where it all plays into your hands.......sorry.....I already looked for hints and this was the only thing that worked for me)

Thanks for the info. I had given up on Wack a Zombie.
 posted in My Tribe on May 21, 11 1:46 PM
Has any one noticed that it sometimes seems like all you do after awhile is Keep your people from dying?

 posted in My Tribe on May 21, 11 1:36 PM
Hello Ruby,

I don't know how long you have been playing the game.

If they haven't gone to change themselves try dropping them on the clothing building.

As for the fire you need wood to keep it burning and you need to click on trees and then check mark the trees to have them harvested. That is the only way I know to keep the fire going. You can drop stars on the wood blanket to resupply quickly.

Other than that I can't help you. If it is a technical problem with the game try the tech forum. Just click on the Forums Home tab at the top. It's the third one on the page.

I hope that this helps you.
 posted in My Tribe on May 18, 11 6:34 PM
I just discovered something new to compare with the two versions and that is in both versions if you have twins as the last birth then you get an extra person. In the facebook version that means 31 instead of 30 and in the Download version it means 51 instead of 50. Just out of curiosity I dosed by female just as they were going to call the stork and she had twins and when I looked on the map it said I had 51 people.
 posted in My Tribe on Apr 26, 11 3:19 PM
I am not sure where to start. After I started to play 2 different games at the same time I started a third game. But I have found that I was having to use soo much time in playing the three games that I have decided to just play one.

I had a catastrophe on Sunday. I had started one of my tribes building the Celestial Tower. I had also had my second one start it earlier and all seemed to be going well. It was my Ramped up group and they seem to be handling it well. I had also clicked loads of trees for them to cut and every time I went into that game I would drop stars on all of the trees that were chopped down past their green top. For some reason I didn't have enough big trees in my Relaxed game on the island and I hadn't clicked very many of the smallest trees. That was Sunday Morning, around 11.

I went on Sunday preparing the Easter pizzas with my mom and cleaning up and other such stuff. Then guests arrived (see Autumn and Shadow's House thread for the day's details) and we had a very nice day and then when everyone left I did up the few dishes we had because we had used paper plates.

I came back about 6 pm and went into the Relaxed game I was playing and was met by a bunch of tombstones around the fire area. Then I clicked on one and it said starved as the cause of death then I saw that both the rock and wood totals were Zero. I could not believe my eyes at first. 40 some people just dead. My own fault. But it made me realize that I didn't want to spread myself so thin so I deleted all three games and started a new single game. I had had to start over with my Relaxed game any how so I just decided last night that I didn't want to play like that any more.

So that is where it stands now. I have been writing this and collecting stars and moons while I type this. I can do that when I only have one game to play. And now it really is relaxed even though I plan to ramp everyone up and then I will change them all to look a like which is what I was trying to do in my 3rd game. So wish me luck and I hope that you have as much fun reading this and I have had writing it and feel free to comment or add your own experiences with My Tribe.
 posted in My Tribe on Apr 26, 11 2:52 PM
Well I just thought that even though almost no one has commented on this thread that I would add another comparison between the two versions. This actually cost me the lives of one of the games I had going.

In the Facebook version all of the trees and rocks are usable. If you want to save a tree (I like the ones and are curvy) you can check them and they won't be harvested. In the Download version it is just the opposite. You have to click the trees and rocks in order for the tribe to know to chop them down or chip them up. That is how I lost my whole tribe on one of the 3 games I had going. I will speak more about this in my Blog thread.
 posted in My Tribe on Apr 19, 11 3:20 PM
This for me was the strangest thing yet. I dropped Alex on Tiffany who was doing science and then Alex almost flew over to a hut and walked into the hut but the door stayed open as Tiffany made her way to a different hut. Once she was inside the second hut both doors closed at once then opened and the baby came out with Tiffany.
 posted in My Tribe on Apr 18, 11 12:26 PM
I have discovered that each player or game that you play has its own statuses. For instance one game I am playing has only 1 mystery solved and when I bring up the map that is all it shows even though I have 3 mysteries solved in the other game I am playing.

I had someone starve to death. On my live and let live game I am playing I had 1 woman that had a 12 mental and 13 physical and she couldn't even fish well enough to keep the tribe from starving. She starved to death but the others I managed to save. My science points were almost high enough to make a farm so I threw moon dust and stardust on the science station until I could make a farm then I had all of the adults farm until they had enough to eat then I dispersed them to the various jobs.

Then there was the housing debacle. I had destroyed all of the housing and then set new ones because I wanted them to have the pretty green roofs because they all had the flat roofs at the time. Bad move because they had no place to sleep and since they are not ramped up to the top yet they take time to do things so when I went back later they still didn't have housing and they were all exhausted making them practically useless. But I dusted all of the houses and made a couple more and they all got sleep and are now ok.

Currently I have only 1 person that is 65 on an island that does not have the fountain and will never get enough construction points in time to make both the ship yard and arc in time for her to live so I am looking at 1 or more people dying in the next couple of days. Those are the ones in my Ramping Up game. The Live and Let Live game still has time and a fountain I just hope that they get the science points they need as I am not getting very many moons or stars at this point.

Well that is about it for now.
 posted in My Tribe on Apr 18, 11 11:37 AM
In a lot of ways the Download version is more difficult. But I like it better than the Facebook version because I don't have to rely on friends for things. My friends never played on the Facebook version so the only ways I had to get feathers was to wait and let them build up over time or I could buy them with pearls again I would have to wait because I don't have the money to buy my way through the game and there are also other things that you need to have friends. Some of the awards and mysteries were reliant on having friends. I have friends but they all play Farm Ville.
 posted in My Tribe on Apr 16, 11 1:13 PM
I have decided to make this into a Blog about my experiences with My Tribe Download version.

I don't know if any one has done this before or not but I discovered that you can run more than one game on the Download version of My Tribe so I was playing with it making new players to see how many and then I went to delete them and I deleted the last one but I didn't notice that it had then highlighted the top one which was Player 1 as set by the game and without looking I deleted Player 1. I had deleted my new Player 2 which I had just started also by accident and didn't realize until all it said was new player new player new player. Then I realized I had deleted my whole 40 some people I had worried over trying to keep them alive.

After that I kind of mourned my people for a minute I started over with two new games:
1 Game I am playing a hard core ramp up their stats as quickly as possible and the other is kind of a live and let live make them some what smart and some what strong at least enough to live. Right now I have one that is 13 strength and 11 mental.

Any how when I started my new game I went into the map to decide where to put huts and found that all my accumulated everything was gone. No trophies, no 4 pairs of twins, no solved mysteries no nothing except for what I had from playing since I started the new games.

So not only am I starting a new game but I am starting completely over. Totally completely over. No stats of any kind. And you know what. I already have my Tiffany back but stupid...............I mean Robert I will have to find. He was a 15 mental but the stupid weakling I have now is a woman so I might be able to make a Robert but then again Robert wasn't stupid any more. LOL

It's weird how some of them just get to you.
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