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Hespera wrote:Like I've said for the past few years...why keep referring to these games as "Mystery Case Files" ?

Please, please, please, retire the 'Mystery Case Files' franchise name. By doing so, you will stop the delusion the current game makers create using the franchise name and the fraud, deceipt and disappointment the gamers encounter when they buy the game based on the franchise name.

This game is NOT to the STANDARDS of a Mystery Case Files game.

Exactly my feelings
 posted in Nonograms: Malcolm and the Magnificent Pie on Nov 3, 17 9:27 AM
I was finally contacted by the devs. They have handed over the fix to the publishers today, so help is on the way
 posted in Nonograms: Malcolm and the Magnificent Pie on Oct 25, 17 6:23 AM
I'm nowadays member on "the other site" and I had the same problem. I even wrote to the devs with no answer

I finally got this solution to work But you have to be persistent, sometimes it worked and sometimes not... The final try was with the second 2 in the upper row.
I wrote down in which order they were and then keep trying to get it to work again.
I think I tried at least 10 times...
 posted in Free the Witch on Jun 17, 16 10:41 AM
silver_hawk, many thanks That did it!!! I thought that I had tried every solution...
plat1098 wrote:I kind of wandered in here looking for reassurance that I wasn't being obtuse with respect to this game, but wasn't finding any. OK, well I confess, I found this game sort of difficult to connect with from the get-go. Player settings were the usual "custom" and mainly with fast hint and skip, so what was it? Could not get into this one, and found myself using the hint and skip buttons way too frequently before giving up out of sheer boredom.

Graphics were OK. The map indicated that you could transport to a location where there was something supposedly to do but for some reason that action didn't work for me. Story line was yet another variation of "save the mystical wizard before he is wrongfully executed" type thing. Just wasn't into it.

Many thanks for this excellent game! It was an immediate buy for me. As always I really like the graphics and the VO:s. I loved the music!
I have an HP laptop with Windows 10 and the only time I experienced a black screeen was between the first and second chapter (and only for a few seconds).
 posted in Dracula's Legacy on Aug 11, 15 7:50 AM
Big Warning!!!!

BD Studios is a fraud site!!!!!!
I have Windows 10 too, and the computer is brand new (only 3 days ago!) with i7. The game starts and as soon as I´m trying to do anything: black screen! and restarting
 posted in Maze: Subject 360 Collector's Edition on Aug 6, 15 7:44 AM
I agree with you! The irritating popping up of the journal stopped me from buying the game. It was too annoying and a real atmosphere breaker, having to close it every second!
 posted in Beyond: Light Advent Collector's Edition on Jul 26, 15 7:43 AM
I agree, he looked exactly as Jensen (who I actually have met in real life )
 posted in Clover Tale: The Magic Valley on Dec 31, 14 3:32 AM
angelfish106 wrote:
bfgFlounder wrote:Who doesn't like Match-3 games?

I don't!

Well you did ask

 posted in Farm Up on Sep 16, 14 9:51 AM
mellowfuzz, many thanks for the answer
 posted in Farm Up on Sep 16, 14 8:18 AM
Has anyone else got the same problem? I´m on level 55 and after the latest update I got tons of quests (even on the map) but after I´ve finished those I haven´t got any new ones at all. I haven´t got a new quest for over a week!
 posted in Whispered Legends: Tales of Middleport on Jun 11, 14 7:53 AM
I experienced the same problem when I was playing this on another site. When I started the game under a new name, there where no technical problems at all
 posted in Punished Talents: Seven Muses Collector's Edition on Nov 24, 13 11:06 AM
I must say that this is my favourite of your games (and I have them all) !!!
I liked the little rough graphics and just loved the music!
The puzzles were the right difficulty for me and the HO-scenes were fun.

I liked the story and the settings.

Many Thanks for this wonderful game which got up on my Top 5 list ever
 posted in Into the Haze on Sep 25, 13 5:23 AM
I have the same problem with the sound .Scratchy and squeaking, I couldn´t even finish the demo.
Regarding mute button:that takes away all the fun.
 posted in Fairway Solitaire: Tee to Play on Jun 4, 13 10:33 AM
It didn´t open in fullscreen for me.

The cut-scenes were fun to watch and I liked the voice-overs and the music.
The background sounds, which I ususally likes, were way to high

I bought (with Gb) the X-ray glasses and it was very distracting that the next card flashed constantly, instead of being seen when hoovering over it with the mouse. I didn´t like that at all !

The courses were fun, it seems to be better than Fairway but I don´t like "Free To Play Games", I rather pay for them.
 posted in Small Town Terrors: Pilgrim's Hook Collector's Edition on Apr 13, 13 3:48 AM
Thank you LovetoMissLisa!

That solved my problem
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart on Mar 15, 13 9:46 AM
I didn´t like it either.
I have the two previous ones and liked them very much,but this one

I have tried it several times (on different computers) because I wanted to like it but...

My advice is : No buy.
 posted in Seven Seas Solitaire on Feb 27, 13 10:23 AM
Give us an update,please

It´s so irritating to have achieved the objects and the next hand be thrown back several thousands...
I´ve been OK by the black screen and pressed ctrl+alt+del, exit it and just restart and continue to play. But now I had enough, today I had reached the goal at the sixth level and suddenly when I reach the eighth level I lost over 5000 points!!! At level nine I reached the goal again and when I had played the tenth level I had lost again
Thank God for the replay button...
I just continued to replay until I reached the goal for the third time!
Now I´m going to uninstall and waiting for the fix...
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