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 posted in The Far Kingdoms: Forgotten Relics on Jan 1, 18 8:37 PM
I got as far as level 69 then everything stopped. Then it showed me all the levels I had done. I had to get 3 stars on every level or I couldn't progress. Boosters came on and flashed off straight away so I was never able to use them. I will be onto Big Fish now I know there are 150 levels and I only got 69 of them. The game was sold before enough testing was done on it.
 posted in Grandpa's Table on Dec 4, 17 12:11 AM
After doing the 24 blocks and stars in the youth book will there be some different games. I have enjoyed it so far but don't want to buy the game if it is all stars and blocks ahead. Be nice if there are different games.
 posted in Holiday Solitaire Easter on Sep 18, 15 6:23 PM
Good game except for one thing that really bugs me. When I stop playing or just go and look at the levels, I get the level I am playing marked as finished.
I mean like this:

I finish a level with a good or perfect score. Then I find it is time to knock off so I close the game. Next time I play I find the level I was going to play next has been closed and my score on it is nil.

This means I have to play the whole scene again because in the professional part you cannot play just one level again.

Is there a way of closing the game without this happening? It is like blackmail, forcing me to keep on playing when I don't want to.
 posted in Avalon Legends Solitaire 2 on Aug 20, 15 2:49 AM
What are power ups? How will I use them?? Where are they? What does Merlins Tower have to do with Power ups?
Can someone help please.
 posted in Avalon Legends Solitaire 2 on Aug 20, 15 2:21 AM
I have completed the game twice and not known many rules. I have never seen a power up and have no idea what is or what it does.
However, I can answer your query. The little square pictures along the bottom of the screen tell you what you are asking about. Left click on one of them and read what is required to use it. They are all different. It tells you how much money you need, how much food and how much building material. You can click on the icon in the top right hand corner of the screen and jiggle your assets around. I didn't discover any of this till I was in the second half of the game for the second time round.
tourist 88
I am in the alligators nest and have the 13 skulls and no idea how to place them on the right pedestals. I have searched and searched through my journals and really do not have the parchment showing how to put the skulls in the right place. Can someone tell me where I go to find this parchment please.
I have been working on the dates in the coffin but when I pull the lever nothing happens. Maybe I already did that, can't remember. It is 5 months since I got stuck in the game and put it on the back burner.
I set my traps 2 hours ago and not caught a rat yet. I put the cheese on the first trap and then the 2 remaining cheeses jumped on the two remaining traps before I could do it, so I put them by the holes and waited and waited and waited and am still waiting. I am waiting in the pantry. Should I be doing something to pass the time????
gnewburn wrote:How long does it take for the traps to spring? Have already waited 10 min!
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