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 posted in Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light Collector's Edition on Feb 27, 18 2:09 AM
I blame the wrong kind of snow
 posted in Haunted Legends: Faulty Creatures on Jan 1, 17 10:27 AM
By buying the collector's edition
Er, not to boast, but up here in L'pool it took precisely 10 minutes to download and install. So don't know what your irritating problem can be Tiger, but slow server it ain't. All I can say is hope you don't have to wait too long to enjoy what sounds to be a really good game. Now, do I treat myself before or after the washing up?
 posted in Riddles of Fate: Memento Mori Collector's Edition on Oct 16, 14 7:58 AM
I'm running XP and had the slo-mo problem on start up. However, got a warning message saying the game might run slowly and would I like to turn off special effects, which I did. It sort of helped; well at least it was playable, but there were far too many 'sticky' moments for comfort.
 posted in Viking Saga: Epic Adventure on May 28, 14 2:00 AM
Me too, after all the site is run for my personal benefit isn't it? I'll post my decrees as soon as I've finished throwing my toys out of the cot
Thanks JTF.
Yes, seems like only yesterday when I caused a sensation by turning up at work in, shock, horror, a trouser suit. Makeup lessons, now there's a thing; never had those, but I'm a librarian and everyone knows that's spelled F.R.U.M.P. Ain't steriotyping wonderful?
Never been kept out of bars as such but I'm proud to say I always refused to have my beer served in a ladies glass. Our dainty hands apparently being unable to cope with anything without a stem.
Yes, I did enjoy the game, rats and all, definitely another one for my buy list.
Oh, and thanks for your always excellent reviews.
Flowers? Chocolates? Yes, I'll vote for that. Plus it being his turn to drive tonight so I can have a glass of wine in the theatre interval if I feel like one.
Strength and equality is what it's about. Though, hang on, maybe that means gender equal gifts, so I may have to settle for a bottle of a decent red - which I'll share - naturally.
Seriously now, it's a good day to think about all the underprivileged, undervalued women of the world and what we can do to make a difference for them.
 posted in Mysterium: Lake Bliss Collector's Edition on Dec 21, 13 4:09 AM
Tried twice, failed twice, same error messages as everyone else; is this technology's way of telling me to get out more?
Oh, and about the site bumping people out, it's been doing this to me for a couple of weeks when I use IE, no problem with Chrome or Firefox. Spooky.
 posted in Lost in Reefs 2 on Sep 4, 13 3:28 AM
MEnr56 wrote:

I downloaded this game just fine BUT when I opened it up all I got was colored lines and then during the dialogue, a screen of green and after the completed dialogue, a string of colored lines again.


Same here, and really the standard advice about updating drivers and software simply will not do. This is the fourth match three game in recent weeks which hasn't run on my system and those of many others; we can't all have video related problems which mysteriously affect only one genre while letting us run large file games and other data heavy applications without trouble, as I have done.
And, oh yes, two games (Asian Riddles and The Snow) are available on other sites and have been completely trouble free when downloaded from them, a smoking gun which strongly suggests the problem is at the BF end. Wonder if the same will happen with this one and Imperial Island when they are released elsewhere. Ho hum...
Ditto. Also 'Hear, hear'
 posted in Enigma Agency: The Case of Shadows Collector's Edition on Apr 27, 13 1:55 PM
Now 9.45 BST and my download of the demo hs crept up to a whole 93%, in a mere eight hours. Impressive or what? Still, while waiting, I've arranged a holiday, done two loads of laundry and cooked and consumed a three course meal. So it's not wasted time really.
 posted in Enigma Agency: The Case of Shadows Collector's Edition on Apr 27, 13 7:49 AM
bfgBaikal wrote:Hi Fishies,

It is worth noting that some games are larger than others and more importantly, that slow downloads can occur if you are among the first in your region to install the game.

The first time a game is installed using a specific server, that server needs to 'setup' the download if you will, which can add some time to the process. Once a game have passed through a server, it will be quicker to download thereafter so download speed should pick up over the course of the day.

We are continuing to look into ways we can improve this experience for you and also, actively looking to address any other issues so your continued co-operation in contacting Support about this with as much info as you can, is very much so appreciated.

Thank you,


So we in the UK (and, judging by posts, this is mainly a UK problem) have a server with learning difficulties. Is that what you're saying? So the answer is simple, upgrade the expletive deleted thing
Well, I'm glad it's not just me. I started at about 14.30 BST and it is finally ready to play five hours later. Certainly not my connection which is fibre optic and running at 58 Mbps, so I thought it might be my rather elderly pc and, when the download had crept up to 75%, decided I'd see if things were any better on my partner's newer, faster machine. Very odd - it raced up to exactly the same point and then went into arthritic snail in treacle mode in the same way. Bizarre.
So here I go, five hours frustration and one hour of what I hope will be fun. Bit like life really.
Incidentally, I now notice that everyone in the UK who had problems finally got their download completed at around the same time, whenever they started. Curiouser and curiouser. Send for C. August Dupin
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