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 posted in Hero of the Kingdom on Jul 13, 14 6:57 AM
A sequel? Yay can't wait! I reinstalled this yesterday and started playing it. I really do like this game so looking forward to the sequel!
 posted in Gourmet Chef Challenge: Around the World on Jun 18, 14 5:41 PM
Sweetcoakley - thankyou yes it does make sense, although I uninstalled the game now so can't go back. Did you manage to complete the level you were stuck on?!
 posted in Gourmet Chef Challenge: Around the World on Jun 17, 14 4:10 PM
I'd love to help but I couldn't even work out how to get to any of the second trials! I definitely did all the first ones as I kept clicking on them to see if I'd missed any...
 posted in Gourmet Chef Challenge: Around the World on Jun 17, 14 7:06 AM
I too am glad I didn't buy it as I thought that it would be fun ala GGG etc. I couldn't ever get all the hidden objects within the top score, and once I had completed the first 'elimination round' and got all stars in each country, I couldn't do anything else!
Some of the mini games were just awful, such as clicking the burgers before they burnt and clicking the samosas before they disappeared. Not impressed!
 posted in Life Quest® 2: Metropoville on Apr 8, 12 4:01 PM
I'm having the same problems as a lot of people - I played the full demo, then purchased and reloaded it fine. Played for another hour then my laptop just turned off. Now I have tried reloading it - my saved game has gone and I get the crash after typing in my name. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it and nothing. Updating my graphics drivers now so will try that, but I don't get how it can work fine for so long then just stop working because it suddenly needs a graphics update?

ETA: The driver update did nothing. Going to try uninstalling, restarting my laptop and then installing again.
 posted in The Tiny Bang Story on May 16, 11 11:59 AM
I too am stuck on this and have probably now given up on the game altogether
 posted in Supermarket Mania ® 2 on Dec 14, 10 12:47 PM
missrachel2930 wrote:I played the 60-minute trial yesterday, bought the full version and then played it for about an hour or so and had no problems at all. Today when I went to play it, my game flashes several times like it wants to load but just goes back to my desktop. I have tried to load it through Game Manager and through my desktop icon and no luck. I have had this problem with several Big Fish games, but I always seem to be able to load the game through either Game Manager or the desktop icon. This time, neither way works. My laptop is about 7 months old and I am running Windows 7. Thanks!

I had this and get it quite frequently with games and I've found that the solution is to make sure you've closed all browser windows and try and close the BFG window aswell. This worked for me, so give it a go. Hope it works!
 posted in Supermarket Mania ® 2 on Dec 5, 10 8:37 AM
Running the game on Windows 7 also, and I've got 11 minutes left of the demo and I haven't even completed the tutorial levels, the game is so slow it is not enjoyable to play.
 posted in Fill Up 2 on Sep 4, 10 2:46 PM
I'm having this problem and am trying to find drivers in order to change the screen resolution, but as I see I'm not the only one, I won't bother. Hopefully they will see your thread and do something about it! Never had this problem with any other game.
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