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 posted in My Tribe on Sep 17, 10 3:38 AM
Zasah wrote:
andrewo1 wrote:plz add me as i need to level up faster

I'll add you because none of my mates will join and I can't do the quests in result.

One search is Vampgirl04 or Bethan Smith.

When you do add on the message what its for please

Please add me as I am having trouble adding friends at this stage. I am level 138 in the FB game and play every day. Tracey Marshall on FB.
 posted in My Tribe on Sep 17, 10 3:14 AM
Hello, I play both FB and Original My Tribe and the differences are very noticible. I have a question about the Original... I am at Level 3 with science and the tribees are still doiing science and the points are climbing, but there is nothing to use the points on. It is maxed out.. Is this as high as the Levels go? With the FB version, I am level 138 and loving it as it continues to grow... on the Original, it doesnt seem to go anywhere after you have solved all the mysteries..
 posted in My Tribe on Sep 5, 10 10:14 PM
Milia87 wrote:Hello. I am in love with this game and just started playing. Unfortunately none of my friends have any interests in playing so I was wondering if anyone would like to add me as a friend on facebook and on the game to play? Let me know

Hi. add me as a friend and then to My tribe on facebook. I play every day and I am lever127... Tracey Marshall.. send me a request please.. :-)
 posted in My Tribe on Sep 5, 10 10:10 PM
Hi, I have a question about aging... on my FB game, I drop a tribee onto the FOY and they are young again. I drop a tribee on the FOY in my private game, and it says the mystery has already been solved. Is there a way to make the tribees young again on my PC game? Thanks.. :-)
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