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7. Storyline Length: The story have 7 chapters and 94 pages,including the bonus gameplay. Nothing can catch the attention of gamers with this average storyline,you just need to neutralize 5 kinds of human experimentation, and find the bad-a** scientist who did this to them, and pay back for what he has done! for good! lol.. the opening,the interval and the ending cutscenes are nicely done graphically, but the voice-over are not done quite well. not horrible,just acceptable.

8. CE Contents: For me,the worthless content ever!, except the bonus adventure. The worthless contents are, replaying some of the mini-games. I said 'some' because even after you completed the bonus adventure, those mini-games in that bonus gameplay are not added to the collection.
- Lastly, the achievements. I really hate this type of extra content in CE, enough said. Besides, you already have the images of the medals for the achievements in SG,so why even bother to get them and waste your time even more?? not like you can sell the medal out from this game and make bucks,lol..the point is,the medals are not valued anything. Wallpapers/music tracks/videos are much much more better content.
- Now,on to the good part,the bonus adventure. Yup,this one is a little bit less worthless. Why? The length of this bonus game is incredibly long (34 pages)! But,the gameplay is nothing different than the standard one (**** scene & puzzles), and the storyline is somewhat confused,or it is just me? When the heck that agent using a portal and get stucked on an island near the noble statue area (the one with the boat where you got the net to use it against the wolf phantom), and try to repair back the damaged portal? What the???!!! Furthermore, the notes that are found in this bonus game are not quite clear. I still don't get it who's involved in this bonus game. Dagon or Orvus,or a totally new behind-the-scene person.
- The ending for this bonus adventure revealed,that there is more towards this anomalies than the hospital alone. maybe we can expect a continuous game for this series? just wait for it fishies

Overall,this game ain't bad at all. But,with the poor content of CE,except more length in gameplay + harder navigation of SG + quite repetitive and short music,this game shows the weakness by itself. However, the good parts are we can see the unique hint made available + good progressing in storyline + good details of locations, this game is nothing more than just 'average joe'. Grade:B
roxas87 review

1. Option: the wide screen and custom cursor can be turn on/off.

2. Gameplay: 2 mode(regular/advanced) h-0 scene are normal (not too easy nor too hard), puzzles are somewhat stereotypes at times,but the puzzles are really related to the background scene,and added in-depth atmosphere to your solving-mystery case.
- Hints in h-0 scene is charging quite slow,even in regular mode. However,the hint outside h-0 scene is quite unique. It show exactly what you need to do next with complete image that's suppose to happen. You just need to find the item needed,don't need to worry if you get stuck when, 'what am i supposed to do with this thingy??!'.

3. Gameplay Feature: Its notebook have 2 tabs,story and goals. story is more like journal and the fonts & images both are good. While the goals tab is keep to a minimal and simple,not cluttered like Gravely Silent one.
- It also has a 'Top Secret File',which you need to find and collect the files that are scattered throughout the game. Everytime you collected a file,a movie will play automatically,and you can replay this movies anytime you want.
- You also have the chance to collect postcards. These postcards are not worth anything,and i don't see it related to the game whatsoever. It just like a normal world war/oldies postcards image (tank,plane,etc.). Finally,the main focus is to collect 5 nexus tubes,which you will get it after you have neutralized those experimental human monsters.

4. Graphics: The environment is simply the best. The scene is not too dark nor too bright. There are always enough lighting on each scene/location,beautifully done. The theme is more towards psycho/mad scientist with their failed experiment human test subjects. However,nothing is too scary nor violence in this game. Just a feeling of someone being manipulated by a mad scientist.

5. Sounds: Average. Although the cutscene has voiced-over,but the musics that accompany to fill in the mood,is just average. Nothing great nor horrible.

6. Strategy Guide (SG): The SG is not located at the usual place in most games. you need to click Menu --> Strategy Guide. To add further misery, this SG is not in 'memory' mode, and no quick link to go back to the game (you need to go back 2x times,close the SG --> resume the game). Although, the fonts and screenshots both are acceptable to be able to read and understand.

*continue below*
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roxas87 review (if anyone looking forward to it)

Graphics: Excellent and nice to look at. however,the environments for this game is more like towards dark and undead theme. so,for those who don't like spiders,skulls,tombstones,coffins,bones and etc. may not suitable to play this game.

Sounds: The sounds are very suitable and very nice to hear.Feel in the mood with these awesome musics!

Hidden Object scene and Puzzle: hidden objects are quite challenging to find them,quick hint recharge (casual mode) and puzzles can be skip.

Quest Tasks: Can be too troublesome sometime. when you progress further into the game,the tasks will have a long list,it will troubled whoever buy the SE later,as it is not sorted by what you need to accomplish first (priority action).

Options: 2 difficulties (casual or challenge mode),has a widescreen and custom cursor option.

Strategy Guide: the illustrations,the fonts and the screenshot images are nice looking,easy to see and understandable respectively. the SG is easy to navigate,as it is in 'memory mode'.It is also has the 'back to game' link,which make the SG is easier to be open and return to the game immediately anytime.

Storyline: this game have 7 chapters including the bonus level (6 normal + 1 bonus).the usual solving-a-mystery storyline takes place in this game,but no voice-over at all,and all the cutscenes are very simple-made,especially the ending. told to be truth, i'm very disappointed with the horrible ending cutscenes after solving all those puzzles,finding hidden objects + a long game run to add to that!

Bonus Content: 10 wallpapers & concept arts,7 music tracks and 1 screensaver.All can be saved/set!

Overall: I think this game is a must have for every hidden objects/solving mystery gamers! the thumbs-up for this game are the long storyline,balance gameplay and musics that can come along very well to suit the mood when playing! A+
this process keeps repeating,until you match 3 of respective colored gems in any hole that have it (combined total of 3). after you M3 it,there will be a flying dolphin gem in the hole,where you M3-ed it (1 M3=1 dolphin gem). you will need to repeat this stuff,until there is no more gems left in the hole. then, you will level-up and keep repeating it.

it have imperial power mode,where you can M3 any of the gems regardless of holes, when you collecting enough magic power and reach max. magic bar. you collect the magic power by matching those gems. the time duration is 3 minutes,and everytime you level-up (cleared holes), it will add another 20 seconds. in conclusion,if you want this unique game at your disposal,you really need to buy the CE version.

ok,that's all for my CE spoiler. overall,the CE version of this game only stands up when you want to go deeper into the storyline (diary's cartridges), and playing ZEM game .

PS:for me,i'm gonna get that silver and gold trophy after finishing this post. i tell you! this ZEM game is very hard! for getting 4K and 10K scores. my best till now is only at 750+
alright..i already finished my CE version for this game,and the only left to play is to get the trophy for the specially exclusive, ZEM game..this thread will include some spoilers,and several reasons that may or may not valued $13.99 to buy this CE game for your money..

first thing off,the standard version (SE) will ended up the story as Anna will be crowned as the new Empress, with the last part/chapter in the game was in Pandora's Castle. at this point of game,the plot really changed and a little bit intense, as you uncovered the unclouded truth of your so-called friend, Jacob. and also the true identity of the Whale and the children you released earlier in the game will be revealed too. after this point of game,the collector's edition of this game takes part.

1. if you found diary's cartridges during your quest, there is a special equipment that somewhat played the cartridges, and reveal the past story of Pandora (Pandora's Diary). 8 cartridges can be played, and if you're a hardcore of this EOTD series, you may want to buy this CE for more in-depth storyline.

2. after that,you will receive 4 pandora's head, and need to back-track to every 4 seasons doors,where you need to put the head on the strange glyph you saw during your quest. after you finished,the door to another bonus gameplay is unlocked. here,you need to play 4 of 'matching small tiles into a larger frame' game, and 4 of HOG. the matching one didn't have much different than the one you played during your quest,and the HOG is no different either,which you need to find several treasures (VERY EASY,even a kid can do it) and gems in specific shapes among other shapes in the treasure box (quite hard,'cause the gems (tons of them) are in the same color and very sparkling.i must say it will disturb your eyes for those who are not used to sparkle/flashing thingy). for $13.99,this bonus gameplay is absolutely not worth it.

3. after you finished all 8 games,here comes the ZEM game! this unique bonus gameplay is much valued for $13.99. why?you can challenge yourself to get trophies (200 for bronze,4000 for silver and 10K for gold). the game is no ordinary M3 game. there are 8 holes where 4 different colored gems are placed (randomly) in a circle. then,you need to pick any hole,and distributed the gems in clockwise fashion until you have no more gems to distribute. *continue below*
I saw (TGT & screenshot images), i watched (preview video),i downloaded (demo), i waited (1 April for a new punch card), and finally i bought!! YAY ME!! i'm gonna love this game and will never uninstall it and play like crazy all days,months and maybe years too!

PS:some posts at the end of this thread (before me) not very liking about this game. well,for me,i love games that's easier,enjoyable and can play without much head-ache..why do you want such challenging game, are suppose to be fun and relaxing your mind for the money for CE,i have no comment..hehe..

EDIT: woot!! i have become jellyfish from this rank before was sea anemone
oh! so this is the developer's thread for this awesome game?? i should posted it here instead lol! anyway,great games and it is a must buy for me! great fantasy fiction theme for this CE! i'm tired of those spooky/creepy CE game. this one is different from the other! $13.99 for you willie

if you guys wanna read my comment,go here search it under my name of course

PS:yeah,i heard complaints about those flashing light in this forum,and it happen quite regularly in this game. for old-timers,you need sun glass when playing this game
OMG!!! I need to buy this game as a CE tomorrow!! i already finished my 1 hour trial and can't wait to go further into the game!! here's my reviews of the game,for $13.99!!

1. when you first dive in into this game,you should notice that this game have amazingly,super-special graphics on anywhere you go!. furthermore,the CE size is only almost 200 MB for such an excellent graphics!. in addition,the journal book and strategy guide book are very well illustrated!. the font of the journal book is a little bit small to read though. plus,this game doesn't have a custom cursor but, in replacement for all that lacking,you got voice-over all over the scene! it keeps you for not feeling lonely,although the voice-over is not so well,errrr...voiced-over (the dolphin in the prologue scene has a voice of a man that sounded like he talked from a radio communication)..

2. gameplay and word,very interesting and unique! the gameplay is mixed with several mini-games (puzzle), HOG and magic power! the game progress in relatively well-balance between these 3 gameplays. not so frequent of puzzle and HOG,nicely done! furthermore,this game has a little bit of adventure part in it,where you need to collect flying dolphin (i think) for your magic power, and (in this trial) collecting crystal shard to assemble it and restore the temple. in addition,everytime you entered a HOG, some scene on the background is not static,and it is animated instead! and everytime you click an object,there is a somewhat like confirmation sound to keep you from boredom. and after finishing it,you get like somekind of overview screen of important items for your quest. the same goes for puzzle games, where everytime you finished the puzzle,it have a cool special effects,and THAT'S are enjoyable to watch!

3. for innate features..the hint and skip button are recharging quite reasonably.and the objects in HOG are surprisingly much easier to find. the strategy book is somewhat not in 'remember' mood,means,let's say if you stop at page 9/18,close the book,and you open it again,it didn't come straight from where you left off,which is page 9.. in addition,if you zoom in the image,you just need to click the image again to zoom need for clicking an 'X' on the image ('cause it didn't have one). for storyline length,it have 9 different chapters/places.

overall,i'm gonna buy this baby tomorrow and this game is very well developed with fantasy fiction theme. HOT,worth $13.99 and A rating.
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hello like,it is time for me to choose another game to waste on for my gameclub credit,and i tried this game for a are my comments.

- the graphics and presentations of the game is splendid.although the storyline isn't that 'WOWZERS!' kind of stuff,but it's still ok..simple storyline to put on the line..
- another thing is,you can see the 'HELP' section and found out that it contains almost 10+ pages..i said,'WTH??a M3 game help section have so many pages??' honestly,i skipped through every pages and didn't care to look at it -->just click the 'PLAY' button to start playing
- about gameplay,everytime before you want to start playing a game,it has some sort of simple puzzle,which you need to assemble the pieces of the map (you can skip this thing if you want) and once the map been assembled,you can start play. and with that note,you need to find several map pieces in a level that MAY have the map..if you can't find the map pieces,you can't progress to next game..about finding the map,it's more like hidden object part,where you need to find it ON the level you play..
- there are several power-ups,bonuses,etc. in a 'workshop book' this 'book',there are 4 tabs available,help power-ups (hammer,etc.),in-game power-ups(when you match certain color of gears,a dynamite will appear),innate power-ups (hint,shuffle,etc.) and obtain this power-ups,you need to create it by gaining enough resources and appropriate skill..all these power-ups have very detailed information for it..the resources needed,the skill needed,what will be upgraded (amount,regeneration time,intensity,etc.)
- there is a special level called as 'complex level',where you can't use any of your power-ups (i think,'cause i didn't read the 'thick' help book).it is much more tougher than normal level and you will be rewarded with something great in amount for your accomplishment.i,e. treasures..
- initially,you will be playing a M3 game with row and line scrolling type..i finished my trial with another type available which is,the 'going in a straight line match-up' type.and sadly,there are mini-games which you can play,but i didn't found out what type of mini-games available within my trial time.
- overall,i want to buy this game,because it have many maps to find,skills to obtain,power-ups & bonuses to upgrade.this is a very detailed game in terms of gameplay,but lack in storyline department. B-
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Here is a review from me

nice & great musics
the storyline was kinda funny & humorous..but,a little bit lack in plot (don't have any interesting story,e.g.conflict,difficulty)
unique gameplay..why i said this?i saw a lot of people saying that this game is a crap,with that 'i can't get the key,i can' get the damn item' did has tutorial at early game,and it explain everything..just need to understand the concept,with destroying tiles like match 3 games,and rotating board..quite unique
it has a sense of 'adventure' this game,you control your hero from one place to another in a overhead-view-like map (like final fantasy tactic,PS)..every places have different functionality,e.g,bar(you can learn new skill,resting,and pay the owner of the bar for more info on your journey/games),items & equipments shop,town/village(you may have a small request from them),and simply just a place,e.g. bridge,to continue on with the storyline..

the integrity of its gameplay..the gameplay is unique,like i said earlier,but it is kinda order to destroy tiles,you need action point,AP..and if your AP reached 0,your hit point(HP) will be consume instead..the point is,this AP thing is based on your experience..the more experience(EXP),the more AP,the more move to destroy tiles you have..sadly,getting experience in this game is a lot of work,and very can only getting it by destroying monsters,which requires you to use AP..and,to destroy that monster,you need to plan your way to reach those monsters in less possible moves..but,even if you get 'game over',you can retry the same level,over & over again,with a small money to lose..overall,it is very repetitive & boring,just to get the EXP,items,or money..
the characters/enemies/landscape graphics are may love the small & cute characters/enemies,but the resolution of the graphics is like playing TMNT:Manhattan Project from NES! the interface,,option button is quite nice though

recommendation?if you like this game personally,go for it..i give it a B-..but,for someone who want to buy this for $6.99,or want to waste some GC credits,better not buy this game,not worth it..overall,only suitable for hardcore gamers of this genre
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@dr.good: i like the game,it is kinda fun..i said it suck,its mainly because it is not interesting to play this game for so many hours & repetitive..get bored easily lol..for starter,the destroying tiles gameplay & rotating board is kinda confusing & hard..but,when you get the hang of it,it is actually a lot of fun..overall,i'm buying this! i searched for unique games in BFG,and not stereotype games..
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haha..nice one phoebelle..same as me too..when i look at the game 'box' image of this game,i feel like 'wow,a Groudon (pokemon)' LOL! then,i looked at the screenshot & video..although it kinda suck,but,its musics are really to my,i just give it a try for a while..sadly,it is not a Groudon,lol..the graphics are totally bad compared to puzzle quest 2 game (50+MB,anyone?) overall,this game is suck for hardcore gamers,but personally,i quite like it because of its musics
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why were you guys discussing about next incoming game of Mystery Age?this is not the thread for it lol..anyway,i just tried this game have very nice musics,but somewhat lacking in gameplay,and the graphics is not all that quality to be admire about (50+ MB,what do you expect?rofl)..but,i will buy this game and i like it personally..more like puzzle quest 2,but at the very down side of still fun to play puzzle games like this sometimes

PS:honestly,this game is suck..but,i have game credits to waste,and i like its musics,others,bad
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Hi all..i just bought this game yesterday,and here is my review for this game..

1) Pros:
- the gameplay FTW!!
the foundation of this game,gameplay there are a lot of unique gameplay here,besides the normal match-3 game..i will list it here..

I) the minigames..there are 6 total of minigames,which you will encounter in your quest/story mode to help you go further in your journey..furthermore,you can practice playing these minigames at the main menu addition,these minigames in quest mode is also affected by your hero stats..

II) quest/story mode..the quest is really straightforward,and the only difficulty here is to find all the side-quest available in this game it also have 3 difficulty level for you to choose..

III) Extra have quick battle,endurance mode & tournament mode to keep you busy all the time

IV) Hero's spells,equipment,stats,upgrades..spells/magics & stats are unique to each all differ to which characters you choose to start playing..spells use mana,and equipment like weapons & shields use action can level up your character,and increase your stats & learn new spells..there are 5 main stats,and several bonus stats on that main can upgrade your equipment by collecting trade items & money to be able to upgrade it..there are also shops,which you can buy your equipment..6 equipments ready for you to be equip..

- replay ability
I) if you have finish the game for 1 character,play the other 3 characters available..
II) nice presentation of the game..background,music,sound,they are all nice..the graphic too is not too heavy for slow computer/laptop..

2) Cons:
- new items/equipments are always reset to a new inventory at the shops,after you complete a quest ..means,if you see an equipment you love to buy & don't have enough money,you must collecting money before you finish a quest..if not,the item is gone forever for good..maybe it will come back again,after you do several quests..
- the quests are really,really straightforward..there are indicators to tell you which way to go to complete the quest fully,without even lost for a seconds..the quest mode is really boring for some hardcore gamers,but the gameplay is top-notch to overcome this con..

overall,i'm giving this game a rating of 9/10..a must buy for everyone!! once you played this game,it will change your perception about match-3 game..i guaranteed!!
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first of all,i would really like to thank you for BFG for lowering the price for CE as a game club member..i would really love to buy one of those CEs, and here i am now.. the next Drawn CE game! it took me a wholesome of $13.99 to buy it,so i expect to see some amazing things inside this CE,here are my comments/reviews for this marvelous game!

The Pros:
1) the graphic FTW!! enough said..
2) great storyline,great music,great in everything!

The Cons:
1) maybe too addicted to some

now,here it comes the pros & cons for CE..

The Pros:
1) You got the collector's edition plate name at the homepage (that have option,extras,etc.)
2) have all those extra things in your CE..bonus gameplay,concept art,etc..
3) have several kind of different language maybe?

The Cons:
1) Achievements (Extra): i think we don't need this is nice to see all those awards we may have accomplish later,but we are not in grammy awards or something..unless,we can send our achievements to BFG,and we may have some rewards for it,like points to be collected to redeem a free game perhaps?or BFG already have that?confirm me on this..but anyway,this feature is pretty useless for $13.99 money,so it will be -1

2) Soundtrack (Extra): honestly,i expect a little more from this extra..i expect,with $13.99 i spent,i can hear soundtrack & copy/download soundtrack files from this CE..but sadly,we can only hear the much,much great soundtrack in-game least,i'm hoping that the soundtracks has a great MP3 file to copy/download to hear the soundtracks outside from the game,but not even OGG file has it in this CE..a -1 for this..

3) Built-In Strategy Guide/Smart Guide (Gameplay) : this too,has my,j/ my opinion,the strategy guide has a simple interface to help players that get stuck in a certain levels/'s ok,but for $13.99 i spent,i'm hoping it to be a visual & graphical strategy guide..means,like any other strategy guide that you need to buy for $6.99 it have a cool & nice screenshot & details in it..for me,i'm playing this game just to release my boredom/stress,so,i think the question of having too much details strategy guide will make players become bored later is not an issue..this is a casual game after all.. sorry,but -1 for this...

overall,i'm giving this game a 9/10 rating,with a few flaws of extra features in CE..if you want an excellent game with extra features that are nice to see/hear/play, THIS GAME IS FOR YOU!!
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