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I finally got 39 in expert - the last level I needed!

I played this level a lot of times!

I started like the video more or less, but didn't use the extra man bonus - did the resource one. I did the resource bonus early on a couple of times. Did the time bonus almost constantly throughout the level, as well as the speed bonus. Just did the resources when I could afford to and when I was picking up materials especially.

I got an extra man right at the beginning and then early on as well - I think this is the thing that made the difference for me.

Tried to not have them running back and forth too much but to do more than one thing in the location.

Only did the materials and soda bonus.

And pick up that soda quickly - you won't be able to do the time bonus if you don't.

I unlocked the tools in the room off the one to the right pretty early on too. Much earlier than the other one.
 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Nov 15, 17 1:47 PM
This is the only one I can't seem to get gold on. I went pretty close the last time, but mostly am way off.
Early on I collect as much gold as possible with the resource sack bonus. But no matter what I focus on something else seems to suffer. I just can't seem to get this one right.
 posted in Leaves 2: The Return on Sep 14, 17 9:23 PM
I've experienced the same glitch twice, although slightly differently. Both times resulted in missing inventory items that couldn't be found again, so I had to start again.
I was planning on purchasing this game but....

The first time it was one of the little symbols that take you to another place when placed in the window thing. I picked it up accidentally in my inventory while trying to look at the map. I clicked off the screen to try to get it to let go of the item and it eventually disappeared. But it completely disappeared - not in the inventory anymore, not where I originally picked it up. Not where I "dropped' it.

Started again.

This time I was careful not to do that. Got through the little window. Picked up the purple jelly bean. I tried to put it in the jelly bean container slot thing at the purple flame and it wouldn't go in. So I tried other ones - nope. So I opened the inventory and tried to combine it with the red paint drop to see if that would make it red. It got stuck on the screen where the red paint drop would be, even after the inventory closed. I was left holding the paint drop, but couldn't interact with the purple bean anymore. I backed out of that screen. Went back to look for it - not there. Not in the inventory. Not where it was originally. Nowhere to be found.
The power of the post. I realised I didn't need to go down the bottom after the gold mine!
What am I doing wrong??? I keep finishing just a bit after the time runs out.

What bonus do you focus on?
Do you head for the right or the left at the beginning?
Do you upgrade the camp or build the obelisk first?
Down the bottom - the wood path or the gold path?

So many variables!
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules VII: Fleecing the Fleece on Sep 4, 17 6:53 PM
I can't seem to get the developers record on this one. Any suggestions? I can finish in time, but am way off the dev record.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules VII: Fleecing the Fleece on Sep 4, 17 6:51 PM
Not sure if this is still a problem but I worked out if I didn't upgrade the farms I could get the developers record.
 posted in 4 Aztec Skulls on May 27, 17 11:41 PM
Some of them are really hard, but they usually give you an easier time in the following levels. I've just got to the bonus level on hard.
Book 4 ch 1 was a killer. But I do remember there being one in book one that had me stumped for a while.

It is possible!
 posted in Maggie's Movies: Camera, Action! Collector's Edition on Apr 28, 17 8:19 PM
I finally did it on expert. Took me a LOT of attempts.

The key I think is to get the longest queue as possible and only check off their tickets once the last heart starts flashing on one of them. That way the final person in the queue should be getting around 22 or 24 dollars.

The first two tables and two people at the counter ought to be able to be checked out together to give you a long bonus. Serve the tables first and then the 2 at the counter together.

Only ever clean 2 or 3 tables together to get the extra chain bonus.

If you can't get the quick bonus on the person at the counter (eg popcorn or sweets) then save them for a chain bonus if there's an opportunity soon after (there usually is). Otherwise always go for the quick bonus.

There are quite a few times where you can check the single person out on the counter with the person paying from the table - look for those opportunities.

And make sure you keep an eye on stock levels at the end because you will need the full stock bonus and clean bonus - don't check that last paying customer out til this is up to date, but try to still get them at 5 stars.

I finished with only $2 over so every bit counts.

Good Luck.
 posted in Maggie's Movies: Camera, Action! Collector's Edition on Apr 24, 17 4:55 AM
I was eventually able to do this in normal mode. I can't remember how now though. I can't seem to get it in expert mode though. I get above 2 stars but still way off the third.

I've tried putting them through quickly, waiting to get 3 in a row of things, big queues, short queues. It seems to end up about the same place no matter what I do.
 posted in Maggie's Movies: Camera, Action! Collector's Edition on Apr 24, 17 4:53 AM
I'm on PC and this took me forever. I always say no to the tutorial bit though and wondered if I said yes if I would get more points.
 posted in Sky Crew Collector's Edition on Apr 18, 17 5:02 AM
I just finished the game and still don't have a gold star on this level. It's the only one.

Things I noticed about the game.

If you can get the higher pitched "bing" for as many items in a row as possible you will do well. So try and build up as many single little items as possible. Unfortunately this level has a lot of meat and veg so this isn't so easy on this one.

If you serve people happier that seems to count for more too. So even if you lose someone and make others happy then it's better than everyone being at mediocre.

Get those premium items to their customers - even if it means losing a customer for a meal. In the last level of China I was only just above the line when I had one meal left. Suddenly a barrage of premium and I made it to the star. I did get the last meal out, but didn't need it.

As others have said - get ahead out the back. Try to have as much made as possible and keep refiling that glass. But I've really struggled with that for this level.

Need to try to get that gold start now that I've seen others have managed! It is possible!
This one is really tough. I followed the instructions in the guide and played it over and over and over. It took me forever to get the developers record.

My general thing is to work out what I'm not getting enough of and try to get it increasing earlier. I think this one was food - so get down the shrub - make sure you don't upgrade the farm to level three before you get it because the shrub's worth 3 food each time. And be sure you are collecting from the shrub near the base regularly.

Use the resource bonus every time except when you are doing the crystal right at the end. Be careful to make sure you get the gold with it right before building the obelisk, and also when you pick up the gold near the farm.

I think I upgraded the workshop to level three before the base went to level three, but I'm not sure. You could mess around with that order and see if it makes a difference.

And click on birds - lots and lots of birds.

When you collect the gold right at the beginning line up the first crystal so that one is collecting while the other is breaking the crystal - saves you from sitting and waiting while they do one crystal after the other.

Sorry - not a walkthrough, but a few tips that might help. Good luck.
I've done it. I think I just followed the instructions. I played this level a LOT of times before I got it though. Do the bottom switch first. Be careful about making sure your workers aren't running backward and forward unnecessarily. That's a killer on this level. So make sure when you break the ice on a resource that they pick up that resource straight away.
I just had a go at it again. I'm trying to get the developers record. I managed it using the guide. The only changes I tended to make are if it tells me to do something like clear a path and then build the goldmine or something else that generates resources (or the dementers obelisk). If I can already do the goldmine, etc I always do that first, because then it will generate resources while I'm completing the other task. I don't think I switched a lot in this though - possibly did the farm slightly earlier. Not sure I took the farm to the third level either.

Now to get the extra 400 points I need for the dev record!
I've tried a lot of different things and can't seem to get this one. Not really even that close. I just can't seem to get the gold in time.
The power of the post. I've finally done it. I followed the instructions in the game except for two things.
I didn't build the bridge and break the chest.
I didn't upgrade the goldmine to level 2.

I alternated with the resource bonus and the extra man, starting with the resource bonus. Twice I managed to have all three bonuses going at once. I would press the extra man, pick up a larger gift, press the resource bonus and then a few seconds later press the speed bonus. I think this is what put me over.
When do you upgrade the camp? You said you do it once??
I'm just not even coming close. I just got silver for the first time. I've tried following the instructions both on the game and from here. No idea what I'm doing wrong.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Oct 11, 16 9:45 PM
silver_hawk wrote:
erin74 wrote:

What do we use the stones for now if not for upgrades???

But dives are easier now and you don't have to keep feeding magic to the diver any longer to keep him under. You just need to collect magic to open the garden areas. But there is no time limit. IMO it has taken the stress out of it and now I love doing the dives where as I dreaded them prior to the update.

Ahh - I was in the middle of a dive when I updated so nothing changed with that. Will keep going til that ends at least and try again.

It's weird there's nothing for the yellow stones though.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Oct 11, 16 8:02 PM
Just did the update and am now regretting it.

I was up over 8,500 and am now down below 8,000. Frustrating given it will now cost so much amber to get anywhere.

I was starting to feel like this game was getting to hard - I don't want to spend so much time on dives. Now it's pretty much forcing more time on dives.

What do we use the stones for now if not for upgrades???
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