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 posted in The Andersen Accounts: Chapter One Collector's Edition on Apr 13, 18 5:42 AM
I too do not have the nail gun, but came across the manequins and can not move forward or backward. Map does not allow me to move anywhere else. Just stuck. UGH! I think I am midway Chapter 3, and don't want to restart the game. I hope there will be a patch..... I think about Chapter 2 I really started liking this game!
 posted in The Andersen Accounts: Chapter One Collector's Edition on Apr 11, 18 7:46 PM
You can always change the difficulty settings during the game. I played in custom settings and no skip on mini games. But there was one game I was stuck on and switched to skip, then skipped the puzzle, then went back to settings and set it for no skip again.
I didn't get the extra storyline sequence. It says scene completed, but then goes back to level 120. I looked at the collector's extras and when I tried looking at the map or the extra castles, it still says that I can unlock those when I complete the main quest. UGH! I am soooo close to those extras, but can't figure what to do next....
And to clarify, I AM playing the collector's edition. I have been playing this game for weeks. I have been playing advanced on timed mode, so you can understand how frustrated I got by getting this far along and the level just won't budge even though I have completed this level. I even took it off timed and thought something might trigger it. I get a level completed and a scene completed, but then it just goes back to level 120....
I've been replaying 120 over and over and I easily finish it each time and I do get a screenshot saying that I completed the level and do I want to go to the next level. Then, level 120 pops up again!!! I love this game and want to finish it! Any tips?
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Lost Dreams Collector's Edition on Mar 8, 18 5:58 AM
Call me weird, but I prefer really, really, psycho creepy games where things jump out randomly or I prefer funny games..

Haunted Hotel is a series I always buy without trying out first and I am never disappointed.

 posted in Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath Collector's Edition on Mar 1, 18 5:49 AM
Still works at 5:49 PST!!
 posted in Hiddenverse: The Iron Tower on Feb 15, 18 3:25 PM
I'm having the same problem! Did you ever figure it out?
Thanks guys for your help! Got it figured out. I went ahead and bought the game. I always play on timed, difficult mode, and no help, so I am enjoying this wonderful game!
I see a box on the screen with a crystal on it. Am I supposed to be able to click on it and then it takes me somewhere else? I click on it and nothing happens. Level 11 and still no gems.
I have played this game for the full hour, eight levels, and yet have not come across any mini games. Is there a certain level that the mini games start at? I do love it and am thinking of buying it, but sort of on the fence as I have no coupon codes for this.
 posted in Clutter Infinity: Joe's Ultimate Quest on Sep 16, 17 6:30 AM
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Clutter games! I think I have all, but this is my favorite. First off, it is a matching game, but it has so many different layers and types of matching, that it is just fun, fun, fun! I love a challenge so I always play with a timer. If a matching game of any type doesn't have a timer, then I won't buy it. Now, listen me out non-timers, you can pick no timer! There are so many options: timer/no timer, hints/no hints, etc., etc., etc. You can really customize this game and you can customize it while playing the game if you change your mind! This Clutter game has some new game ideas that I hadn't seen in previous Clutter games, so even if you bought the previous ones, try this one! It will knock your socks off!
 posted in Mystery Tales: The House of Others Collector's Edition on Jun 29, 17 5:36 PM
There was a part near the beginning where I found a toy rabbit. When I tried to give it to a girl, I noticed it was not in my inventory when I looked at it, but when my cursor hovered over an empty spot in my inventory, it showed up. Weird. I hope this is the only tech issue. I am enjoying this game, but now I need to worry about my inventory being there or not.
 posted in Dark Dimensions: Vengeful Beauty Collector's Edition on May 28, 17 8:36 PM
Same here. No HOP in Library. I did use the feather duster and played a mini game. I noticed in the guide that there is supposed to be a HOP first in the Library. Is it a glitch because I didn't do that first? So, I now have a part for the book, but not the book. Hint tells me that I have done everything in every scene. AARGH!
Oh, you were right. I was clicking all the right on the custom settings thinking that was how to get rid of the skip and hint buttons. But it was on the left. Whew, now that helps me by not "helping" me! Thanks! Going back in to play some more now!
Thanks WhiteLadiesRd! I think I will try it again and see how I can click it off! Then I'll give it a decent go at it!
I just couldn't get past a few minutes on this. I am a hardcore gamer and love to play with no hints and no skip. Even though you can customize the game, it still will not allow no hints and no skips. Now I can sometimes just ignore those buttons and will play a game that still gives me hints and skips, this game literally has the biggest, blazing hint button. It is so glaring that I just wanted to push the button so that the blaze would go away, but then it gave me a hint and I felt like "Noooo! I don't want a hint! I don't want you to tell me what to do, but that blaze needs to go away!" It was distracting to the point that I just gave up and said there are other games for me to play. I did like the graphics. I really don't care about storylines because they all seem too much the same -- rescue other people, my parent is missing, etc. I would like a humorous HOG for a change. I recently replayed The Tiny Bang Story and that was colorful and fun.
 posted in Phantasmat: Mournful Loch Collector's Edition on Apr 16, 17 4:42 PM
Just keep tugging the anchor down. It took me a couple tries and then the door opened all the way.
 posted in The Voice from Heaven on Jan 16, 17 12:44 PM
Thanks Ben! Got a free coupon and want to make sure it is worth it! I am enjoying this game on timed mode!
 posted in The Voice from Heaven on Jan 16, 17 7:20 AM
How many levels?
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