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 posted in Darkness and Flame: The Dark Side Collector's Edition on Apr 10, 18 10:21 PM
angelfish106 wrote:I gave up with this game after yet another round of 'this item can't be used here'. A bonsai needs a couple of branches trimming. I have a knife and a pair of nippers. I can't use either item here. I'm sorry but in what universe would neither of these implements be suitable for this task?? Utterly ridiculous.

As for the rest of the game, Alice's voice is annoying and she's really not dressed for her surroundings. Thank goodness for a child (who's language skills are clearly years ahead of her actual age) and her granny. You have to find the key to the cottage in a pond, yet when you get inside the child is already there. How did she get in and why didn't she open the door for you? Was Granny locked inside the cottage? Never mind, at least Alice can get some more suitable attire.

Every door/box/cabinet is locked. Everything you come across has a part missing. One wonders how the inhabitants manage to get through their daily lives when everything is falling apart and the parts to fix them are in locked receptacles.

The sheer inanity of the myriad tasks just became an utter bore. Lots of collectibles and more puzzles than HOS can't make up for the snooze-fest of the gameplay. Sorry but this one's a no buy for me, probably not even as an SE.

No technical issues in the 58 mins I played. Desktop running Win7 Prof.

I've been playing an hour and have to 100% agree with you here. In fact, thanks for saving me all the typing

The graphics are great and it's so cool the story picks up where the last one left off. In fact I was playing the last one again when this came out.. yay!

All the running around for minor Stuff is what's causing me to give it a break for the night, and as you also eloquently put it, I was standing at that very bonzai tree thinking that same thing as you. We have to find something to get a bird out of a tree yet are standing on a field of rocks. Hokay.

Also getting on my nerves is that one tone that seems to play for 5 seconds at random times. I don't know if it's when you find something, click something, or the Devs just want to torture you with it. I'll finish the game and the map is great but the running around is making me wonder where the action is.
 posted in Haunted Hotel XV: The Evil Inside Collector's Edition on Oct 28, 17 9:33 PM
acgal wrote:I noticed that the game and cursor were a little jerky in the beginning of the game but when I got half way through, I was so bad that I disabled the custom cursor but that didn't help. I deleted the game and re-installed it but it does the same thing. It's so bad that I will not be able to finish. Too bad as it was a good game.

Ditto. Had to stop playing and uninstall. It just got too aggravating Win7 desktop
 posted in Halloween Stories: Invitation Collector's Edition on Oct 19, 17 5:24 PM
Hi all, happy early Halloween

A few things didn't go too well with this game, playing on Win7. The cursor was mushy and floaty and didn't react instantly, so that got tedious. Don't know if this is a "technical" issue: the top text bar (which I had turned off but got anyway) that is the purplish fog was really large and usually covered any "X" that was on a pop up screen or something to have to exit from. I had asked for only the "special" features of the game in the tutorial and didn't get any, at all, so suddenly found that a random thing I clicked on was a fragment, morphing object or a doll you're to collect. I locked up twice getting black screens but exited, went back in, and it was OK. Many times I had to click an item in inventory to get it to stick to where I was dragging it. Had sparkles turned off but got those, too.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector's Edition on May 2, 17 10:17 PM
I liked this game better than most lately, so I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not. I literally played the first 35 minutes of 3 other games I bought on sale, and uninstalled all of them after finding them tedious, stupid and dull (and wished I had my money back, sale or not.) Then I started on this game and really found the graphics terrific and the story tolerable. Yes, as you say, it's been done before. Lots. The main guy yes, is "crazy as a bag of cats" as Nefersitra says (I have to use that in a sentence this week!) I'm a sucker for the mechanical-steampunk-Ridley Scott-ish- Puppetshow (ah, back in the start!) type of darkness but really - this is way too dark. Several times I had to stand up or tip my monitor almost into my lap to get the angle better to see some HO in a top corner or see, period. I never did find any morphing objects because 1} life is too short to sit staring at the screen for 10 minutes waiting for "it" to morph and 2} I don't care that much. Many of the games had confusing instructions and I peeked at the SG to see what it at least looked like solved, so I had a clue what they wanted from me. I like puzzles and a lot of these were clever and/or nicely done as far as graphics (shutting up the screaming monkeys was fun).

So it was well worth a 1/2 price sale and since the SE will just skip the puzzle pieces you look for and the non-morphing morphing objects, it'd be well worth a PCC.

My main complaint, and I've had this for a long time but figure I'm as crazy as a bag of cats for having it bother me.....Eipix is breathtakingly stellar in finding sounds that are annoying as all hell, and then some. I've noticed this in the last many, many games. The sound you get in this game when you pass your cursor over the inventory and then back out or mouse over things is a flat, off-key tone and you hear it about 34,824 times in the whole game. It goes right through me, and I often end up turning the sounds off in their games due to them having these annoying, cloying, off-key overly repetitive sounds for clicking on items or clicking on HO objects or clicking period. It can be a beautiful or interesting game, yet they have at least 1 of not 2 or 3 tones that are like nails on a blackboard. It's just so bizarre to me that the noises in the game have ruined the game for me several times. This was no different but the game was much more enjoyable than the last several I've tried to get through.

 posted in Grim Tales: Graywitch Collector's Edition on Feb 20, 17 6:59 PM
I hung in there, but it took saintly patience.

The cursor had a massive lag to it with a slow respond time. I had to click on most all items multiple times to get them to stick. Lots of times I'd resort to using a hint, which I never do, because I had no idea what to do anymore only to find I'd already done it 5 times - the game just didn't respond or acknowledge I'd clicked the item (even being careful, deliberate or leaving the scene and coming back in.) A few times items would be there that hadn't been before and here I'd been walking all over looking for them elsewhere (the massive back and forth and running all over the place in this game made it extra irritating)

WIndows 7, Everything's updated.
 posted in Fetch on Jan 29, 17 7:03 PM
Issue - if you're done with the game and want to wipe out all the stats so you can start over from scratch, you can't. You can hit the "reset" thing as much as you want, but all the posters, awards and dog collars are still sitting there. It can't be played by more than 1 person at a time and you can't make more than 1 profile. Because you can't delete the stats, if you play it again (or anyone else does) there are no items to find because they're already found, no achievements to get because they're already got. You play the game once and it's a dead game. People remarked about this before this first update - why wasn't it fixed or can you tell us how to fix it on here at least? Which segues to ....

Also BF....this is your first game in ages. You're not only on here answering people who are stumped, have questions, comments or interacting with those but you're not even trying to generate any interest in the game. It's a nice game (I sure miss Drawn!) but it sure needs a lot of polish yet. How can you leave a whole forum abandoned and not even be present in here when it's your baby and it's a confusing, different kind of game? It'd be nice PR if you acted like you were semi-excited about it :x Sez me. I really like the game, but all arcade games need a skip button, and right away. They run too fast, and the cursor gets lost. And if you have migraines, bad eyes, bad hands - you just can't keep up. ALL games have skip buttons and Hints and a map and you can go back and grab what you didn't see the first time through...why not you?
 posted in Fetch on Jan 29, 17 6:28 PM
I just popped on to see if anyone had posted about this issue, too! I have played this game though 3 times and love it! It did take the whole the first time to get used to it and get the hang of it, but once I did, I wanted to go back and see what I missed (which was a lot!) and "read" the game like the story it is. And it's much better when you have a clue what you're to do - really, the instructions are terrible and there could have been a tad more help available (like a map or titling the chapters in the SG)

Like you, I have tried to clear my stats many times to no avail. I've also won every achievement and yet still don't show that I have them all, nor do I have all the dog collars and some simply were not there to get. I went back and looked. I even reinstalled the game to see if that'd help (it didn't).

Also BF -- the games are really fun but the fact that you have our teeny, tiny little white arrow system cursor as "the" game cursor could be changed. Many times, especially while trying to play the battle ship game the cursor gets utterly swallowed and lost in all the graphics, light colored backgrounds (like the water), or trying to even find it while you're moving it like crazy. If you're on a phone or tablet, sure it's easy as pie to just "poke" and tap and swipe but on a desktop or laptop, it's brutal to impossible to click 6,938 times and follow all this. How about a bigger game cursor?
Plientje wrote:Please, does anyone know? I'd love to buy the game but full price is too high for me.

Thanks in advance!

The code was WINNERS It is good until Jan. 6th. The games are here:

This info is on a screen that is on the front page of BF. Not the PC Games page, the whole site's beginning page. Click through the scrolling ads at the top. Happy New Year!
 posted in Hidden Object: Home Makeover 2 on Jul 30, 16 8:29 PM
You guys crack me up with your reviews sometimes; thanks

I loved Gardenscapes and Mansion Makeover so jumped at the demo of this, hoping it'd be more of the same since I'm really Hidden-Objected out lately.

I played about 4 minutes of this game and deleted it, and really, even to spend a PCC on things I'm not too choosy since I have many expiring for lack of spending them.

I didn't get as far as having to buy an animal rug for my room but what really rubbed me the wrong way, right off, was the "Fun Fact" I got after playing a round that told me how most people die in the winter of cold related incidents by freezing to death in autos, not dropping dead in the snow while shoveling as one might assume. Real fun fact there.

I found the graphics blurry to the point that I didn't even know what some of the objects were that I was looking for. I had the sounds on at first but quickly tired of the escalating and annoying high pitched tone that went up and up and up as I clicked on things. The hurried story line of "Hey, my relative died and I showed up to claim the house that's in disrepair so let's sell stuff!" is a big Zzzzzzz. (You have a house and I don't so I'm having trouble working up sympathy here)

As BearKat said - I'll just go replay Gardenscapes since that's all I kept thinking about the 4 minutes I was playing this game.
 posted in Steel LIFE on Feb 24, 16 10:10 PM
Wish we could post our own walkthroughs - finished the game just now after 2 nights of taking my time and just want to say it's really neat But yeah, that green house. What a pain but in a good way. There's another areas I got so stuck in I was ready to quit. Suggestion: the Hint button really tells you the whole story if you use it. Even if you pull up the pop-up window (if it pointed you to one of those...) it'll give you a further hint. Catching that crow took me about 25 minutes to figure out and when it hit me what to do I felt so dumb and went "doh!". Use the compass thing to show you where the active areas are. Those are the only places that are active, along with what the hint will show you. Clicking all over hoping to find something will just make you go crazy. Crazier. Sometimes what you need is outside or in another room so check your map, too. Sometimes I used the hint 8 times for one "thing" I got so irritated

I'd play this again, even in a day or two. Long game, too!
 posted in Steel LIFE on Feb 23, 16 10:39 AM
This is NOT an HO game - it's an Adventure game. Like other have said, it's like "Tiny Bang" - it takes a lot of patience! It's a story, a very minimal story where you have to click, poke, place, pick up, ask, read, put here, place this, explore. Sometimes something you pick up might undo something you already did and you have to see how that interacted and what it might have done elsewhere, or did. It might help and might not.

This could be the most wonderful, "taking notes as I go" joy and interaction of figuring out another game's world OR it will make you want to run out screaming into the street with your hands over your head. Or just not buy it. All are correct.

It's different, let me leave it at that. I love these games dearly, with all my heart, until I get hopeless stuck and then I yell a naught word at the monitor and wait for a walk through. I love the graphics. It was worth a PCC.
 posted in Vampire Legends: The Untold Story of Elizabeth Bathory on Jan 20, 16 10:29 PM
I have the CE game but bought the SE game because I'm an idiot and had to get rid of Lo, so many punch card codes, and I was desperate.

The thread on the technical issues for CE game is locked for some reason - after a year of people asking why the game wasn't fixed. An update on Jan 9. doesn't address any of the technical issues the game had. Now this game is out in SE and all those issues are still in the game. Call me jaded but seriously - no one could be bothered to fix all the complaints?

I'm on Windows 7 and so here are the bugs with my newly purchased SE that I thought would be fixed from the buggy CE from a year ago: disappearing inventory items and the worst issue I had was that if I picked something up out of my inventory I couldn't get rid of the thing. This happened a lot.. I couldn't even shake it off by running it off the edge of the screen. Twice when I went to save and exit the game locked up solid and "game stopped responding"

These were the same complaints as in the CE. I think it's pretty terrible, especially if you say a "update" was released, that none of the technical complaints were fixed. Why sell game that is known to have all kinds of issues?
 posted in Spirit of Revenge: Gem Fury on Jan 19, 16 7:48 PM
Was really enjoying this great game but am starting to get nonstop access violation errors, even after uninstalling and reinstalling. The game locks up after getting the screen, I go back to "thanks for playing" and that's that. If I pull it up again I can play another 10 minutes before I get the next one. (Yes, I sent in a report but help is glacially slow). I'm on Win7. The GM crashes constantly, too lately (yes, I've sent in reports). After 7 of these I guess that's it for this game. I am not reinstalling again and playing 2 hours from the beginning to see if it does this a third time. Terrific game, shame!

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: SpiritOfRevenge_GemFury.exe
 posted in Riddles of Egypt on Oct 13, 15 10:14 PM
silkywings wrote:
Please help...Is there a general forum for general questions. I want to buy two games but it always takes one of my game credits and I don't want to use them right now.

For today's 2FOR1 sale, it applies one of my game credits when I would rather PAY.

I've read all the info and can't find an answer to keep my game credit.

Also please...does Big Fish still give you an extra punch card punch for any game you buy on Mondays?

Thank you,

Silkywings - I sent you a private message with the info since I wasn't sure if this would be removed or moved and didn't want to add another post.
 posted in Riddles of Egypt on Oct 13, 15 9:46 PM
Hi Fellow Fishies!

I was loving this game since it's a wonderful change of pace but after (I think) getting near the end of the "Port" section - I think anyway - I just finished that infernal Chinese Checker puzzle (OK I skipped the damn thing...) and was given a blue stone. Then instead of loading the next scene/page I was taken to the front page of the game with the Hot Not-At-All-Egyptian-Looking Babe. It was as if I had never played the game but my name was in the "Player" section. The entire evening of playing this game was gone and I was starting all over. Yep, I know to make another profile or uninstall and reinstall, etc. I can whip through it now that I know what to do. Sigh. Just reporting it.

On Win7 yet (I am going down fighting before I get Win 10 I still miss Win98. )

Stay well, fishies!
 posted in Nevertales: Legends Collector's Edition on Oct 2, 15 6:13 PM
I was literally away from BF for almost a year, unable to play any of my 400+ games due to some glitch/virus that made all of them "access violation" overnight because the GM wouldn't run them. Why we have to be beholden to this GM when we bought the game is beyond me. I have many on CD ROM that I don't need the GM for. I gave up trying to get it fixed (over 25 emails to CS).

This is one of the first games I've bought on a new computer. I was fighting my way through bugs to get that far but I 'get' that it's all tricky. I'm in the underwater room and the floor maze puzzle has locked solid because on my first try, I didn't do it correctly. I have exited, exited the game, everything - to no avail. I am not starting the entire game over again. I was really enjoying this, and enjoying being back.

As others have said, it's ridiculous to give people (I saw 3 posts of this...) the Tech Spew of "what to do when the games crash and freeze". And send in the Dr. Felix reports, etc etc etc. I know this is the "job" but part of the deal of featuring Devs games on BF should be that they agree to tweak and fix the games, and in a fast manner, when they are put up for sale and truly played. This is when all the bugs and problems are found. Beta testing to a limited number of people doesn't do it, and they know it. There are games that never got fixed and which are still known to be problematic. I have over 140 games that I can't play due to Whatever has gone on - whether they be too old to run now (I still have Win7) and I get that. I have games that don't run on Win 7 and I live with it. Now we're all getting Win10, like it or not, and many of the BF games might not work on those. We might have to live with that. But if BF insists we have to go through the GM, which is a soul and RAM sucking app we don't need and then all these games we bought cant be given to us, outright, for us to put on older comps and tweaked without this "new" GM app that isnt compatible on old comps (I never ever ever could use the new GM on any computer I ever had and many posted here that they had to have the OLD one as the new one still isn't compatible) then I suggest BF consider doing so. We are jumping through hoops out here trying to keep our games working. We need YOUR help, BF, not the same Help Texts you've had up for 7 years & faster support

If you post this, Kudos for letting someone vent.
 posted in Ominous Objects: Family Portrait Collector's Edition on Jul 17, 14 8:45 AM
I will second everything said here about this being an underwhelming game. . ::sigh:: The characters have as much depth as a kiddie pool and talk of their kidnapped child with the same emotion as you would asking someone to pass the salt. I can't add much more than has been said except this is the same ol' same ol'. You can decorate your cat-helper's room. This started out as a 'new' twist to a game long ago and it seems everyone else latched onto it (The Adorbs Widdle Animal Helper got tiresome back in Whatever Game it was where one was yelling "Princess! Princess!" at me every time I clicked the mouse) I don't mind it, or wouldn't mind it if this wasn't done in such a childish manner, I guess. We can have dragons and magical cats and beasties but I'm not sure why they have to come from a 4 year old's cartoon show as opposed to say, a Tim Burton movie. It's weird trying to play a "serious" game when you have interruptions from these things. I await the day when games go back to making you think and the surprizes, twists and thinking out of the box is the 'draw' and buying wallpaper for your pet or winning a trophy for completing a HO in 21 seconds or less.

If you don't mind hidden object games that you can zone out and play, this is the one for you. I saw nothing worthy of a CE in it, but as always appreciate the time and work behind every game. (OK, well, 98% of them)
 posted in The Fog on Dec 13, 13 12:35 PM
Great reviews, thanks!

I bought this game and am enjoying it for the most part. No fluffy bunnies, no puppies, no children with bows in their hair, no unicorns with rainbows coming out of their buttocks, No dancing candy canes, no conga line of singing butterflies. Very creepy, dark game with a great atmosphere.

I am annoyed as much as I am intrigued by the minimalist tone to this game. There's not a heck of a lot of instruction or noise to it, but this makes you think, and this is what I like.

Three pet peeves ...please Devs, be reading this.....don't know if anyone else feels this way:

The bell-ish sound that you get every time...every...time.....EVERY time you click on anything is making me crazy (crazier). I had to turn the sound off.

The map is utterly worthless. Lots to explore and areas are marked with icons showing where there is an available action, where you're finished, where you haven't accessed yet.
In order to see the map you have to pull up the journal, then click the tab for the map. It's not a jump map, the areas aren't marked with any text so you just have to remember what is what is where. Your current position is marked with two little feet. The feet are not in or on the area, which would make sense. The can be next to your area, on top of it, on the road by it or surrounded by 3 or 4 other active areas, too. Since it's not very specific I have no clue in heck where I'm to go or where I'm being shown I have to go most times..

The dock doesn't lock. Really, I'm getting car sick watching this thing pop up and down ad nauseum. You somtimes get several items in your dock at a time and have to find several of an item (4 blocks, etc) so are checking a lot, even if just to see the name of the items you received.

Nice game - great graphics and no sparkles!
 posted in Secret Trails: Frozen Heart Collector's Edition on Nov 23, 13 7:55 PM
steve_san wrote:

Also, this is another ladies game but it could have been tolerable had the story not been so pathetic. Also, looking for butterflies in the snow is weird.

Steve, Steve, what am I going to do with you?

The graphics were nice enough but the game ran really slow and seemed just ....old. The damsel in distress thing bores me to death, the voice overs were very strange. Kind of like 22 year olds sitting in Starbucks .. did they say "no way!" when this game's era was? I'm wondering why I stood there watching my sister get dragged off but then wander into the barn and feel the need to finish some wood-work cut out someone started. ::shrug:: Would be OK with a PCC on some winter night but for now, it just didn't seem worthy of a CE price and wasn't anything new.

Last I looked, I was a lady but as always, try the game for yourself and see.
 posted in Haunted Halls: Nightmare Dwellers Collector's Edition on Nov 21, 13 9:03 AM
I'm really of the opinion that just because some don't like a game or certain aspects of it, they are not "bashers" and shouldn't be ganged up on. Why take it personal? There have been many games here that were panned by all which I found enjoyable; there have been game everyone raved about that I utterly loathed and couldn't get through 3 minutes of. Some have raved about a game having some fascinating plot when, to me, was stupidly dull. Others want the mouths to move with the voices when I could care less and can count on one hand the # of voice overs I've heard in games that weren't cringe-worthy terrible. People are entitled to their opinions on these games. It is not hating, bashing, being ungrateful, being a brat, causing trouble, putting anyone down or ruining the fact you can get the trial and play yourself.

I love reading reviews. Tastes change. Games change. Devs change. The "bling" (as far as wallpaper & soundtracks & scribbles) have zero interest to me and always did. I like morphing objects, I love puzzles. Game play, the amount of thought I have to put into the game, no "stupid" factor" (oh Hoot Mon! A trunk I need a key for! Perhaps it's locked!), surprises, humor. I LOVE movies at the end showing you how the actors made the game. Others wouldn't, and that's fine. It's up to me if I want to spend an extra $7 just to get wallpaper I'll never use or have a soundtrack I turned off because it was annoying as hell. Many games seem to be phoned in (read: horrible) and we have commented on them here, too. The Bunny-Fluffy-Dress your critter-Rainbows and Puppies trend ain't doing it for me, but this isn't "bashing". It's personal opinion. I am not a warm, fuzzy, rainbow-and-sprinkles person. I don't care if Oh Help My Daughter's Been Kidnapped By A Dead Evil Guy With Glowing Eyes. Perhaps then the kid should have stayed in and not wandered down the dark, rainy road at 10 pm? But I digress.

Let's not jump on each other, ok? It's sad enough we can't shoot the breeze with each other here, and there are far too reviews, period, for anything anymore. Let's not have 9 posts out of 11 telling someone they're a Doofus for posting something that doesn't go with the flow. As Ann Landers once said: Just because a donkey brays doesn't mean you have to answer them.

Have fun here. Tell me what I might want to buy or what sucks. Maybe I'll listen and maybe not, but I'm glad you're all here

Happy early Thanksgiving!
edited due to lack of caffeine
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