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 posted in Virtual City on Sep 17, 10 7:53 AM
stuck on level 1 ! can't believe it.
tunnel vision - have enough money to upgrade everything an fix tunnel
but have no way of building saw mill paper factory etc.. as they dont exist in my build menu
but i have them in y r and d box
help !
 posted in Virtual City on Sep 17, 10 7:23 AM
level 1.9
I can accumulate tons of cash and have built the tunnel , but the instructions are to construct a saw mill, a paper factory and printing factory
BUT.. i dont have these buildings in my 'arsenal'.. when i go to 'build' i dont have these buildings in 'misc' or 'environment' and the tutorial doesnt tell me where else to
find them or how to get them.. i have the r and d upgrades for the saw mill at least so not sure where to go from here.
i have tried to make loads of money in case that unlocks them but it doesnt - i cleared forest too...
i cant progress without producing magazines - but how ?

any ideas ?
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