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maybe the needle is not in the note it could be somewhere else im getting sooooooo frustrared that I cant even finish one paragragh PLEASE HELP as I'm sure I'm just about at the end of the game First time I've used the forum and I'm not doing a very good job od it
here I am again about the ermine trying to get the needle out of the tree I enlarged the n
I'm stuck in the bonus part where the ermine is supposed to zoom in on the needle in the tree I just can't get the ermine to do its job. i have enlarged ythe picture with the needle on it biu
i'm stuck!
i can't get the Ermine to zoom into the tree to get the needle

 posted in Dreams from the Past on Nov 3, 12 12:26 AM
i wish i hadn't bought it we should really have a walkthrough i have been trying for ages to get it finished but can't its jolly frustrating.
 posted in Dreams from the Past on Nov 3, 12 12:12 AM
I can't find walkthrough
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