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Just finished the main game... really enjoyed. I find that I buy/play most Elephant games. Only issue for me is this CE was WAY too short. It did not take me 4 hours to play (and I only skipped 2 puzzles).
 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 17, 18 8:11 AM
I found this game to be very fun to play.. beautiful and bright (nice to have a game that is not so dark that you cannot find anything). Off to buy.
 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 17, 18 8:10 AM
I'm windows 10 as well... was able to play the trial with no problems or issues. I'm going to buy and hope I don't get the access violation code.
 posted in The Andersen Accounts: Chapter One Collector's Edition on Apr 10, 18 10:43 AM
We finally got something new and different. I really enjoyed playing this game. No tech issues at all. Some scenes were a little dark (wish we could have the option to make it brighter) and some of the wording used in the hidden object scenes did not make sense (I.e; it is a dream catcher not a dream). I found there to be quite a few new twists incorporated into the HO scenes and some new puzzles.
We got what we asked for - this game is definitely not not like the others that have recently been released.
 posted in Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed Child Collector's Edition on Mar 6, 18 8:16 AM
I'm running windows 10 and the game downloaded fine and the demo played fine. Not sure why I can play while others cannot. As a side note... I am/was unable to play Medium Detective (the normal and the CE version). kept getting error code. Don't understand why some (most) games play just fine with no issues and then some random game will not play at all.
Good luck
 posted in Vermillion Watch: In Blood Collector's Edition on Mar 3, 18 10:14 AM
This game is FANTASTIC. Best game so far this year. Enjoy.. off to play!
I needed a new game to play, so I did buy this one. Not SO bad. Sure, they are better games out there but I'm enjoying this one. The dog spinning around does get a little irritating after a while... good thing I really love dogs and he's cute. I played all the other Royal Detective games and those were great games.
I couldn't even make it through the demo. Played the other versions of this game and this one is just like those. Nothing new... same old stuff I've played before. Nothing grabbed me so it's a no buy for me. Sorry.
 posted in Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery Collector's Edition on Feb 21, 18 10:08 AM
I'm using windows 10 and am having no problems playing this game. wish I could help more. good luck
 posted in Medium Detective: Fright from the Past on Feb 13, 18 8:36 AM
Tried several times to open/play this game.. I get error code and get kicked out. Playing on Windows 10. I was unable to play the CE version of this game as well. Also, got error code and was kicked out. Wish I could buy this game and play it, but am unable.
I have bought several other games and played them successfully with no problems. Just this particular game.
 posted in PuppetShow: The Curse of Ophelia Collector's Edition on Feb 3, 18 8:07 AM
Played demo... LOVED it. bought game. I'm enjoying everything about this game, especially the bright, clear graphics.
 posted in Donna Brave: And the Deathly Tree Collector's Edition on Jan 27, 18 10:40 AM
Played the demo and then bought the game. I'm really enjoying it. Storyline isn't all that great. Wish it would be something other than tree roots. Worth a try to see if you like it.
Me too... Windows 10 (just updated my computer). I get access violation code and game shuts down. NO other games have done this to me. ????
I just finished reading/trying all the troubleshooting tips on the "help" page. made sure I had updated version of DirectX, running as admin and changed/updated compatibility. I uninstalled/reinstalled game and restarted my computer.
Well... did not work. Game still won't play and I still get the error. I'm uninstalling game and giving up now.
you need the ice bucket, stand, scarf, lighter and "candle" to melt the ice with.. use this on the frozen door. Once you but the wing on the angel above the fireplace, you will get the reindeer for the reindeer outline.
I got the eraser just fine and used it on the paper piece to get the code
 posted in Danse Macabre: A Lover's Pledge Collector's Edition on Dec 4, 17 7:51 AM
I own all the Danse Macabre games in this series... While I have really enjoyed all the previous games, this one did not live up to those standards.. Nothing really special about this game and kind of boring if I must say. I like puzzles to have an easy vs. hard option... this game did not have that so I found that I skipped a lot of puzzles (don't usually like to do that).
 posted in Surface: Project Dawn Collector's Edition on Nov 14, 17 8:20 AM
Just finished the main portion of this game, and WOW.. One of the BEST games I've played in months. Off to play the bonus.
 posted in Dead Reckoning: Lethal Knowledge Collector's Edition on Nov 5, 17 7:55 AM
there is a red bomb statue in University Yard. You need the security guards phone to unlock the digital lock. You have to "scroll" down to the bottom of the red bomb statue. There is something at the top of the statue and something at the bottom of the statue. The pass is inside the bottom part after you unlock the digital lock. Hope this helps.
 posted in Dead Reckoning: Lethal Knowledge Collector's Edition on Nov 5, 17 6:07 AM
Well, I'm really enjoying this game. Crisp, beautiful graphics. I love the storyline - just a good "who donnit" murder mystery. No portals or missing royalty. No ghosts or family members that need help moving on to the "other side". Just the kind of game I've been waiting for. Interesting/new HO scenes. I like the challenge of this game. I just started chapter 3 and so far have not needed the hint button yet. Seems also to be a rather long game.
Nothing really "grabbed" my attention in this game. And, another game WITH MORE PORTALS... really? Some scenes are so dark it's almost impossible to find the collectable symbol. I usually really like Mad Head games, but not this one. Sorry. I'm ready for a game with an original storyline.
 posted in Phantasmat: Insidious Dreams Collector's Edition on Sep 14, 17 10:28 AM
Pretty scary and a really good storyline. Cannot wait to find out how it ends. Puzzles were a little frustrating... I like having the option to pick and easy puzzle vs. a hard puzzle... wish this game had that. Great HO scenes. Really enjoying this one.
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