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 posted in ClearIt 2 on Sep 10, 17 8:02 PM
Thanks SynthpopAddict but this is around the outside of the game area - like a bit of a jigsaw piece and then some words - it is very bizarre and must be my computer or lots of you would have noticed. Then when I make a good move it is like a lightning show!
 posted in ClearIt 2 on Sep 9, 17 11:24 PM
All the things shooting around the screen are very distracting - are these part of the game or problem with my computer
 posted in Holly 2: Magic Land on Oct 3, 10 4:28 PM
A very big thank you to catsholidayhome - I had to try it twice but it did work and the keys really are obvious when they are actually there. A bonus is that you get to keep all the golden strawberries that you have collected from trying numerous times.
 posted in Holly 2: Magic Land on Sep 21, 10 1:25 AM
hello all, I am also stuck at the door and cannot see any key - can anyone
please help
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