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Tried to download game then had to give permission to down download stub started to download program half way through said there was an error and was told to abort now have no game manager as it was only half way through the download, I am thinking problems with installation of new game manager. Have tried many fixes but to no avail. Help!!!
 posted in Maestro: Music of Death Collector's Edition on Feb 17, 11 4:11 PM
Well said Snookie1100, I agree with every thing you have written. BF supply us with good games and prompt service, I live in the land of Oz and we do not have such a variety of games every day at such a good price even with the currency difference being as good as it is.
Not always a happy world.

Wonderful CE game thanks developers and bigfish and now back to play some more.
 posted in Lost Chronicles: Salem on Dec 11, 10 2:06 AM
I too am very disappointed with this game. I waited till the updated version was released before I purchased this game. I lose my inventory exit the game come back into the game and it is back. Have done this several times through out the game. I was near the end with a pendant in my inventory. I handed over the piece of paper and my screen went black with only my inventory remaining with pendant, milk and heirloom. Could not continue and credits started rolling in and game was over. I have a new computer which runs with Windows7 and have never had a problem like this before, very frustrating. I have also uninstalled this version and reinstalled the game. I enjoyed playing the game,the story is good and the graphics are nice, but there is no ending! Please help.
Hooray! Have downloaded the game successfully, thanks Bigfish you have made a little fishie very happy, now too play.
Downloaded till 98% was told installation failed, tried again still no good. Please help! Did not try the trial version just bought the game straight away. Will try again tomorrow.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: The Void Collector's Edition on Oct 20, 10 1:28 AM
Have just finished playing Mystery Trackers! WOW! WOW! WOW! Love this game, good story line, great graphics, great puzzles.
Thanks to all the fishies in the pond for your excellent reviews and comments, I usually read them before I buy, and once again you were spot on.
Thanks Big Fish and keep this type of game coming. Will there be a sequel?
 posted in The Institute - A Becky Brogan Adventure on Oct 13, 10 2:19 AM
It is a no buy for me,what a disappointing game, straight HOG, too much searching for hidden objects I cannot see. Not enough puzzles or adventure.
I also do not have a full screen view of the game, (Two black lines on either of screen)
Hopefully there will be a better game tomorrow.
To all straight HOG players enjoy
 posted in Ancient Spirits: Columbus' Legacy on Oct 11, 10 3:52 AM
I also agree with CasualGran a nice casual game,nice graphics,pretty and colorful scenery, music is ok, hidden objects are easy to find could have had a few more puzzles, the slider puzzle was a little too easy. Not a buy for me this time. A good beginners game if you are a HOG fan. Enjoy
 posted in Twisted Lands: Shadow Town Collector's Edition on Oct 10, 10 9:45 PM
I have just finished playing Twisted Lands and I enjoyed the game very much. I like HOG and ADVENTURE incorporated together makes the game more interesting and keeps the little grey cells active. But I also have had problems withe cut scenes being blank, the story was confusing at times and I am also wondering about the ending, as I was left with a black screen and then the credits. Hopefully there is a sequel coming. Let us hope if there is a sequel all the tenichal issues will be sorted out. Thanks Bigfish for listening and keep these types of games coming.
 posted in Twisted Lands: Shadow Town Collector's Edition on Sep 23, 10 3:30 AM
I am new to the forum and this is my first post.Played the hour trial,loved it,fog and all , alas will not be buying at this time will wait till next month have reached my quota for this month. To all other fishes enjoy. Music was perhaps a little annoying, turned it down.
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