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 posted in Fairway ™ Collector's Edition on Jun 22, 15 4:13 PM
BTW, I am confused because the certificate says "Permanently adds..." while the Mullagain does not. Thanks
 posted in Fairway ™ Collector's Edition on Jun 22, 15 4:10 PM
Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the 2 that are in "The Golf Shop"? It seems like the Free Mulligan Certificate and the "Mullagain" Card are the same thing except one is 6,000 and the other is 10,000. So does that mean that it would be that you can purchase an extra 2 for each hole or is one just for one hole? I am a bit confused. Thanks.
 posted in Fairway Solitaire on Sep 24, 10 6:28 AM
I just started playing Fairway Solitaire and I am wondering how you unlock more items to but in the Golf Shop? Do you have to pass certain levels under par to unlock items? Or do they randomly show up?

I have checked all over the internet and have not seen anything about the Golf Shop.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
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