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 posted in Twilight City: Love as a Cure on Nov 8, 12 2:40 PM
as soon as i was told i was nearing the end i spent time buying everything and upgrading everything. now i cant move and i even tried casting spells and the only two options were anothers eyes and teleport. since i could not do anything i tried both spells and not only did neither work but teleport will not leave the screen because i can't go anywhere.
 posted in Sylia - Act 1 on Oct 1, 12 11:47 PM
where is the succubus at on Mt. Horus?
 posted in Sylia - Act 1 on Oct 1, 12 5:28 AM
was anyone able to get the snake anima on mt. horus? the map shows you can go all the way over there but i cant make them jump past the second column.
 posted in Sylia - Act 1 on Sep 29, 12 10:38 AM
When will Act 2 be coming out. Just found the whole game on another website, but don't want to have to purchase the whole thing and going the the first half again.
 posted in Sylia - Act 1 on Sep 27, 12 2:39 PM
where is the golden corn?
 posted in Sylia - Act 1 on Sep 27, 12 6:15 AM
In Saffron how do you get Henry to move to get to the egg?
 posted in Sylia - Act 1 on Sep 26, 12 6:41 AM
thank you!
 posted in Sylia - Act 1 on Sep 26, 12 6:34 AM
Has anyone found Lorraine's son? I have recruited a Rosa but don't want to use it in the fights right now so I don't end up losing it. Does it have to be a part of my party to find him or am I just not looking in the right place?
 posted in Sylia - Act 1 on Sep 25, 12 6:56 AM
i feel like i have been to every inch of this place and have only found 4 of the absorbers. been wandering around for 45 minutes and can't find the last one.
 posted in Snow Globe: Farm World on Aug 22, 12 5:01 AM
I've tried several different ways myself and 5:35 is the best I have done by growing all my cows first then buying the sheep and geese. I don't see anyway this level can be done in 4 minutes and it's the only one I can't get gold on.
 posted in The Promised Land on Jul 16, 12 6:36 AM
could you tell me where you found these, i'm having this issue now
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