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 posted in Fright Collector's Edition on Jul 3, 14 3:39 PM
I keep getting stuck in the close-up scene with the bus driver, after I give him a bandage for a splint for his leg & a car drives by, I cannot get out of the scene! I have uninstalled , reinstalled. Even downloaded the one update for the game, it still does not work right. Someone needs to work on this issue. We pay good money for these games I expect them to work by the time it's published. Hope they fix it soon, seems like it could be a good game. Really like the graphics.
 posted in James Patterson Women's Murder Club: Little Black Lies on Sep 29, 10 8:46 AM
nickben wrote:I also can't get the flyer under the lighthouse door. Is there a fault in the game?

Ditto can't get the darn flyer under either.
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