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I had the exact same issue when I tried to update my drivers through the update system within my computer. I went to the manufacturer web page and found that my driver was NOT up to date. Great advice for those that you have helped in the forum .
How do you find out about the "Video Card " or Driver on a Windows XP bought in 2005? I had it updated by a computer repair person, but I still cannot play the game. It downloads, but then the "your graphics device does not support the min. requirements of the game" pops up. What do I need to do? IWANT TO PLAY THIS GAME SOOOO BAD!!!!

Carlabene here is my suggestion. Hope this helps ya

1.Check to see if graphic card driver is up to date. To do this, right click on My Computer and go to properties (If you don’t have an icon on the desktop, go to start menu and look for it there).

2.On the Systems Properties Box click on the tab Hardware Tab

3.Click on Device Manager

4.In the Device Manager Box, click Display Adapters, this will show you the current Graphics Driver you are currently using

5.On the Graphic’s Driver information, right click on properties

6.This will bring up anther box, click on Driver

7.This will show you the last update of the Driver and will give you multiple other options

8.However, find the exact name of you driver (located at the top of the Driver Dialogue Box)

9.Go to the Internet and go to the homepage of the Driver you have

10.From there find the Drive Device Download Section, find the check system automatically, and follow the instructions from the Driver homepage

11.If this does not work (and you have to play this game at all costs), ask your IT repair person if they have a new video card that can be purchased and installed in a Windows XP machine. This method could be costly, but if you are having issues with many games or other issues with your XP, this may help not only play the current game but may also help with the other issues. My windows XP after awhile said that the Virtual Memory was low, it would not play any games, and I had many other issues when saving documents. For about a year, I was lucky enough to have purchased a new laptop that has about 100 games installed on it , plus school downloads, and (by credits, I’m a bit older and have been in school for ages because I could not make my mind up about my major, but I’m an 11 year senior) This means that I have a lot of junk installed on my computer. If you don’t want to go to this extreme measures, your graphics card may not support this game. Ask your IT specialist if they could get the game running. My IT specialist can get almost anything running on my system.

12.Hope this helps
Hopefully this is okay to post if the forum . Anyone who is having issues with the cursor, words being blurry, slowness, or other playing issues, do the following steps:

1. Type nvidia into the a search browser (google).

2. Go to nvidia web page

3. Under download drivers, pick GeForce Drivers

4. Click auto-detect your GPU (Some may need to say "yes" to administrator rights)

5. Once the auto check is done, it will tell you if your system is up to date

6. Even if you just bought your system today, 9/10 the video card will not be up to date.

7. Try playing the demo again and see if this works. I had all the same issues as most of the fishies and this worked for me. It will take about 15-30 minutes depending on your internet speed. Once these issue were fixed, it was a very enjoyable game. My system meet all the requirements as well, I though my cards were up to date, but they were not. (You would have though I would have know this since I'm majoring in Cyber Security but I didn't. Wish they had a spelling course since I've had to edit my post 100 times due to spelling errors LOL)

8. If these steps do not work, contact customer support. They are usually great at helping with fixing the game or giving out a coupon code for issues they are unable to resolve

9. Hope these steps work for ya
Hello Fishies,

This is only my second post ever and have been a BF member for a long while . I also had the issue where my cursor would jump around, the dialogue was bad, the words were blurry, and it took forever to move from each screen. I updated my video driver and it corrected all of these issue. I was able to finish the demo, and am downloading the game now.
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I had to play each of these levels 100 times, but I was able to get gold (and made record time) on both. I can't tell you step by step on how to reach gold, but on level 6 I started out with 2 fish. If they didn't produce product with in the first 17 seconds, I started over. Keep all machines full and work the factories.

On level 11, I sold one fish in order to have enough money for food. I bought butter as soon as I had the money, and I upgraded the Caviar Refinery and the Mixing Plant as soon as I had the money.

Hope this is somewhat helpful.
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