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 posted in Solitaire Club on Apr 2, 16 1:40 PM
I have noticed others have posted they have been unable to finish past section 7 I have also recognized I have the same problem.We all can't be wrong,there has to be a problem or a glitch with this game,I have saved up "cards" to use but to no avail,please fix this glitch and/or advise the creator of this game that there is a problem thank you very much.
Tested game and decided to buy, game will not load constantly gives me error code I have deleted and re-installed 3x's . All I want now is my money back,I will find another game,too many problems with this game. JMHO
Great game, I had given up on trying to find a good HOG. Well I found one,this game I am tired of vampires and scary themes, this was quite refreshing. the extra content was a plus,please give me more of this kind of game, I loved it !!!!!
 posted in Jewel Match 3 on Jun 14, 13 5:46 PM
I also LOVE this game. I like that the boards are larger in game 3 than the other games (for these tired eyes) I love the building of castles,etc. Just wish that the puzzles and hidden items games be clearer next time. Had a great time playing this and will get Game 4 if created.
 posted in 9: The Dark Side Of Notre Dame Collector's Edition on Feb 24, 13 2:42 PM
I like the idea of a 2-fer when I purchased this game,however I do not like that the two games cannot be downloaded separately. I am having problems downloading and playing, both this game and another. IMHO if you do the 2-fers ,please let them stand alone,and that each game can be downloaded on it's own and not together. I think that issue has caused alot of technical problems and slow downloading problems. JMHO.
 posted in Phenomenon: City of Cyan on Mar 25, 12 3:10 PM
I do not post or comment on games often,but I must say this is the most beautiful game visually I have ever played, and it has a strategy guide To top it off there are no ghosts,goblins or vampires. I'm LOVING this game.
 posted in Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers Collector's Edition on Mar 10, 12 11:12 AM
OMG!!! This SG is terrible, I previously posted about it,but now that I am into the game,it's a "royal pain" trying to find stuff in the SG. I know some members do not need the SG because they are good at these games, but I do rely on the SG when I get lost, If you need the SG in your gaming, this game with it's SG is the pits. Does not stay on page and is in the front of game. I hate it. JMHO
I really like this game and I agree the graphics are outstanding,that being said, I do not like the fact that the strategy guide does not stay on the last page accessed and is not accessable on screen,you must go to front of game. I can get lost at times and to have to keep going through all the pages is a problem. That's my only objection with this game.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Haunted Houdini Deluxe on Feb 2, 12 4:14 PM
Oh Boy !!! I had to jump in here too, this was a fabulous game and a great price,I really enjoyed playing this one.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Haunted Houdini Deluxe on Feb 1, 12 7:32 AM
I brought the game and I'm LOVING it. Love the guide,no more flipping between screens when I get lost. Keep em coming BF love this game
 posted in Curse at Twilight: Thief of Souls Collector's Edition on Jan 10, 12 2:26 PM
WOW !!!! I just finished and must say this game truly gives you a workout. Somethings I liked; the mini games,the adjust of brightness, the ability to go to a scene instead of back stepping trying to figure out how to get back. I for one am just tired of doom and gloom (blood,vampires etc) this was a nice change. Liked everything about this game.Hope another one comes out soon.
 posted in Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince Collector's Edition on Mar 27, 11 3:16 PM
Just finished game, must say I really enjoyed it. The scenes and the colors this was first class all the way. I can't wait for a new game by Blue Tea to come out.
 posted in Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince Collector's Edition on Mar 21, 11 8:11 PM
I too love this game, it truly transports you to another world, I wish this game could last for weeks,I am taking my time playing trying to prolong my enjoyment it has simply been a joy to play this game.
 posted in Echoes of Sorrow on Mar 19, 11 7:46 PM
I hate it when developers ask for a certain item (eg knife,hat,saw etc) and there are more than one in the scene (item list only request ONE) and you click on those and you are wrong, you have to search around for the RIGHT ONE. If you are going to list an item please let it be the only such item on your list. Just a personal pet peeve of mine.
 posted in Murder, She Wrote on Mar 11, 11 4:59 PM
I found this game by accident and I absolutely love it. Have the developers made any more about jessica,if not they sure should !!!!
I have to say, I especially enjoy EBS games, I love the scenery, music and the story lines, I will be in line for the next game they come out with. I really enjoy them. Maybe in the future, we could have sections for certain game companies, cause I would not want to miss any of their games. Thanks
 posted in Maestro: Music of Death Collector's Edition on Feb 17, 11 11:08 AM
I am relatively new to Big fish, how can I check my account, as i have also purchased 2 CE's this month, never knew I could check a "punch card" thanks for the info.
 posted in Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story Collector's Edition on Feb 11, 11 6:40 PM
I really enjoyed this game, and a little scary too. Lots of HOGS
 posted in Phantasmat on Feb 6, 11 5:58 PM
Great game, only advise I have is to watch out for all the keys you have to collect the piano keys and the mysterious keys. I had to go back over the walkthrough to check where they all were when I got to certain points. Really enjoyed this game,and don't rush through the dialogue,listen to it, it tells a story.
 posted in Awakening: The Dreamless Castle on Jan 28, 11 3:53 PM
What am I doing wrong? I have been trying to get green lips on this man for over an hour and it will not take,every other color takes,but the lips am I doing something wrong or what is the Key to this?
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