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 posted in JamParty on Oct 6, 10 1:56 PM
I was going to agree with Lavender, as there really aren't any goals except to play and unlock more music, but after I spent some time I found it to be a unique musical experience that I haven't seen anything like. Once I turned up the speakers and got into it a bit, it felt pretty cool to be able to create my own music. You can also save any musical performance you make, so I'm getting into that now, but I'm not sure I'm good enough to make any mp3's yet! It's not really a game we're used to, but it's a fun relaxing experience to interact with music and explore the different sounds. While I found some things lacking, and didn't have much to guide me along the way, I guess you get out of this one what you put in. Overall 7/10 if you're into music.
Crystal Portal: BTH had some great graphics and was nicely done. The characters had personality and I enjoyed my time throughout the experience. It was a bit easy on easy mode, but hey you get what you ask for. Overall recommended highly.
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