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 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Mar 29, 18 12:24 PM
think it must be. all they do is stand around and look :/
 posted in Defense of Roman Britain on Oct 10, 17 3:33 AM
I am sorry but the translations (I'm not sure what language it was originally made in) are so dreadful I didn't play more than about 5 minutes.

Graphics : decent
Music: had to be switched off
Language: terrible

looks like a basic tower defense game, nothing amazing I'm afraid.
 posted in Katy and Bob: Safari Cafe Collector's Edition on Sep 29, 17 2:40 PM
same here.

bought all upgrades, finished all objectives, got huge amounts of extra cash, but haven't got the trophies :/
 posted in Make it Big in Hollywood on May 28, 17 12:04 PM
Same here.

restarting the game made it work a couple of times. I've got to level 13 by restarting the game many times. Still 20 mins left of my trial... and it won't get past the black screen + music.

would have been a buy, is not now.
 posted in Rescue Team 6 Collector's Edition on Jan 24, 17 1:06 PM
seem to have to order fuel 3 times - and run out of time every time!
 posted in Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal Collector's Edition on Nov 5, 16 2:55 PM
I'm playing on PC and have got 3 stars (on medium) on all levels up to 44... and up..

which is frustrating!

(got 3 stars after switching to "beginner" which irritates me more than it should)
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Hurricane Season on Jul 27, 15 2:37 PM
also the level numbers don't seem to be the same as online guides. for instance my level 66 is a map in the top right and is all about getting 2 pigs...
 posted in ReignMaker on Jan 12, 15 11:43 AM
this is really good fun! match three, zapping monsters, building my town up and creating weapons and heroes. loving it!
 posted in Baking Success on Jul 10, 13 8:39 AM
for me, it installed. one of the addons (microsoft .net which I already had installed) errored on installation.

The game started ok with a splash screen with clouds etc, and a wind blowing, and a "loading" message. After seeing "loading" for 5 minutes, I started to disbelieve it and had to shut it down through task manager.

seems a bit buggy!
 posted in Farm Fables on Jul 17, 12 7:44 AM
Enjoyed the demo - challenging game, not too bad to get to gold star rating - up to level 7 at which point I got a little stuck

I like the fact it's not a click fest - (although I do enjoy the farm frenzy games) and that it's more of a strategy game - however it is still definitely about managing your time well so fits into the TM category.

Cute graphics, music was fine (although I turned the volume down).

Probably a buy for me when I feel like another casual game that involves a little thinking about
 posted in Grave Mania: Undead Fever on Mar 6, 12 11:23 AM
this is a lot of fun!

graphics remind me of Plants vs Zombies, and it's a nice change from the usual HOG offering!

More TM games like this please!
 posted in Sale Frenzy on Jan 31, 12 8:02 AM
I can't add anything more really except the volume of yet another disappointment.

Please give us some decent TM games.. I have 3 credits burning a hole in my account (I did buy 2 Tasty Too though, which was quite fun)
 posted in Sale Frenzy on Jan 30, 12 11:38 AM
what the heck is going on in this forum?
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 Collector's Edition on Dec 22, 11 2:30 AM
I have bought the dovecote but have no food to buy doves.. the walkthrough says nothing about a market, and there's no space for one. I'm a little stuck!
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 Collector's Edition on Dec 22, 11 2:29 AM
I had the same issue - but a replay sorted it
 posted in Be a King: Golden Empire on Dec 6, 11 9:06 AM
It's a real shame that this is a no buy for me.

but ONLY because of the length of the game.

I've completed 10 levels, all on gold, in 24 minutes. I've still got 36 minutes of my trial hour left, but I've completed 32% of the game.

A game that's only 2 hours long isn't worth spending a credit on.

I'm gutted because yesterday's Coffee Rush 3 (which has the same irritating factor of "serve everyone except the last one or two then play as long as you can while keeping them happy by feeding them cookies" which has been the same for both coffee rush 1 & 2, but these are the ONLY two non HOG games released in ages..

I've got 4 credits burning a hole in my pocket and I'm not a HOG player :/
 posted in Pet Rush: Arround the World on Nov 8, 11 8:23 AM
ksknjones wrote:I was so excited when I saw that FINALLY they were releasing a new TM game! Then I played it and I couldn't even stand 30 minutes of it. I agree that it reminds me of a game that should have been released about 6 or 7 years ago. I'm sick of everyday there being a new HOG game, or Match 3 (recently). Big Fish PLEASE give us a TM or strategy game worth using a credit on. I have 6 credits, and I'm getting tired of there not being a decent game released all month!!

I second this. I have 3 credits saved up.

October was dire November not looking good so far for TM fans either.
 posted in Fate of the Pharaoh on Aug 12, 11 5:51 AM
I enjoyed the game, but did find the gameplay a little repetitive. It's the same strategy on every single level, but with slightly different layouts.

I agree with previous posters that actually having the market *make* money would be good, or the other "wealth" buildings actually have a positive impact on the other parts of the game, instead of just being something you "have to build to complete the level". The pyramids etc do that in later levels, but I never bothered building warehouses or the other optional buildings.

I completed all 44 levels on expert (within the time of Ra) and didn't have to replay many of them.

Same basic strategy: make sure you've got well, farm, quarry. Upgrade quarry fully, build residences, upgrade residences.

One minor thing I'd have liked to see is that making greater quantities cost comparatively less (eg buying 500 costs 1500 gold (3 each), but buying 300 would cost 1200 gold (4 each) and buying 200 would cost 1000 gold (5 each).. otherwise you might as well just keep the quarry running at the lower end all the time - there's only a slight time incentive (it's quicker) to make the larger quantities.
 posted in Fate of the Pharaoh on Aug 5, 11 1:00 PM
actually the guy says "don't do the ruins first" but build the village up first
 posted in Fate of the Pharaoh on Aug 5, 11 6:15 AM
good fun game - enjoyed my hour very much..


I completed 27% of the game in the hour.. (and all on "expert").. not sure the game is going to be long enough :/
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