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I have got as far as the flaming arrows and I have the cup but it will not let me fill the cup with the oil.I used the arrows on the oil but now I cannot fill the cup.
anyone else with same problem?
I was quite enjoying this game after several dissapointments.

 posted in Free the Witch on Mar 28, 17 9:39 AM
It is a shame and very poor not to at least give people an idea of if they have indeed given it up altogether.
I get quite excited when i see I have an update due, only to find.yet again it was not this game
the game was challenging but doable and one of those dip in and out games.
I really enjoyed trying to do the tough levels without having to look the answers up.z
But I lost everything twice and gave up.
Fortunatley I did not play with real money.
but i do know many that did and feel really cheated

 posted in Free the Witch on Sep 16, 16 6:53 AM
I have long finished the Game and had lots of glitches
while waiting for an update I pop in each day to build resources and fight Primm etc
got a nice 6000 store of coins and keep my hand in with getting resources etc.
just gone to log back in now and it has started a new Game and all my hard work seems to have vanished
not a happy chappy to say the least
it was fine 2 hours ago as I was waiting 2 hours for the next treasure hunt to appear
has anyone else had this happen today
or is it just me

 posted in Free the Witch on Sep 16, 16 6:47 AM
well I logged in this morning to claim coins etc as I have finished the game and waiting for an update,but still fighting Primm etc
and game has gone and taken me back to start.
no sign of my original Game at all
has this happened to anyone else
all that work
 posted in Free the Witch on Sep 12, 16 6:14 AM
Today up popped an "i" by side of the three areas telling me happily what I needed to complete despite everything being completed to level 3
Also in my Goals area in ocean level several Goals have been added as incomplete or available to receive and all are stuck again despite every level being completed including all side levels and Puzzles.
So is this what they have worked on?
Mmm very informative I am sure
But highly frustrating and no ability to start again.

 posted in Free the Witch on Sep 11, 16 11:20 AM
I would rather a shuffle when you cannot make a move than just sitting there and having to start again if you dont have any shuffles of your own
Your comment sound as if you thought it would create a move rather than it being random
So if nothing matches it just Shuffles again.
I have laughed when I have played badly in some of the odd levels and it has gone down to just 2 items and just keeps Shuffling and Shuffling
Shuffle problems is the very least of this Games hassles.

 posted in Free the Witch on Sep 6, 16 10:15 AM
I bought mine from Joe
I think it was the one that appears nearest to that area.
Took quite a lot of resources but got it
If you mean an Orb that is.
Keep looking at all the Offers the different ones have

 posted in Grim Tales: Crimson Hollow Collector's Edition on Sep 4, 16 11:27 AM
It seems to be a glitch that the oil can dissapears if you do things in a particular sequence
I was fine the first time round
repeated the game in a slightly different order and my oil can dissapeared

 posted in Grim Tales: Crimson Hollow Collector's Edition on Sep 4, 16 11:25 AM
Well I have been at this for 4 days now
Cannot believe it took me just a few mins the first time round
I just do not seem to get the same set that can possible be put into pairs
it wont let me do pairs
Only fours then I am left with no matches
Am I being too slow?
is there a sequence that I just happened on the first time?
I recall doing 4 spirals then four snakes once I worked out it did not actually want pairs as in 2 at a time
but it them let me match up what was left
but not now
Looks like I will have to settle for my 2 missing pieces
Lovely game, challenging and visual. Loved it

 posted in Grim Tales: Crimson Hollow Collector's Edition on Sep 3, 16 11:16 AM
I did this ok first time round and then started another Game to try and find 2 Puzzle pieces I missed.
Now for the heck of me I cannot defeat the Spider when choosing the pairs of symbols
I get the first 2 say and then it says No when I select the next pairs
Over and over.
I have tried every combination and half the time it does not even give me 2 pairs
has anyone had the same problem and got any tips?
I cannot choose just one paid,it will only let me select four of one symbol.
I have tried every order possible
almost reduced me to tears this one having to go back and match those halves over and over

 posted in Free the Witch on Aug 30, 16 5:10 AM
Well that's it for me on this nice little Game
Today all numbers and a lot of numbers are corrupted and I cannot tell where I am or what's left to get.
what a shambles.
Such a shame but it is now entirely unplayable
I was going to dip in and out while waiting for updates etc but even that's out the door now.
and no I will not be doing a Drs report and reporting
I have stuck Portals,missing crystals,stuck Goals that wont leave the Goal area and goodness knows what else.
Done that so many times and I just keep being asked for my ID in the Game and to confirm my email address
I feel for the players who spent a lot of money getting to where they are now

 posted in Free the Witch on Aug 27, 16 7:52 AM
I got desperate around this point too
then realised could get them from Joe by swapping resources.
it is usually one of the ones near to where you need them for
it cost rather lot but solved the problem

 posted in Free the Witch on Aug 16, 16 3:36 AM
I am still playing, mainly in the hope that a fix will come along as I don't like leaving a Game unfinished
I like to get all the achievements.
but as that is just not possible now it is very frustrating
I have finished, now and just pottering in to build up resources.
But like many I have stuck portals with 2 crystals stuck on them and a missing red crystal
My Goals list refuses to update which I like to have clear and has 2 in there that finished ages ago
Worst thing was when I built up thousands of coins and resources to tackle a hard area only for them all to dissapear.
I might start another Game now I know how to stop the Portals getting stuck.
But with so many other problems it isn't really worth it.
Out of 22 people I know that are playing this Game.19 have major glitch problems like this and cannot complete all Goals etc.
All on differing platforms etc.
I shall keep dipping in and keep my eye out for a Fix but am not too hopeful

For them to say that a few people are having problems is a bit daft.
 posted in Free the Witch on Aug 13, 16 4:09 AM
Well, like so many here, I have sent reports till I am literally blue in the face.They are clearly not read as I just get asked over and over for my ID in the Game of which there is none and all sorts of totally irrevelant questions that I keep answering.
if they ask me once more why my email address is different when it is not and I keep prooving it,well gone past screaming on that one. so I will not be putting in any more Reports and queries till this Game is sorted
I have Portals that are stuck with tickets on their heads and many other glitches that so many are putting up with.
I worked for 2 days to gain resources to procceed past level 250 only to loose all I had earned and had to start again.
what a shame
And we just keep being told to put in reports
Nice little methat was challenging but way too glitchy

 posted in Free the Witch on Jul 28, 16 4:05 AM
Well I have now sent several reports and given all information asked for each time
They have completely ignored any of that information
they keep addressing me by the name in my pay Pal account which happens to be different
they keep asking for a Game ID for this game and there is not one
not once have any of my reports on being unable to continue with the game being addressed or even mentioned
It is no way to treat regular customers BF
I admit I am no big spender and do play this Game in the Free mode as I see that as a good challenge

but not putting any sort of update as to if we can even expect these glitches to be fixed is very poor
I now have several portals all stuck with something on top that will not be released
I have lost a lot of hard fought for coins and items are now not being registered for resources.
so it is now unplayable
a shame as it is basically a good challenging Game
if someone puts up that message telling us to send in a report I shall scream
My apologies good people.
Rant over

 posted in Free the Witch on Jul 24, 16 6:48 AM
Well I now have another statue sitting there glaring at me with the ticket on its head almost holding the last crystal as if to taunt me
I am trying to stay positive as I hate walking away from a game I find a challenge
Just putting up those stock messages about contacting Tech help and doing a doctors report is in my opinion insulting
The one reply I got from several problem reports said to give more details and do a report.Well thats what they were replying to.
The reply asked if I was playing a Free game
well I filled in all the game details so why ask that?


 posted in Free the Witch on Jul 22, 16 8:32 AM
This Game is really starting to frustrate me with sooo many problems and glitches
what with the crashing and the coins not registering when I sell resources etc (I lost 600 well fought for coins last night) and my cursor often grinding to a hault at vital moments, it is a nightmare and very poor.
Now I too have this crystal problem
The Portal under the Blue Crystal by the dreaded 150 is stick and wont give up its ticket or say I have the 5th Blue crystal
I was so excited at finally vanquishing 150 that it took me a min or two to realise the problem
at least that was something I could take action on but this is just got steam coming out my ears

 posted in Free the Witch on Jul 22, 16 8:23 AM
Thank you sooo much for all the great tips on this wretched level
Once I realised that using a wand or a Dark sword froze the game giving me time to regroup and think and take a breath, I had this one beat
Sound all off made a big difference too

All it took was 4 Dark swords and 2 wands and 2 Hammers.
Stopping the Game at each use to really work out my next move
I never gave the Boss a chance to make a move as I quickly activated another Boost.

Many thanks to all the great tips and advice

 posted in Free the Witch on Jul 19, 16 1:02 PM
It is the delay with the cursor that seems to be my main problem.
cannot believe how angry this one is making me.
I spent 4 days just building up resources as every single possible stage to here completed and I still cannot get this one licked
I get to a good point just a second away from a really good move and no reaction from cursor and I sit there yelling at it.
My brain seems to get confused and then I panic
Hey Ho,I am determined to beat it

 posted in Free the Witch on Jul 12, 16 10:43 AM
You are not alone with this problem.
I have completed all, levels to gold right up to 150 with all sides and puzzles done and dusted. But for the life of me I just cannot complete third level on 34.
It is sitting there taunting me.
Goodness knows how many times I have tried it and I refuse to waste any goodies on it.
An addictive little game that's for sure
Good luck

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