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 posted in Shiver: Poltergeist Collector's Edition on Oct 27, 12 11:08 AM
finale, well I finished the game thank all of you for the heads up Kbug and elaine.
goes to show you the butler always does it and gets caughtlol
 posted in Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum on Oct 20, 12 2:27 PM
the dials don't word for me either. Very frustrating!! grrrrr
 posted in Twisted Lands: Insomniac Collector's Edition on Nov 30, 11 8:05 AM
I am still scratching my head on this, probably won't play 2. To many others to try that make sense
 posted in Bloodline of the Fallen: Anna's Sacrifice on Jul 17, 11 11:38 AM
Ok I"m at level 9 with planets and nothing is working. What do i have to do to get it to work for me? I'm very confused.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst ™ on Mar 20, 11 11:31 AM
walkthrough would be mighty helpful. Does anyone know where the wishbone is, I have been to the cellar and can't find it. Even the hints didn't help. I have walked away but still can't see it.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets on Mar 16, 11 2:30 PM
seems way to easy. There is no real challenge. Jury still out on this one
 posted in Blood Oath on Mar 15, 11 12:21 PM
ok, is it me or did anyone else find this game confusing? Some of the other Hogs give you a hidden object, this game has me going here and there with very little sense.
does anyone know what is needed to plug up the water so I can use the pump, it keeps saying I cant turn on the pump when water is still coming in?
 posted in Azada ™ on Oct 9, 10 7:07 PM
I wish I could shut off the damn timer too. I just started getting to games like this.
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