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 posted in Christmas Griddlers: Journey to Santa on Dec 16, 15 8:09 PM
In this game, how do I right click on my mac to cross off the squares? Is this essential to the game play, or can I just not cross them?

Any suggestions would be appreciated - I love Big Fish Games, and have been a member for almost 10 years!

Thanks in advance.
 posted in Mystery P.I.: Stolen in San Francisco on May 16, 12 1:48 AM
I'm having the same problem - when I installed the game, each time I try to play the game it won't let me enter a name. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game and no luck so far. Anybody have any ideas?
 posted in Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Persian Carpet on Oct 12, 10 4:22 PM
I am using this game on a Mac, running OS/X 10.6.4. I also found that the game froze at the first level, but if you look carefully, the tutorial cursor is pointing at a box of matches, and when you click on them it will allow you to keep playing. One problem I have come across though, is that in the top left corner, there are supposed to be 3 icons to navigate through the game... one is Sherlock, one is a map. All I have is a Puzzles button, the main menu button, and the ? button. Does anybody have any ideas as to how to fix this. It is a good game when you get into it.

I hope this helps all of you out there in Mac world who are stuck like I was!
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