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 posted in PuppetShow: The Curse of Ophelia Collector's Edition on Feb 7, 18 3:10 PM
Okay. I've updated my drivers, changed the screen settings to every possible setting available. I already run as admin.

I'm on a fairly new computer-- just got it in November. HP Pavilion, Windows 10 laptop.

Still having the flickering on the bottom, still having random jumping in the music and voices.
 posted in PuppetShow: The Curse of Ophelia Collector's Edition on Feb 4, 18 3:58 PM
I'm getting a constant flickering at the bottom of the screen for this game. Some of the cutscenes seem to be "stuck" like I'm restarting them after a word or two. The music also randomly starts pulsing. It's not preventing me from moving the cursor or normal playing, it's just REALLY annoying. I played through the demo, I'm going to try another full-screen game and see if the same thing happens. But I haven't had this happen before today with any game.

Edit: Definitely only happening with this game. It's like the bottom edge has constant input.
 posted in PuppetShow: Bloody Rosie Collector's Edition on Dec 5, 16 2:29 PM
Not sure if this is a technical issue. It is a spelling issue. Tried to get a screenshot, but it ended up black for some reason. In the bonus game, the bridge is brocken.
I did the first three, and the fourth one was impossible to do. Nothing would click. Nothing would click. I ended up using a hint in the main part of the HOG thinking I was missing some sort of piece... the first hint I've used all game. NOPE. Then I skipped. I'm mad. I don't like using hints and I don't like skipping. I feel like I skipped because of a technical glitch rather than because the game was actually hard.
Invisible puzzle pieces. In some of the more complex puzzles, some of the pieces aren't showing up for me. They're there, I can move them (thank you, guide, or I wouldn't even know where to try) but they aren't visible. They do work if I put them in the right spot, but it's really frustrating.
 posted in Top Chef on Oct 24, 14 5:26 PM
Also having this problem. I played it about a year ago with no problems, but I wanted to create a new game. Can't type in the profile.
I was just on with live chat for a different issue and I asked if there was any news on this. I was told no specific date but hopefully within a few weeks, but they ARE working on it. :/
 posted in Shop It Up! on Feb 12, 11 4:08 PM
I'm having the same problem re: the saved games. I'm the administrator and I don't have this problem with any other games. I have to start the second-to-last level before the end of the balcony. (Just before casual mode is opened up.)
I had the same problem. It wouldn't let me make perfectly legitimate moves. I ended up just skipping. Hmph.
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