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In the drum mini game, when a falling note gets to a stone above the drum,the symbol lights up for a moment and you tap the coordinating section of the drum below the stone.
The symbols on the bells tell the order.

Circle with a dot = 1
Vertical line with endpoints = 2
Triangle = 3
Square = 4
Pentagon = 5
Add each of the pieces in order. Torso, outside middle segment, inside middle segment, tail end.
That is unfortunate. I'm playing the bonus levels in the CE now. What kind of glitch is happening?
 posted in Haunted Hotel: The Thirteenth Collector's Edition on Feb 19, 17 7:41 PM
The bucket is inside the window that you open, to the right in a recess of the window sill.
 posted in Cursed on Jan 17, 17 10:08 PM
You clean the window, rather than the crystal. Put the brush down a second and move your mouse around to find the hot spot. Click it, then grab the brush and click it again.
 posted in Adam Wolfe: Blood of Eternity on Jan 14, 17 10:05 PM
Click the thing in the picture the represents the word.

If I remember correctly cult = the snake carving on the pillar, bones = the skeleton leg, hand = the hand.
 posted in Adam Wolfe: Blood of Eternity on Jan 14, 17 10:02 PM
On Big Fish, the first installment was Adam Wolfe: Flames of Time and it had episodes 1 & 2. This game, Adam Wolfe: Blood of Eternity has episodes 3 & 4.

Four total episodes. People have commented that the game could be bought with all 4 elsewhere.
I thought I was very careful to get them all, but it was showing as 2 short at the end of the bonus chapter. When I look at the Familiars page, everything shows as completed, but it's not unlocked. :-(
 posted in Weather Lord on Jan 3, 17 8:01 PM
2 white clouds = rain cloud
rain cloud + wind = thundercloud
 posted in Adam Wolfe: Flames of Time on Dec 22, 16 8:20 PM
When you call your police friend, Marv, he tells you that Whitman died at 9:30.
 posted in Dark Canvas: A Murder Exposed Collector's Edition on Dec 2, 16 6:42 PM
Yeah, it's a little glitchy. Took a few tries in some areas.
 posted in Dark Canvas: A Murder Exposed Collector's Edition on Dec 2, 16 6:29 PM
I just completed this game and all the Extras, but there is no locked book. Perhaps that is in a different Dark Canvas game?
 posted in Grim Facade: Monster in Disguise Collector's Edition on Nov 17, 16 7:30 PM
From the main menu, choose Extras. The Play button is at the top of the Extras menu.
 posted in Grim Facade: Monster in Disguise Collector's Edition on Nov 17, 16 7:28 PM
Mouse over and highlight the white text: The policeman you were working with is the killer. He had a dual personality disorder. The doctor who adopted him from the orphanage tried electric shock therapy which made things worse. He was killing other people who where at the orphanage because his twisted logic held those kids responsible.

In the bonus game, a female former orphan was trying to kill the headmistress and doctor because she loved him and blamed them for his execution.
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Silent Waters Collector's Edition on Nov 15, 16 8:34 PM
Yes, I know where the last piece is too, but the location is no longer active to click on. I did not take the piece in the bottom of the electric box when I picked up the bug spray. When i came back to the later and fixed the wire, I grabbed the chisel, the piece on top, then it close the zoom before I could click the piece on the bottom.

The map shows where I need to be, the hint does not function.
I wasn't able to do it. Any movement resulted in the error sound. Fortunately, it was the only puzzle in the game I had to skip.
 posted in Shadowplay: Darkness Incarnate Collector's Edition on Sep 27, 16 5:56 PM
To access the Treasure Hunt :

Finish the main game
Finish the bonus game

In the Extras menu, click on the center circle.
If you did not find all the hidden symbols while playing the game, click the spaces for the ones you missed to be taken to that scene.

When you have all the symbols, you can then click & drag the symbols which can then be used to complete the jigsaw puzzle in the middle.

Once the puzzle is completed, it opens the Treasure Hunt.

When you complete the Treasure Hunt, it opens the Ultimate HO.
The object needed to touch the three shape drawings is glowing coral, which you find underwater.
After the end of the main game, you can go back to collect any bats you missed by way of the Extras menu.
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