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 posted in Fatal Hearts on Oct 21, 10 8:37 AM
You mean Otome games? Their great!
I know some like:
Dual Love: You play a female protagonist who befriends the male members of the boxing club. You can cheer for them during matches, assist them training, ...peek at them in the shower etc.
It can involve adult scenes, so it's 15+
DS, Japan only, I think

Hiiro no kakera: You play another female protagonist here, and I'm afraid I don't have more info on it, sorry...

Hoped I help some?
 posted in Fatal Hearts on Oct 21, 10 8:19 AM
I totally agree with your thoughts on the car chase. I never even got to actually start it on the demo though, since I spent something like 23 minutes screaming at the policeman in the park chase. I had to get my older brother to help with the car chase when I bought the game.
But all games have their flaws, right? even though I don't understand the controls for the car chase
 posted in Fatal Hearts on Oct 21, 10 8:11 AM
Hi, I'm stuck on the roman numeral clock puzzel in chapter 2.
I can place the numerals 1-12, all except 8. I'm pretty sure I've got the right numerals, but it's not being confirmed no matter how many times I try!
All the rest of the numerals are lighting up...except 8!
I would be utterly grateful to anyone that can help me, and thank you in advance
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