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 posted in Mysteries of Magic Island on Oct 25, 10 7:02 AM
If you get the sequence wrong, doesnt the game repeat it for you?
When u see the sequence, just jot down the first letters of the colours, then copy from that.
 posted in Mysteries of Magic Island on Oct 25, 10 7:00 AM
cybercleric - how are u confused, by what? Is it that u cant find the file?
As I explained, the path which I gave to the needed file is in Windows 7. As I havent got XP, I don't know/cant remember where XP keeps its data, though I'm sure its something similar.
Try searching the C: drive for the file.
 posted in Mysteries of Magic Island on Oct 23, 10 9:44 AM
Lol, no I'm not a programmer, just curious to see how they save your game data, and there it was - 'lamps_fueld'.
Glad it worked for you.
 posted in Mysteries of Magic Island on Oct 23, 10 9:17 AM
This is in Windows 7 - the game may store its files elsewhere in other Windows versions but the process will be the same.

In Explorer, navigate to 'C:\Users\"your user name"\AppData\Roaming\perfect future studio\mysteries of magic island' - where "your user name" is the name you use to log on to Windows.

There will be a file with the name-you-are-using-in-the-game, ending in 'xml'.
I just called myself 'player' for this, so the file I need is called 'player.xml'.
(Better make a copy of the file to another location, in case anything goes wrong.)
Load the file into Notepad or a similar text reader. You can do this by running Notepad and navigating to the location of the file, or you can drag the filename from Explorer onto a Notepad icon.
Search for an entry that says "<lamps_fueld>".
Change the number after <lamps_fueld> to '1'.
Check the next entry, "<lamps_shine>1</lamps_shine>" has a '1' in it.
So the whole section will look like this:

<lamps_fueld>1</lamps_fueld> <lamps_shine>1</lamps_shine>

Save the file and hopefully when you run the game again there should be only the one lamp fuelled and lit and you can carry on fuelling and lighting the others.

Good Luck!
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