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The flame is still glitchy and while there is a fix for The Raven nothing has been done for this one

The candle rises above the outline when I click it and the game resets....I'm forced to skip the puzzle along with one in the bonus game (I posted last Nov and think I even sent in a report)...the voucher for a free game is nice but I'd rather have a fix so I can enjoy the game I paid for
 posted in Surface: Virtual Detective Collector's Edition on Dec 5, 16 5:56 PM
Check your inventory for interactive items...unlike other games I've played this game doesn't indicate if you have something to do with an item you are carrying.

Once you put an item in your inventory together or open it or do whatever you need to do with it you will get another indication on the map.

Hope this helps
 posted in Surface: Virtual Detective Collector's Edition on Dec 4, 16 8:19 PM
What was the special prize for completing the Secret Room game? (got a popup message that I got a special prize and to check the bonus content)...

Unless it was all the extras unlocking I can't find it

Loved the game though....and can't wait for the next one 8)
I wish they would take a look at these glitches...still no update and I still can't do that and another puzzle in the Bonus game
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour Collector's Edition on Nov 24, 16 5:53 PM
They may not be the original style but I thoroughly enjoyed the game and those puzzles. Yes you have to look at what to do for some but they still make you think and take time to solve.

The games do link back to the original which is nice...and really besides the RH arc the other games were only faintly linked. What I'm happy about is how far things have come since Huntsville....and really since Return to RH they've all been this explore type. Also the human actors were kinda corny at times....

This like most the MCF games after Return took me a few hours to finish and wasn't a fast game which I like. Sometimes I want a quickie but MCF I want to get into and take time to finish. Also some complain about the color thing but I think even Dire Grove was like this with blue and brown.

Perhaps I'm bias but I enjoy the other Epix games like the Parables after they changed from Blue Tea and Sea of Lives and I think they have kept with the MCF theme compared to their other games which are brighter and completely different.

I'm staying optimistic about the series...I didn't know BF didn't have a studio anymore but the fact they didn't just drop the series like some other games (ie Dream Chronicles which canceled the last game leaving the second trilogy incomplete) tells me there is some pride still take. I mean even the credits are full of BFG and trademark BFG and all the people from BF who made the game...Epix has their own section of the credits....

Would I like to see more superpuzzles like they use to have...yes....but am I going to stop buying have all the MCF games and play all but Escape (too macabre for my taste...don't even have it installed anymore) and that isn't going to change any time soon.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour Collector's Edition on Nov 23, 16 2:35 PM
Do we ever discover the identity of the assistant? I know you become him/her in the bonus game but beyond that and the various clues do we ever get a name or face?

Perhaps a mystery for another installment
I just finished the main game and found it quite enjoyable

I thought the graphics fell in line with what I've come to expect from Epix games and while it's not the original I still enjoy playing.

The puzzles in this one were easier but there was still some thinking required (the pathway puzzles that keep coming up took some working on but I got them). I only had to get help on one puzzle which to me is a good thing. I like to play through rather than use the guide or skip.

I followed the story fine...I had to refresh my memory about the characters since it's been a while since I last played the older ones (will have to do a marathon to get the plots back in line) but for the most part it was easy to follow (but then I read everything including the black bar comments).

I also don't mind the FROGS since it's what the series has always been...some of the pieces are hard to find but that's what a challenge is.

I think the only negative for me was a glitch in one of the chapters....after I hit RESET the puzzle worked fine but for a while I thought I'd have to skip or restart the game.

THe only other thing is the morphing objects and parable pieces are much harder to find in the Epix versions....that is the only thing I'd redo....I remember the collections in the Last Cinderella had to be collected because the game gave you an item once the collection was complete....I think that was one of the better ideas. Despite the hard to see aspect however the parables themselves do help move the story long and fill in the pieces.

Overall I'm pleased with this game and look forward to the next installment (I think I have a guess as to the next one...I translated that one word from the book and think I figured it out)

I do recommend this game and will continue to buy and play them
The bonus chapters should either be on the main page or under extras
I'm at the puzzle where you have to assemble 2 crowns to open the door but the marble isn't showing up.

Not sure if anyone else is having this problem but not happy about possibly having to skip a puzzle.

Well I tried going through on a different account and got the marble...just zoomed through so will just have to skip it on my first account and hope to still get the achievements....I can play through again for real some time to see if it will work or not but very annoying being in Chapter 4 and having this happen (and having to start over possibly)....will try and solve the puzzle thought o make sure it works...and so I can check if things work just in case....

I hope it's a fluke because I haven't been gathering the parables or collectables....I just skipped everything to get to this same point and check if the marble showed up...

Anyone else having this problem? (never use to have issues with games...the last Dark Tales was the first and now this...but at least it might just be a fluke....I hope)

Ok it was a fluke....I went back into my first account and tried clicking RESET and BOOM there was the marble....weird but if anyone else is stuck try the reset button
I can't get the candle to work, it just rises above the outline and keeps resetting

Just finished the game and bonus game and found more glitches

Main Game:

1) The candle either goes above or to the right depending on my resolution and I tried all of them with no luck

2) Like the last installment the game isn't in true Full Screen and has black above and below

3) The mini game with the blocks where you need to get the four symbols into their places doesn't have a RESET so either you have to get it or skip it

4) The puzzle with the fruit where you have to click and drag along a line to collect them won't let you select or gather fruit from the bottom 2 rows

Bonus Game:

5) The stable door puzzle doesn't give the instructions (it's garbled) and the game will not let me move the horses beyond the middle of the column so it is impossible to complete the puzzle

6) Near the end the game started freezing and I had to exit and reenter...other than that no lag
 posted in Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery on Jul 4, 16 8:03 PM
This is very disappointing....I haven't played in a while and now don't see much point in continuing...I was so looking forward to going through all the cases...and now...

I hope more Dark Tales will come out at least...I've enjoyed the series and have all of them...reason I got so excited about Nightfall...but it being dropped like this...very upsetting
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Mystery of Another World
The Noise She Couldn't Make
The Soaring City
The Pantheon
Reel Life
Game of Gods
Alone in the Mist
Return to Another World
ml011384 wrote:

dog2007 wrote:I also remember one of the women (I wanted to say Rose) was a descendent of the wife of the pirate in 13 Skulls

That's something I don't remember. Proof that I'll have to go back and play 13 Skulls again.

It was in the bonus chapter and you had to collect the Gold Skulls

I still hope something is released that chronicles the happenings from Ravenherst to Unlocked so confusions can be cleared up

That said I'm pretty happy with the ending of this....though one Dalamar was still living I think so who knows....
 posted in Surface: Return to Another World Collector's Edition on Nov 27, 15 10:31 AM
Huh...well that's a letdown...I thought there would be something extra you could do with the flowers like in all the other ones....
 posted in Surface: Return to Another World Collector's Edition on Nov 25, 15 4:42 PM
Well I will probably have to make a new account and play again...but it doesn't make sense that you can't access the room where you use the flowers unless you play the game and click the thing that comes up...I mean you would have to make a new account every time you wanted to go into it....

Will take a look next profile...been a great week for releases but it being a holiday I have quite a bit else to do (but at least I can replay the game on the same account so I can skit everything and focus on the flowers the first time and then replay for the achievements the second)

Still if anyone finds a way to get to the room where you use the flowers without having to play the game again please let me know
Well this picks up where Keys left off (like a Part 1 and Part 2) so some things might make a little more sense...but you could probably get away without playing since hints as to what happened are scattered through the game

Personally the only installment I haven't liked is Escape....but that is just me because I've seen too many critics going on about MCF and the RH continuation
Nefersitra That's about what I have too

I also remember one of the women (I wanted to say Rose) was a descendent of the wife of the pirate in 13 Skulls

It's been a while since I've played the older games...and I don't play Escape but remember Charles' life story was told and it ended in flames

I think why the story seams to have broken is it has shifted from Charles to his father and the idea of immortality gained through human sacrifice

The twins aging quickly could be explained by the machines from Keys....I mean if Alister could return and his body be matured for him before his arrival then it stands to reason he could have done something to the twins...I mean Escape just ends with the four women being made real the Charles and Victor being killed in the fire...but with 5 visits to RH and a number of "connections" in the middle anyone would get lost trying to put all the pieces to this story together (I still think BF needs to collaborate with Epix and work out a story extra that explains everything from RH to now like the way you can download the original stories form series like Dark Tales so you can read it and see what really happened and what the game was based on)
Once you reach the manor things get better....and no the puzzles do get more complex and take quite some time to solve (some of them anyway did...and the HOS are also complex at times)
Though I still have some questions (like what happened to Rose and how the girls became Dalamars) I enjoyed the game

Everything played well from the music to the flow to the story....I'd have kept the morphs and added other "secret" achievements like the 'Lock Your Car' and 'Blast from the Past' in the Keys game....but the puzzles and HOS were great IMHO

But I also think this game finally closed the book on RH....unless Epix and BF can put together some storyline recap as I tried to do in my thread on the Keys forum then I think it's time to move onto another exciting adventure in the MCF series and tackle a whole new opponent

The only thing I will say is PLEASE show the HOS in the guide (this time it wasn't a problem because there wasn't an achievement for completing ALL HOS without a skip but other games and I think others in this series as well have them and one scene the item was too small to see)
IMHO This game didn't really need the warning...I mean it wasn't worse than the Keys

Escape is the only game I refuse to is just disturbing
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