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 posted in Virtual Families on Aug 21, 09 4:26 AM
I LOVE this game, but as most people mentioned, after you get all of the upgrades and repairs done, there's not much left to buy. I've got over 2 million and I spend as much as I can. I only have my peeps do one cycle of their job and then forget it. They're millionaires...they don't have to work!

That said, there ARE things you can do to make it more interesting. You can try "genetic experiments" to see what kind of kids you get. I'm trying to get all of the possible "heads" in the game. If you look in your VF game file, in the images folder, you'll see one that says "bigheads". If you look at those you can see what kind of heads you still need. The formula for kids is usually to add the place number (top to bottom) of the man to the place number of the woman. Divide by 2 and your kids should be in the middle somewhere. Makes things fun for me, especially trying to get the girl with rainbow hair or the guy with the mohawk!
 posted in Virtual Families on Aug 21, 09 4:17 AM
I've got 99 the dragonfly, but the hardest was the uncommon big black bug. I still need the perfect match trophy. I'll get it eventually!!! Anyone get that one without "cheating" by pausing and replacing the save-game file? How many generations did it take? Which proposal was it?
 posted in Virtual Families on Aug 21, 09 4:13 AM
I usually wait until one or more of the kids is 14 before repairing the wall. No point in mom and dad taking a break from their job!

If the compound dries, more will show up in the store. You can buy it long before you want to use it. It can sit on the porch for years before you add the water!

And yes, you need to keep an eye on them. You've got just about enough time to scan around the yard for collectables before the peep wants to do something else and you have to drop them back on the bucket to get them to fix the wall.
 posted in Virtual Families on Aug 21, 09 4:07 AM
Yeah, sometimes you just can't get a spouse to cheer up. I usually just start a new generation....BUT, I always have the last person in the house prepare a meal first. Then my peep can eat when s/he needs to without having to take the time to do it.
 posted in Virtual Families on Aug 21, 09 4:04 AM
No, they never try to make a baby on their own. I think that this is a BIG improvement on the other LDW games. In Virtual Villagers, if you're trying to make an all blond family, sometimes the peeps will "go indoors" when you don't want them to!!
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