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 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 28, 12 5:55 PM
Update on the Clean Work award. Wondered if clicking on the machines constituted clicking on a product so looked for a level where you only hade to earn gold and not make products. Level 70 Military man with Helmet, Bat Collector, and collect garlic and sell. You don't need to touch a zombie, a product or a machine to make any other products. with 10 Garlic Diggers and selling 40 garlic at a time in upgraded truck (10000 gold) you can get to the 55000 gold needed to finish the level.
Guess what !!! Still no award!!! So anyone get this award??
Or is it only delivered first time through?
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 27, 12 7:11 AM
You have to purchase the garlic guy. At the map screen when you have that level selected it shows what you require. Run the cursor over each item to get its name.
The guy that you need is named garlic but really is is a garlic diger and costs 1600 from up the top near the Vampires and Masons.
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 26, 12 7:23 PM
A lot of instructions are delivered on the fly in the small text that appears on the screen as you progress through the levels. If you miss reading that then you can get lost.
Easy way to check out each of the weapons and see what they do is to go -> laboratory->Chest on right of draft board-> choose a weapon and then go back and play a level taking note of how many times you have to hit a zombie, slug and gryphon (vulture),
I have found the shooter (left one) to be the most useful as you get bonus products appearing at random and they may be just what is needed to finish the level in gold
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 26, 12 9:29 AM
Bring your cursor to the bottom of the screen and click and you should leave the laboratory and bemin an alcove . You should see three doors, - Awards on left , Laboratory in centre and Secretary to right.
Again bring the xursor to the bottom of the screen and click and you go to mai hall.
Left door to (laboratory secretary and awards) , central to Menu and right to (Collection, Cinema Hall, and Balcony) . Go through that door and you find the three locked doors mentioned . Try the key in each of those.
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 26, 12 9:22 AM
Level 54
You start with 310 gold, 2 vampires one mason and 3 blood.
Goal is 9 bombs, 6 webs and 12 juices in 2.25 and you also have Chronosteam Express Delivery and Chronostop available.

1. Apply Blood to the Mason and then the middle express delivery (150) , The mason drops 2 which you send to the Garlic Juice plant immediately
2. A vandal (footballer) a vulture and a zombie will all arrive at about 4 sec so you have to be quick. Kill the vulture first as it will carry off a product, then the Vandal and lastly the zombie. If lucky they will drop a pumpkin or a jack (if you have the Shooter weapon enabled from the chest in the armoury) .
3, Send the three dust to the market and apply blood to the mason again. By this time the first two juice should arrive.All the while send pumpkins to the jack o lantern plant.
4. when the first Lot of juice arrives send one to the gas plant, send the second lot of garlic to the Juice Plant and apply the third lot of Blood to the Mason. and you should still have enough gold to apply the express delivery to the mason again to get your third lot of 2 garlic By this time the first Gas tank is produced and another two Juices appear soon after to give you a total of 3 so far.
You have to process 12 Garlic Juice but only need 6 for the webs,
5. By this time the horse arrives back with 150 from the zombie dust. Send the second two juice to the market for 1400 gold. So you now have two garlic processing to juice, 2 going to market, one converted to a tank and a second converting to a tank.
6. Purchase 9 dynamite and by the time they are ready the horse and cart should be back to let you upgrade the storage once and the cart once. The 7 th garlic should be being processedat this time and you should have two tanks of gas and be processing a third.
7. Apply the chronostop now (about 1.09) collect the third tank and 8th garlic and send the garlic to the juicer. A vandal a zombie and the vulture appear about now as well . See if you can order 3 spiders before they attack. Even during the attack if you see a plant not operating click in it quickly to start a processing cycle.
8. Send the four zombie dust and what ever bombs (3) are prepared to market.this should bring you back 560 gold (I did not do it here but it would also work better if you also sent 1 juice to get back a total of 1260 and then you could order the last three spiders in one go ) The juicer should now be processing the 8th garlic, the gas
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 26, 12 6:40 AM
Seem to be some glitches in the game with the awards.
The Clean Work award - for completing a level without clicking on any zombies or products.
It is feasible to do this on levels 39, 51, 60, 61, 65,66,69,70,71, and 72.

However having played each of those levels to try and fet that award it did not happen.
As well In levels 69, 70, 71 and 72 came up with congratulation screens that were blank and with an OK at the bottom but that was part way in the game.
So guessing from this that the game still has bugs in it. unless the authors can enlighten us as to what constitutes a Clean Work award.
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 26, 12 6:35 AM
Vera Indie. I could not get that award either. You need to be able to purchase a military man armed with appropriate weapon = 100 + 150 and also a bat collector =300 for a total of 550 gold. So this can be attempted on any level where you start with at least 500 gold. THat includes levels 39, 51, 60, 61, 65,66,69,70,71, and 72.
I wondered when I did not get the award if it was specific to a particular level so tried each in turn with no luck. Now I might have accidentally hit a zombie or aproduct once oer twice but not on 10 levels that I tied it on.
In addition levels 69, 70, 71 and 72 came up with congratulation screens that were blank and with and OK at the bottom but that was part way in the game.
So guessing from this that the game still has bugs in it. UNless the authors can enlighten us as to what constitutes a Clean Work award.
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 24, 12 7:42 AM
The gold in the bank is useless and is just a way of having a high pointscore.
What you need in the laboratory is the stars to buy items.
Each level awards you a certain amount of gold and a certain amount of stars.
If you do not have enough stars keep replaying a lvel til you do.
One consolation of replaying a level say 10 times til you get gold is that you mahy get 1500 stars which are good for purchase in the lab. You must finish the level thoug as doung a restart level does not award you the gold or stars.
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 23, 12 7:32 AM
Lots and lots. What level are you up to and do you have any more specific questions. Look at some of the other questions concerning levels and see any walkthroughs there.

Ehat is your game experience have you played Time Management (TM) games before - this is similar to Farm Frenzy series
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 23, 12 7:26 AM
Level 18
Start with 190 Gold 1 mason. You can purchase Jack o Lanterns, dynamite and crates.
Goals 1 crate of bombs and 2 Golems and have 2.05 to finish.
You need to have the shooter activated (Laboratory -> Chest at right Choose leftmost weapon)
The shooter causes the zombies to have a chance of dropping something useful.
Three zombies arrive at 4 seconds. If when you destroy them you do not get a Jack o Lantern then restart even better if they drop 2 jacks as each one saves you 80 Gold
1. Apply BLOOD to mason , kill zombies, buy a crate and 2 dynamite from the shop (you may get a third dynamite or a jack when the second lot of zombies drop otherwise you order 1 jack and 1 dynamite for 90 gold then.. Upgrade the truck once.
2. Immediately stone (2) drops start processing 1 at the stonecutter and apply BLOOD to the mason again. Send three zombie dust and any excess (not dynamite or jacks) for sale.
4. Collect cut stone, start another processing and collect another two dropped stone and apply the third BLOOD to the mason. Another three zombies arrive at 46 seconds.
5. When you can, process jack and dynamite to get explosive pumpkins. You need 3.
6 Check your figures but by the time the mason drops the third lot of two stone you should have two stone blocks, 3 zombie dust and the mason to send to market (650 gold). You should have one stone processing and three left in storage. When truck returns build the golem maker and start the first stone block processing .
7. Three more zombies arrive at 1.25, I was lucky and they dropped a jack o lantern, so since I had one stone in store one processing and one Block in store sold Jack, block and 3 dust for another 490 enough to build the crate o bombs maker and also have 200 left over for the chronosteam. By now you should be able to start the second golem processing.
8 Build the crate o bombs maker, and start processing three explosive pumpkins. Make sure the last golem is processing and then apply the Chronosteam and colect crate of bombs and the second Golem. (Make sure you have enough space in storage by clearing out space sending another lot of whatever to market) - its a real pain to get to this stage and not be able to pick up the last two items because you have no space. I finished with Gold at 1.57
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 22, 12 7:07 PM
These are almost identical levels both require 2 crates and 3 living golems.
In 29 you have 3.33 and level 45 you have 3.50

They are both clickfests - you have to do a lot of clicking. I managed to get gold on 29 but 45 was very difficult. With arthritic fingers I get very sore and probably a bit of repetitive strain injury if I have to go more than 3 repeats.

I was wondering if I could get a mouse that repeat clicks just by pressing and holding it down rather than click release click again which gets tiring and painful after a while.

Then a brainwave - the Military man - 150 + fit him with a sword - 100 and he can chop down the zombies and you just have to collect the goods. OR if you get enough get a collection bat to do some of that for you after you get started well and then you can concentrate on building and operating factories, and sending gods for sale.
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 21, 12 8:49 AM
Level 14 another way.without the second vampire or upgrading storage or cart.
Shooter activated.
You start with 190 gold and 4 BLOOD potions that will give you 9 pumpkins and the 9th one can come normally.
1. Get a vampire, apply Blood . Two zombies arrive at 3 seconds use the two dust from them (100 ) to upgrade the Jack o Lantern factory to make two at a time. Repeat with activations of BLOOD and processing 2 at a time and do a single process of the last.
2. From the shop get 4 dynamite and 1 crate. Any more and you will have a full storage hed at some time.
3. Two more zombies arrive at 43 sec. Send their dust for processing and another 100 gold and another two at 1.23.
4. When your first crate is processing and your 4th exploding pumpkin is processing order another 3 dynamite and a crate.
5. Send your first crate of bombs to market and when it returns upgrade the Explosive Pumpkin factory to make 3 at a time (150 + 200 = 350) and you still have plenty over to operate the Chronosteam to finish the last crate of bombs. Also order last two dynamite and third crate. Still made errors but finished with Gold at 2.50.
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 21, 12 8:04 AM
Another way does not use any upgrades of storage or car.
Level 38
Start with 20 Gold and 1 mason,
Need 5 Golems and 5 explosive pumpkins.
Shooter activated as weapon.
It is important to get the golems done ASAP so in the first 2 min sell as much as you can to get your 400 and 600 to get the golems being made.
1. Use BLOOD twice to get 4 stone to sell for 200 and with other materials get the Stone Cutter working.
2. Use the last BLOOD to get another two stone when the stone cutter is operating. Selling the first three cut stone gives you 450 and with other products being sold can make the 800 to get the golem maker working by about 2.20.
3. When you have your first two golems sold for $1000, you can buy 5 dynamite and 5 Jackolanterns (450) and upgrade the Explosive Pumpkin Factory to make 3 at a time (200, 150,200=550)
4, Send off your third golem and start making 3 explosive pumpkins. (your 4th Golem should be processing by then , start your remaining two pumpkins and last golem and use the chronosteam to finish with Gold.
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 21, 12 3:14 AM
By the time I got to level 30 after replaying some levels many times I had 52000 stars and all available purchases in the Laboratory were at their maximum.
Would help if you could identify what it is you need to buy.
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 21, 12 3:04 AM
I agree with the point about replaying levels after you have finished level 75 to get gold on all levels.
I have arthritic fingers (but have so far got Gold up to level 31), so clickability as in some Farm Fenzy (Gone Fishing ) for one where you need to multiple click a factory to speed it up is a real pain literally.
This is not Farm Frenzy (FF) even if similar. Farm Frenzy has limited variations.
VvZ has alll that FF has ++
1. variation in weapons which do different damages and have other side effects.
2. Variations in weapons for the Military Man (no variations in shark or dog attacks in FF)
3. As well as destroying the predators (similar to bears etc) there are also the light bushes (prob if there were explosive mines in FF) .
4. The bonus powerups - BLOOD SLUSH CHRONOSTEAM etc(no similarity in FF)

Because of a wider variety of of possible tools implements and choices of when and where to use them this is a true Time Management game where there are probably many different ways to finish with Gold.

 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 20, 12 7:11 PM
You use stars to purchase the blueprints or rights to upgrade in the Laboratory and then in the field you have to use Gold to build the upgrades to what ever blueprint level you have made.
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 20, 12 7:10 PM
Actually you can also choose th ewapons you have if you have obtained them through the collections.
In the laboratoru click on the Treasure Chest to the right and you will be shown the armoury and what weapons are available.
The Shooter is very useful as it gets Zombies to drop useful items and they can provide you with many items so that you don't have to buy them,. Try Level 29 which is a frustrating fun level and you get so many extras there as it is a clickfest.
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Level 26. Start with 2 vampires and 90 gold. Goal 2 living Golems

1. Buy 4 dynamite and 1 crate. 3 zombies arrive at 10 seconds kill collect dust and send for sale and on return upgrade exploding pumpkin plant to level 2

2. Process two pumpkins and at 26 seconds another two zombies arrive, kill and sell their dust as well.

3. When proceeds obtained order 2 more dynamite and another crate.

4. Another two Zombies arribe at 2.09 Kill and h9ld their dust and only sell dust in excess of 2.
5. Once the first crate of exploding pumpkins is delivered sell them and your vampires for 1000 gold and on return buy 1 mason and build stone cutting plant.You should have about 350 gold left. You may have enough pumpkins to gradually make a third tray or sell the three exploding pumpkins to make at least 200 for the Chronosteam.
6 At 1.49 another two zombies arrive so you can also sell another two dust. Collect two stone and process one at a time.
7 By time second crate is sold for 900 You should also be able to sell the mason for another 200 and along with the 350 have enough to build the Living Golem plant and still have 200 left over for the chronosteam. While processing the last golem sell avery thing except 1 dust to make sure you have enough , When you start the last Living Golem processing activate the chronosteam to get your second one instantly . You shouldnot need to upgrade your horse and cart. I accidentally dis and had so send for an extra sale trip and still finisged with Gold at 3.39.
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 20, 12 4:28 AM
I too was struggling with this one and your hint gave me the clues. I finished by restarting til the zombies delivered at least 1 jack o lantern and 1 pumpkin. That way was able to send first jack and dust through for 190 while processing the zombie pumpkin and sending it on the second run for a total of 440 (2 x pumpkins and 3 x dust).
I was also able to upgrade the car to the max which allowed 4 spots for double combination giving 2110 in one run + can add any extra dusts, jacks or explosive pumpkins to get closer to the goal.
Have now got gold twice but found the first score was not recorded and so saved video of the second at 2.54 which was my worst Gold.
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 19, 12 9:39 AM
Level 28
Start with 2 vampires and one mason and 170 Gold.
Goal is 10 Masons, 15 Golems and 10 Living Golems.

1. Use BLOOD on the mason to get him to provide two stone, Repeat this three times .
2. Upgrade horse and cart once and allow the vampires to produce 4 pumpkins before sending
for sale (140) which with the 70 remaining gives enough to operate the Chronosteam.
3. When you have the first two stone apply SLUSH to the top factory, (Stone Cutter) and start it producung 2 cut stones.
4. When the second two stones arrive send them to the stone cutter as well.
5. Apply SLUSH to the middle factory (Golem maker) and get it producing 2 golems. You need the purple powder pots to make the Live Golems so try not to lose any to the buzzard.
6 By the time the last two stone are ready and processing you should be able to apply SLUSH to the lower factory (Live Golem maker) and have all three producing 2 at a time. Then apply the Chronosteam to get all three factories to finish at once.
7 Send the Live Golems for sale (2400) and move the 2 cut stone to the Golem Maker and the two Golems to the Live Golem maker.
8 By the time the catr returns you should have another two Live Golems to sell (2400) and move two more golems to the live Golem maker.
9. Use the first 2400 to buy 4 masons, (1600) 1 collector bats (300) and 1 military man and upgrade car to maximum and storehouse once..
You need to be able to concentrate on makeing the factories produce maximum.
10 With the second 2400 Upgrade the stone cutter twice (1250) and the Golem maker once (800) by which time the third lot of two Live Golems should be sold to bring in another lot of 2400 which will allow the last upgrade of the Golem maker (1000) and one upgrade of the Live Golem Maker (1000).
11. Try to keep all factories operating with three at a time and use the remaining two SLUSH on the Live Golem maker to bring its output to 3 as well.
12. Keep selling Live Golems 3 at a time (3600) and when the Chronosteam charges use it to boost movement. You already have 5 Masons on the field so as soon as the last couple of Golems are in production purchase 5 Masons (2000) to get Gold.
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